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Memories of Jackie
"How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard." - A.A. Milne/Winnie the Pooh

And if I go while you are still here...
Know that I still live on.
Vibrating to a different measure,
Behind a thin veil that you cannot see through.
You will not see me, so you must have faith.
I will wait there for the time when we can soar together again, both aware of each other.
Until then, live your life to the fullest.
And when you need me, just whisper my name in your heart,
...I will be there.

Our beloved Jackie Pooh Bear slipped quietly and peacefully from her life here on this plain to Paradise across Rainbows Bridge at 11:10 a.m. on Friday, 2/12/21. Dr. Nick from Lap of Love came here to our home and helped her on her way Home lovingly and compassionately. She is missed, loved, treasured and cherished always.

We know in our heart of hearts that she is safe now, is whole, perfect and complete in ways that we have yet to experience and understand. What we know now is that the tears come unbidden, her "safe" room with her favorite snuggy beds feels so empty. I (Clare) always said to her, "I see you, I see you." And now I see her tucked deep in my heart with our beloveds who crossed the Bridge before her and were waiting there to take her Home with them. The meadows are thick with flowers, butterflies and all sorts of beautiful creatures, living in peace and love. And one day we will be privileged to join them. Until then, our Jackie Pooh Bear lives on, in our hearts, in our thoughts, in our loving memories of her.

There is a page in a magazine that is written by Murphy, a dog full of wisdom and insight, and my heart (Clare) tells me that Jackie would like to share it with you. Please read this with a wide open heart, knowing that our Pooh Bear and we place this here for your comfort and peace in times of sadness.

LOVE NEVER ENDS! My name is Murphy. Those of you who know me know that I love walks in the park, swimming in the ocean and bacon. I especially love bacon.

What you may not know is how much I love sleeping. I can sleep anywhere at any time, day or night. I don't just sleep. Sleep is my time to travel. I close my eyes and take an extraordinary leap out beyond everyday time and space.

I visit old friends and meet dogs and cats that have crossed over what you call the rainbow bridge.

I spend time with relatives you've said goodbye to, the ones you long to spend another day with. They tell me all about themselves, their times with you, how much they love you and their ongoing adventures.

They want you to know they are living vibrant lives full of great adventure. They want you to know they haven't stopped loving you.

Every time I see your tears or feel your sadness, I want to tell you what I know. Everyone you have loved and lost in this world is alive and well in another world. Love never dies. It is never lost.

Love never ends. It only changes form. Whoever you miss loves you eternally and is safely onto the next beautiful adventure.

This is what Jackie Pooh Bear and all our Beloveds want us to know and to remember always...Love never ends! And one day we'll all be on to the next beautiful adventure and they will be with us, in Love, in Light, in Peace.

While we miss Jackie so much, we know that Love is the bond that never ends. And when you see your beloved kitty and doggy sleeping, perhaps they, too, are traveling and bringing back the Love.

A dear friend sent this loving message and we share it with whoever reads this: "I read your beautiful message and am sending Jackie and all of her companions my hugs and smiles. The "slumber" that allows such eternal love and light is hers now. As you reflect on the countless beautiful memories, she is forever flourishing in her new dwelling place."

2/15/21 - Memories come into the heart and mind. Some say that kitties do not come when they're called. Jackie was definitely the exception to that. All I (Clare) had to say was "Jackie, Jackie, Pooh Bear, brushie, brushie" and she would come from wherever she was and the brushing session would begin. I will miss that. I miss her deep rumbling purr, those big beautiful eyes. She watches over us now and she has earned her wings already. Her love truly does shine on us from the stars. So loved.

2/17/21 - Ash Wednesday - What a fitting day for you to come home! It will be such a blessing to have you home with us even if in a different form. I (Clare) remember when we adopted you and Callie on July 7, 2013. You two were so unlike each other, Callie 6 lbs of calico kitty, and you, 16 lbs of black kitty, and Callie was the alpha cat! You were so scared and hid under the bed in the spare bedroom for a week until you decided that it was all right to come out and be part of the family. And you are still part of our family and always will be. We welcome you home today with Love, so much Love. Part of our family always! Love you so much, so much, so much.

2/17/21 @ 1:48 p.m. - You arrived home this morning at 11:00, and we're so grateful that you are home with us. You are resting next to Callie and in the company of our beloveds who also rest in the alcove. You rest in a beautiful rosewood chest with beautiful flowers carved on the top. Remember that you are loved forever and always.

2/19/21 - You have been at the Bridge for one week now. You are so loved and missed and yet we feel your presence in our hearts. "I see you, I see you..." deep in my heart, I (Clare) see you. We'll be together again. You are truly forever and always loved. Always....always....

2/23/21 - There is a special place in our hearts for those we have loved, for those who have loved us without question, without a word or promise. There is a special place where there is no pain or fear, where love flows freely...There is a special place to rest in our hearts forever.

3/1/21 - Ah, Pooh Bear, you are truly loved always. I see you, I see you...always in my heart.

3/5/21 - Precious Jackie, you've been at the Bridge for 3 weeks and it seems longer. You gently went to sleep 3 weeks ago today, and woke up at the Bridge, met by so many kitties and especially those who shared their lives with us. Your spirit lives in my heart (Clare) and Love lives on forever and forever. We'll be together again. I see you, I see you...always in my heart!

3/12/21 - My sweetest Pooh Bear, you've been in that beautiful place for exactly one month. It was just one month ago today that you closed your beautiful eyes and woke up at the Bridge with all our precious ones. And yet I see you, I see you, you're deep in my heart and will be held there with all love until the day we're together again. You truly are in my heart forever. I see you...always in my heart. Your mommy Clare

4/12/21 - Ah, Jackie, you have been at the Bridge for two months now and I feel the love you send each and every day, all day. And I see you, I see you right here in my heart. Love is forever. I do remember you and smile because you are truly in my heart forever with all my beloved kitties and Princess, the only doggy I ever had. Remember I love you always. Your mommy Clare

5/12/21 - My sweet Pooh Bear, you've been at the Bridge for three months and you've never left my heart for a moment. I see you, I see you in my heart always and forever. I miss you and love you and know you're safe with my beloveds there. Please feel my love all around you all the time. You can do all the things you've always dreamed of and I'm so grateful for that. I hold you and see you in my heart and love you forever. We'll be together again. Your mommy Clare

6/12/21 - My dearest Jackie, you've been in that beautiful place for four months and you're held so close in my heart. I see you, I see you for sure in my heart. I love you so very much and know you're safe and loved. Just hear me when I whisper your name and wrap my love around you and all my beloveds there. We'll be together again, I promise. Love you so much, your mommy Clare

7/12/21 - My sweetest Pooh Bear, I see you, I see you, right here in my heart...you never left! Even though you've been at the Bridge for 5 months now, you've never left my heart. You are so loved and treasured. We truly will be together again one day. You have my promise on that. Love you so very much, your mommy Clare

8/12/21 - My dearest Jackie, my Pooh Bear, I see you, I see you, you're right here in my heart...you never left. It's 6 months since you gently made your way to the Bridge. You live in Love and Light and we'll be together again one day. I love you and miss you and yet you never left and are with me always. Love is forever. Your mommy Clare

9/12/21 - Beloved Jackie, my very own Pooh Bear, I see you, I see, you're right here in my heart...you never left, and you never will. You've been in that beautiful place for 7 months and I miss you so much. Yet I know you're right here with me and you hear me when I talk to you and whisper your name. I love you so much and you're in my heart always. See you because Love is forever and always. Your mommy Clare

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