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Memories of Jabba the Mutt
5/7/11: Where do I start? Today was the worst day ever. I keep thinking about the day I brought him home, a tiny 4 lb. puppy sleeping in my arms during the long ride home, just like a baby. And Jabba was my baby, the corgi I've wanted ever since I was 10 yrs. old. He was attached to me, and me to him. He saved me the year I was separated from my husband; he was always there for me during my hardest times. When we first got him, Matt wanted to name him Jabba the Mutt; I said we had to call him Jabba because he is not a mutt! I give him credit, it is a great name. I will miss all of the "Jabbisms": If you said "Jabba give me kissies" or "Jabba I have an owie" he would jump up and give you a kiss on the face; when you would tell him "bang" to play dead, he would hold the position and go straight into "rollover" to attempt to overachieve to get a treat! He would alternate paws for "high five" on demand. He loved to help you undress, especially taking off your socks; he would take them into the bathroom where the laundry chute was. He also loved to be where I was; even the shower! He would grab the towel down for me and sometimes even jumped into the shower to check on me! He knew the word "shower", alright! When Jabba's behavior started to change, he wouldn't let Matt or me out the door; he would spin in circles barking, and would attempt (and sometimes succeed multiple times) to get out the door so we couldn't leave. Jabba loved playing tug of war with Queen B, his buddy, but he knew she was dominant over him and would let her get away with beating him up outside! He couldn't beat her speed. Jabba loved belly rubs, being brushed, behind the ear rubs, and even having his teeth brushed. I loved watching his cute little smiling shadow when we took walks; Jabba always seemed to have a grin, except on the vet's table; he sure frowned then! He would punish us by letting us know we left the bathroom door open; there would be a tissue on the bathroom floor, shredded every time. Jabba also liked licking off your deodorant and lotion! He liked running up and down the fence when anyone would pass by or with the neighbor dog, barking and teasing each other. Jabba loves soft, squeaky toys, but Queen B would always "kill" them! Oh, and he would "kill" something on demand, which was shaking the heck out of it. Jabba loved car rides, even if they were going to the vet. Unfortunately, something happened to Jabba; after his behavior changed, he attacked me seriously several times completely unprovoked; the ER reported him to the health department the last time and if we didn't get rid of him, we would lose our homeowner's insurance. Jabba's desperate mom tried every outlet she could find over the past few weeks, but no one would take a dog that had bitten so severely. We had no choice but to send him over the bridge early, something no doggy parents should ever have to do. I don't want to die now (though I feel dead inside), but I sure can't wait to meet him there when my time comes. He will get to meet Trixie and Ruffles, the collies I grew up with. I hope he is happy, healthy, and having fun; I hope he heard and understood the last words I told him while he was going to sleep. I have been crying for days in anticipation for this, and spoiling him majorly in the mean time. I hope his last days were good for him. I could go on and on about how he was my baby, especially when he would sleep in my arms as a puppy. I will miss his barking, especially the doorbell/door knock aroorooroorooroo howl. I won't hear him bark when I get out of my car to come home, or have his kisses and happy greetings, always so welcome after a hard day. He put up with me singing silly songs about him and would rest at my feet while I was at the desk. R.I.P., my love, you will always be the corgi I always wanted, my baby dog, my sweet little nub tail, Jabba Wabbas, wiggle wags, perfect stripe, nub butts. My heart is always yours, as is Matt's and Queen B's. We will miss you dearly.
5/8/11: My Jabbaz, it's not getting better, I miss you so. I know you'd be giving me kissies for Mother's Day. Matt and I still have lots of tears for you, and QB misses her playmate! Hope you are with all of the other pets that kind people have told me about and that they guided you along the bridge. Love you always, Mom
5/10/11: Jabs, oh Jabs, how I miss you so. I was just thinking today of some memories of you, and some of the funniest were when you were a tiny puppy. Although we blocked off the "behind the couch" area, you were so small and made yourself flat, you could get underneath the couch. I'd look for you and freak out, only to find you back there chewing on socks and destroying sock holders. Another funny "flat puppy" memory was the first time I turned on the music speakers. You took off and tried to find a place to hide; you made yourself flatter than ever, with legs behind you, to fit underneath the rack that holds the microwave. I sure wish I had a camera then! I was crying most of the day again, and when I got home I sat in my car and cried. I sure hope you are with all of the babies of the friends I've made here at the Rainbow Bridge website. We love you, Jabba!
