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Memories of Jack
God graced this earth with one of his most precious angels:

Jack 10/13/2007 and called him home on 08/27/17 at 4:32 a.m.

My little handsome man,

Oh baby boy, my Jack Jack, my little Jackie Chan how I miss you! As I write this through an ocean of tears I remember the day we got you, you were so little. I can still see you in the backyard smelling around and how my heart burst with love that moment. I remember the first time you got mad because I had to leave you for work & you got in the trash. I'll never forget the picture of you sitting in with the look of, "It wasn't me mommy." All our days playing ball until you were to tired to bring it to me. Your training where you were the worst in your class but did all the things you were supposed to do, at home. You were finally getting used to riding in the car without being scared. I'm going to miss our little trips here and there. Our last trip was to the UPS store and you were so good. I'm sorry I never got to take you for a walk. I'm so very very sorry handsome. I'm so sorry you were taken from me in the fashion you were. I'm sorry you were in so much pain. I'm sorry I couldn't save you. Oh baby boy my heart is shattered, again. You were there for me through all my storms and helped me cope with your sissy passing 2 yrs, 1 month and 2 days. Now I have to fight this battle alone. I don't know if I can handsome. I love you! I never imagined I would be doing this for you at your young age of 9. My heart is so heavy and my soul is cracked. Oh baby boy I'm so sorry!! Please know I had to let you go because if I didn't you would be in pain and would of passed in terrible pain. I only had minutes with you but I will treasure them for a lifetime. I'm so glad I was able to pick you up and take you to our vet. I know they will be sure you are handled with care before returning to me. I had to help you pass over to the bridge to meet your sissy. I know she was there for you and you two are now playing tug-a-war once more. I kept my promise to be with you until the very end. I pray you heard me tell you how much I love you & that I'm sorry I couldn't save you. Oh baby boy I MISS YOU!!
8/28 Well handsome man today was the first day I woke up and you weren't there to greet me. Oh my God I miss you. What am I supposed to do now that you are gone and are with your sissy? How does mommy do this? Oh sweet boy I'm so so sorry. I have no words to describe this pain. Please come visit me often.
9/3 Hi sweet boy. Well it's been a week since you were called home. I miss you little handsome man! I blame myself for not saving you. My heart is heavy & my sould is empty. God I miss you!
9/5 Oh handsome man, I miss you! As you can see a lot of people, strangers, loved you! You were just that kind of angel. Who couldn not love that little face and your playful attitude. I'm in tears again, I miss you!

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