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Memories of Jack
August 8, 2015: "Missing"

I woke up alone
Too Quiet
No Jack
(a-roo-roo-roo, <grunt> <grunt>, roo-roorooooOO!)

Early Morning
I put on running shorts, shirt
No Jack
(bump, bump, rooroo-ROO-roo-roo, prance, bump!)

Doing work
In office
On computer seat
No Jack
(pant pant -bump, wag, wag, wag)

Early evening
Feeding Time
No Jack
No Jack.

No warning
by Jack
No scheduling naptime
Stay up and pet Jack when storms hit 11 P.M., 1 A.M., 3 A.M.
No waking up to Jack
at my pillow
by my side
needing consolation
We needed you, too, Jack.

Goodbye, Jack
Miss You
loved and true
faithful Jack

May 2010--Jumping Jack waltzed into our lives, a big brindle ready to love anyone who would let him. A quick leaner who would "speak", "sing", and "shake hands?" on command, particularly if there was cheese or a cookie involved. We looked up his racing record to find none--but his daddy was also the daddy of our only other greyhound, and we hoped he would keep her company on her sprints with Lucky-lu our border-collie/corgi mix. Jack was so much fun, everyone dubbed him "the greyhound who's a dog"! We quickly learned to keep petting him if we started, because he was so unhappy if you stopped, he'd cry. Jack loved to sit on our laps while we were watching TV--anything to be near us. He loved to race in our yard, deep divots flying, soon creating a track around garden and pool.

Summer 2010--Thunderstorms. Jack was our best barometer, but we wished he weren't. He shook so bad, panted, sometimes his teeth would chatter. We'd sit with him, bring him downstairs or to an inside room, give him calming treats (he'd only take them before he knew the storm was coming), and pet him, sit with him, talk to him. Thundercoat? No use. Supercoat? Same thing. Jack hated coats, even in rain or snow. Calming pill? Sometimes it worked. I hated to see him suffer so, but the best we could do was keep him company and pet him....poor baby, of course we were happy to oblige.

August 2010--back to work. Jack roo'd whenever we came home, and looked for either one of us if we left. We'd feed him bright and early, and come weekends, he'd roo us awake if we dared sleep in! He was so tall his face would come right up to ours, but who could get angry? After awhile we didn't need an alarm clock on weekdays--Jack's roo'ing was just so much nicer, and just as reliable! We'd wake up laughing on weekdays because he roo'd us awake.

October 2010--I left for out-of-state work, and whenever I came home, Jack roo'd and pranced and leaned and wagged his huge tail. It made me so happy to be welcomed home by Jack-a-roo! Best welcome anyone could ever get.

Greyhound Friends reunions: Jack won Longest Tail award (2nd place) and Twin award (3rd place) with his sister, more than once. We could never get him to do his tricks in front of judges, so he never placed for "Best Trick" :( We didn't care...we knew he could do the tricks, sometimes to others he trusted enough. Everyone who met him commented on his leaning, friendly, loving demeanor...Jack wouldn't let you go once he started leaning on you!!

2010-2015: Jack became my best running buddy. He even managed a 5K fundraiser at McAuliffe in Framingham, MA. He loved to go for runs--I could barely put on my running shoes once I changed and put on socks. He learned to calm down just enough to slip the harness on him, and he quickly learned to "stay" at the gate and "back up" so I could open it. He tolerated my stops at the horse farm and ignored bunnies and squirrels while on the leash after just a few prompts. Jack responded so quickly to my commands: slow, cross, stay right, stay left, stop...It was so much fun running with him!

2013: We adopted another boy, a racer-winner, who loved to run with Jack--but whenever I watched, Jack always won!

Jack was our healthiest, youngest boy. August 3, 2015--we learn he has a massive growth attached to cell wall in his chest. 2 liters of bloody fluid taken--not a good sign. We're able to take him home at least, but thunderstorms were in the forecast...

August 3-4, 2015: Neither of us slept or ate. Jack stopped breathing during the night when a storm came by, but caught his breath afterwards. Erik took out his collar and leash in the morning, but Jack only went outside, head down. :( Not like Jack. Heartbroken, we made the decision--rest in peace, dear Jack, beloved Jack, our Jack-a-roo! I know you will be waiting for us beyond the Rainbow's Bridge...it's not real, waking up without your roos...we know you're rooing up in heaven somewhere, a straight shot to a beautiful meadow where you could race your heart out and eat all the cheese with or without doing your favorite tricks. Maybe you're leaning on St. Peter or St. Roch now...we miss you so much, Jack-a-roo!

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