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Memories of Izzy Belle
Izzy's story began in May of 1998 on the edge of a farm in Southwestern New Hampshire. She was found as a lonely, 4-week old kitten by a kindly woman, who knew that the little baby needed help. She bottle fed this little one, slept with the kitten on her chest to keep her warm, and named her Izzy Belle, or le Belle Izzy - Beautiful Izzy. She lived with the woman for many years.

My story with Izzy began in August of 2013, when the woman who cared for her needed to move to Texas. My partner and I agreed to adopt her beautiful little kitty, who was now a 15-year old senior cat. We spent the next couple of months getting to know Izzy, and during that time a special bond was formed between a little Siamese and myself.

We brought her home in October of 2013, where she proceeded to spend the first three months of her life with us hiding under the bed in our bedroom, only venturing out for food, the litter box, and to sleep on top of me. She enjoyed snuggling down on my legs and my lap, especially when I would lay on the bed to watch something on TV or play a game. Her purr was music to my soul - a deep, rumbling purr that would make her entire body oscillate. She knew that I needed love during the holiday season, as October to the beginning of January are difficult for me for very deep, personal reasons, and she spent as much time as possible curled up on my lap, her purrs helping me through those days.

In January of 2014 she began to venture out of the bedroom to explore the house, her fear of our other cat beginning to diminish. She discovered the kitchen, where there was a stool positioned by a window that would get hours of sunlight during the cold winter afternoons. This became her place to curl up during the day while I was working. She enjoyed stretching out in the sun on that windowsill as well, her front paws at one end of the sill while her tail was draped down the other end. She wasn't a big cat, but could fill a space if she wanted.

Evenings were spent enjoying snuggles and cuddles, her purr filling my entire being. She sensed that things were off with my left knee due to an old injury that would cause pain to flare up from time to time, and would drape her body over my knee, her claws gently digging into some of the more tender areas for 'cat-u-puncture'. She would look at me with her big, blue eyes while she purred, and I knew that she was happy.

She became my alarm clock, waking me up at 5-something in the morning for feedings before I would exercise. She was my coffee companion, snuggling on my lap while I watched cartoons with my first cup of brew in the morning. We watched silly cartoons together - anything from Doc McStuffins to My Little Pony. She enjoyed magical girl and mecha anime. If I felt sad, she was there to give me snuggles and purrs. She was chatty when I prepared her meals of wet food - I'd always joke about silly things with her, as if we were gossiping in the kitchen about celebrities. Her murrs and mews and raurrs will always hold a special place in my heart.

I swear I developed a special psychic-type bond with my little baby girl. Nothing extraordinary - I could tell when she was hungry or something was wrong, and she knew when I was comfortable and ready for company. Her purrs could help me fall asleep in front of the television, which is not something I have been known to do. I can't recall if we ever shared a dream, but her purring presence was a comfort. I have a feeling she knew that something was wrong weeks before she crossed - I would pet her, and she'd purr and smile, and I'd have tears streaming down my cheeks. The morning she crossed she came in, and despite how she felt, she snuggled down on top of me and refused to budge - her way of saying that it was time.

We had an amazing, albeit short, 21 months together. My partner and I promised her a forever home, and we kept that promise, right to the end. My partner has retired the 'voice' which he gave her for when he would have the cats 'speak' to us. Her physical presence in the house is missed, but I almost swear I can hear her from time to time, telling me that she's always in my heart.

Rest in peace, baby girl. We miss you.

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