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everyday is a memory. love you jackie. Hello Jackie it's coming to thanksgiving 2020 and your not here I miss you as everyday goes by and can't believe your not here. I love you . Happy 4th day in heaven. Hello Jackie it's your 8th day in heaven and I miss you more and more I can't believe your gone but certainly not forgotten I think of you every day and today November 24th I had a crying episode before work I went downstairs and it was so empty without you there sleeping looking around smelling your way around making your way up the stairs looking for food you were quite the character. O jack love you miss you xoxo. November 25th 7:30 before going into work. Another crying episode this morning downstairs it's so hard I can't stop thinking about you well have to go in I just wanted to say hello and I love you speak tomorrow. Xoxo. Happy thanksgiving 2020 Jackie miss you . Happy Sunday Jackie love you miss you . Hello Jackie it's December 1st and miss you in the kitchen coming home seeing you in your bed blanket on you just looking with those eyes smelling waiting for some apple banana you were one of a kind I miss you so much I hope your having. fun playing with all the dogs that are writing you and wishing you well. Speak soon Jackie love always Daniel. Hello Jackie it's almost Christmas December 9th and your not here missed you thanksgiving even though we didn't eat turkey you would of loved the stuffing it had turkey bacon I'm it yum yum . I hope your having fun and playing with all the other dogs and cats just enjoying yourself free of all ailments fresh like a little puppy all over again. Love and kisses speak soon love you Jackie .hello Jackie it's December 17th in the morning and it's snowing the first snow fall and your not here to lick it o Jackie how I miss you so love you lots . Merry Christmas Jackie it's Christmas and your in rainbowbridge relaxing no pain with your new friends I miss you so much not a day goes bye without me thinking about you you didn't cry for any food this year was looking listening for you but to no avail I didn't hear you. I love you and will speak soon your cousin whiskey is going for EKG next week pray for him . Live you Jackie hugs kisses Daniel. Good afternoon Jackie it's New Year's Eve I'm just relaxing and I don't hear you crying to go out or for some desert well happy new year love you speak soon in 2021. Hello Jackie it's January 12th and I'm thinking about you more and more just not the same without you around. We're almost gone and out of here Kimberly me and your cousin whiskey. Ok speak soon love always Daniel & Jan. Good morning jack it's been a minute just wanted to say hi and let you know whiskey is very sick your cousin he has cancer osteosarcoma in the right back limb not long to live so I am taking very good care of him beds all over he had to stay downstairs cannot make it up he is always looking up there for something that's were I hide the fish treats I think he can smell them lol. Kimberly leaving were not getting along anymore so it's best for us . It's almost summer March 17th 2021 got a raise at work which makes it better to go . I will speak to you soon love you Jackie say hello to mom for me . Love Daniel. Good morning Jackie today is a very sad day whiskey is going to heaven and will be with you soon. April 14th whiskey is going to heaven. Hello Jackie just saying hello it's June 12th 2021 and your gone since December it's been almost a life time since then whiskey passed away April 14th 2021 and he's missed sorely just like you the both of you are truly missed till we speak again live uncle Daniel. Good morning Jackie it's uncle Daniel saying hello August 26th Thursday morning just wanted to say I miss you love you and wish you and your momma and your cousin were here with me. Speak soon pal uncle Daniel hugs kisses xoxoxo kisses hugs kisses xoxo xoxo. Hello Jackie it's been a while CSU Che we last spoke wanted to say hello things aren't good on this side of the world your probably better off with the way the world is it's not good up here wish both of you guys were with me i miss you both so much wish I could turn back time and see you both again one more time that's all I ask for just one more kiss from the both of you. Till next time Jackie Bebe I love and miss you so much say hello to your moms for me tell her we miss her love and kisses uncle Daniel xoxo kisses hugs kisses hugs November 14th 2021. Hey Jackie it's uncle Daniel saying hello to you it's December 7th almost Christmas and you guys aren't here to play in the snow I'll sure miss that fun with you and whiskey merry Christmas Jackie uncle Daniel loves you and misses you say hello to your momma. We will speak before new years live always uncle Daniel hugs kisses xoxoxo hugs kisses.December 23 Merry Christmas Jackie uncle Daniel loves you I miss you and whiskey very much merry Christmas speak soon . Hugs kisses xoxoxo. Hey Jackie happy belated new year I wish you and whiskey were here to celebrate with me it wasn't the same without you guys it was very lonely by myself I love and miss you both terribly speak soon love uncle Daniel. Xoxoxo say hello to your momma for me miss her very much also. Hugs kisses Jackie xoxoxo. Hey Jackie saying hello it's uncle Daniel miss you love you wish you were here hugs kisses xoxoxo hugs kisses xoxoxo. 4/13/22. Hello Jackie it's uncle Daniel just saying hello it's June 11th 2022 Saturday same things going on with court those fake things I wrote on whiskeys page like I thought they tried to use against me their so fucking stupid right jack to think that was true haha and I laughed. Hope your well jack uncle Daniel misses you hugs and kisses till next time. Love always uncle Daniel kisses xoxoxo hugs kisses xoxoxo. Hello Jackie uncle Daniel misses you and loves you little Jackie linguini hugs and kisses xoxoxo love you hugs kisses xoxoxo. July 21st 2022. Happy new year 🎊🎈🎆 merry Christmas 🎁🎄 miss you Jackie things aren't the same without you guys especially Christmas 🎅 2023. Love 💕 and kisses 😘 uncle Daniel...

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