5/11/11: Jabs, the vet sent us a Rainbow Bridge sympathy card! I am so glad our site is helping others by doing that. It was comforting, especially because you were so well-known over there! And I KNOW it was you sending us a sign, that we might get little Toby from a rescue, a corgi just like you! We are going to visit him tomorrow to see if he gets along with QB. If he is from you, I know you will make him work. He will never replace you, by any means; no dog can. But you know QB is lonely during the day and needs a friend to play with! Thanks my luv!
5/16/11: Jabs, thank you, I know for sure you are looking over me. You gave us little Toby, who loves playing with Queenie and just like you, likes to steal my make-up sponges when I am getting ready in the morning! What a stinker. The best sign you gave me was Saturday, a week from your passing. I was in Charleston and for a very short time, there was a huge rainbow above!!! I just know it was you telling me it is ok to be happy, to have Toby but never forget your sweet memories. I just finished reading "Bill at Rainbow Bridge" and it really explained everything perfectly. I am quite pooped from the stupid flight changes, but I plan to stay up for your vigil tonight. Also, don't think I'm going to stop visiting you, either! I couldn't while out of town, but I'm going back to visiting you no less than once a day! I visit you much more often in my thoughts and prayers! Love you Jabba!
5/23/11: Jabs, I still cry every day. Especially with the 2-wk date of your passing this weekend. Today I was thinking a lot about my favorite client Marilyn, who really wanted to meet you. She used to keep pictures of you in her room. She really wanted to meet you, and when she went on hospice care, work still wouldn't let me bring you in. She really loved you, too. I hope you met Marilyn, Jabba, as well as my Grandma, Great-grandma, Aunt, and all of the other people I knew. I found your tooth this weekend and wept. You are still close in my heart. I am trying not to write too often, b/c it will cut me off, but whatever, I may have to cut things out later. Love you, buds.
5/24/11: Jabba, I finally went back to the corgi forums and put some more pics up. It's been 1 1/2 years since I've had time to go on it. I put some Toby pics up, too. People can look at the Go Corgi Forums and look up ShannonRD. Your pics were in several of the random pictures on the main page! Go Jabs! <3 mommy
5/25/11: Jabs, one of my really nice clients died last night. I am sure you are greeting her with your wagging nub tail...tell her I say good-bye
6/1/11: Jabba, the last two days have been so hard w/o you. Last night I fell asleep with my arms around your box (Matt thought that was disgusting but I opened the box while crying and now you have some of my tears with you), the night before I had your harness. I cry so much. I love Toby dearly, but I will still always miss you.
6/20/11: This weekend I was watching Toby toss the rawhide and play with it like you used to. I remember several times when I was laying in the bathtub, and you were lying on the floor next to me, with your bone. Plop! came the rawhide into the tub, nearly giving your mommy a heart attack. Your sweet memories make me smile, my luv. Miss you just as much as ever.
7/11/11: Jabba, I can't stop crying. Toby and QB are great dogs and help me; Toby has many of your silly qualities and makes me laugh. However, there is no replacement for you. I still cry. I told Matt I want your ashes mixed with mine when I die....he didn't get it. Only you and I know our bond. He doesn't get how I can still be sad 2 months later. You were my child. Any family with a child just doesn't get over it. I love you so much, honey, nubtails, my baby dog. You will always be my number one!
7/25/11: Happy birthday, honey! I still miss you more than anything. I dream about you sometimes. I hope you are fairing well and made lots of friends. Please send me another rainbow. I keep looking for you! I love you sooooo much!
9/22/11: Oh Jabs, today is the anniversary of the day I brought you home; I remember it so well, how I fell in love! I love you more than ever. And Toby says sorry he chewed up your harness.
11/27/11: Miss you so much Jabs! Wish you could teach Toby how to be potty-trained. He is failing miserably at all attempts. He is sweet and loving like you, though. Miss you, my love. Miss you sooooo much. I'd do anything to have you back with me. Anything. Love you babes...my life stinks to the point sometimes I wish I could be in heaven with you! Love you, JABBA
5/8/12:Hi sweetie pie, I had such a hard time yesterday with the anniversary of the most difficult day in my life that I just couldn't go on here. I miss you more than you could ever know. Love you always, Mom. <3
12/31/12:Jabbaz! I never got to tell you I got a tatoo with the poem that was on your cremation box with a pawprint instead of a footprint, in memory of you. Now I carry you in my heart and on my leg! Toby is doing fine, and he will soon be living with Grover, a golden cockapoo mix. I hope that you are up there taking good care of my friend Roberta who just joined you. Show her the way, she was always so sweet and brought treats for Toby. Love always to my first stub butts, Mom
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