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Memories of Jack
My Jack,

It is 5 weeks since you went to the bridge. I miss you so much and would give anything to have back, but you are where you need to be and I am where I need to be for now.

There will never be another dog like you. Never had to worry about anything with you. Loved all people and dogs. Took you visiting, to motels, anywhere and you behaved yourself. Such a joy. So lucky to have you 11 years. Never wanted it to end Jack, but the inetitable happened. The day Momma dreaded. I had to put you to sleep. I know how much you wanted to stay, but the tumors were getting out of control and you were in pain. A day was coming soon where you wouldn't have been able to walk around. So I did what I had to do for you and me.

I hope Rudy greeted you at the bridge like I think he did. I hope he took you to meet Grandma And Grandpa and they are both taking care of you. Hope you are swimming when you want, playing in the snow when you want and doing anything your hearts desires. Thinking that is the only way I have gotten though the last 5 weeks.

Tommorrow Gail and I are having a little ceremony at Crystal Beach with Trevor. I know how much loved Gail (I hope you are with Tessa too). You were so lucky to have so many that loved you. I know you had a wonderful life. All the traveling up and down the east coast. All the mountains, lakes, springs, forests, and parks you have visited. We had so much my boy, and wish it never ended. Once the ceremony is over I will take away all the cards and put your box in its proper resting place next to Rudy. That does not mean I forgot about you, it just means it is time to let you go.

Jack, life goes on for me and you made me love doggies so much, I couldn't live without one. You know Daddy has to go back to NY so I needed to get a pup before he went. He is very cute. Boy does he have a lot to learn. He has some very big shoes to fill. He will never replace you. There will never be another you, but this pup needed a home and I needed a doggie. I read a poem that said if you had a will all you had was the love I gave to you. You would want me to extend that love to another, so that is what I did.

For now, that is all my sweet boy. I will visit this site often as I do your brother Rudy. All my love Mommy.

Today would have been your 11th birthday. I so wanted you to make it until then, but guess I was lucky to have you through all the holidays. Oh Jack, wish you were here. Yes we have Ralphy and is adorable, but he will never be you. He does help me to not be so sad. Well Happy Birthday at Rainbows Bridge. I am sure Grandma will have a party for you and your friends. Love your forever, Mommy

I am still crying over you my sweet boy. I missed you so much in Georgia. I went somewhere where you and I went and swam alone. I wanted to have you next to me so much. Hope you were there in spirit and you and Tessa are swimming together. Either Ralphy will not like the water as much as you, or he is still young. He goes in and gets right out and then I think he gets scared. I love him and am bonding with him, but still wish I had you. Love you so much and can't wait until we are together again. I have to believe that my boy.

I could never watch Marley and Me when you were living, but I watched it tonight and can't stop crying. It is just not the same with Ralphy. We had so much history Jack and you made Mommy feel special. I miss you sweet boy and can;t wait to see you again. It is still so tough without you. Love you so much

First Christmas without you. You were so good Jack. I loved watching you open your presents. You would get so excited. Have all your Christmas presents and ornaments out. Love and miss you so much. Merry CHristmas in heaven with Grandma, Grandpa, Brother Rudy and Tessa.

Today is your one-year anniversary and Mommy is still crying. Love you so much and miss you so much. Just want to hold you again and kiss your beautiful face. Cannot wait until the day I can again. That is the only way I have gotten through this, believng in the bridge. Keep reliving that weekend, the most horrible weekend in my life, well that is over and all you have is happy thoughts. Love you forever my golden boy

Haven't been here in a while my boy, I get really choked up when I go on here and listen to our song. Still miss you. 2nd Christmas without you. Ralphy is doing better. Think you are watching over him. Can't wait to see you one day my boy. Merry Christmas at Rainbows Bridge.

Today is your 2-year anniversary. Still miss you. Thank you so much for watching over Ralphy. Hope you are happy and swimming at Rainbows Bridge. Cannot wait to see you again. Love you forever my golden boy.

Merry Christmas my boy. Another Christmas without you. Hard to believe. We are moving back to NY, but we will be closer to you, Grandma, Grandpa and Rudy there. ALways in our hearts. Love you my beautiful boy.

Merry Christmas 2015. We are back in NY, I put some cute deer on your stone. I know you will do Merry Christmas with brother RUdy, Grandma and Grandpa. I miss you so and always will. Please help me to find your beautiful pics of you and Santa. So upset over that, like I am missing part of you. I feel closer to you here. This is where you were born and raised. I will alwayws love you baby.

I did find your pics, thank God. Will always love and miss you and always talk about you. Everyone says how good you were. Hope you are fetching and swimming at Rainbows Bridge with Rudy, Grandma and Grandpa. Will love you forever.

Merry Christmas in heaven my golden boy, will always love and miss you.

I will always miss and love you. There will never be another one like you. Indeed good as gold. Happy Easter at Rainbows Bridge. Love always Mommy

Happy Easter my boy. We dtill talk about you and how sweet you were.

Love you forever Mom my

Merry Christmas my boy 2018. My golden angel. Always love you

My Jack in your anniversary. You were the sweetest boy. I will always love and miss you.

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