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Memories of Izzy
I brought Izzy home in September of 2008. She was 8 months old and had been living with her parents and siblings, all show dogs. Her owners didn't think she was dog show quality, so they decided to sell her. We hit it off from the very start.

At first she didn't like riding in the car because she would get car sick. But she was able to overcome that after a few weeks and like most dogs, loved riding in the car. She was the navigator, always watching out the front window. She was always hesitant to jump into the car but when she did, she would fly into the backseat. She didn't know she could fly.

I wanted a companion. I was lonely and wanted to meet people. I started taking her to a neighborhood park which we all called the "blue park". There I met a lot of dog people. We would let the dogs off leash after walking them. They played in a field which is really back to back baseball fields. It was away from the street and safe. Well, with the exception of animal control. They busted us regularly and sometimes we would get turned in by some nasty neighbors. Iz flourished there. She would tease the other dogs by stealing their toys and running off with them. What she was really trying to do was get the other dogs to chase her, which they did. Of course no dog could catch her. Some came close though, but if that happened she could turn on a dime. It was a beautiful sight to see her running. Everyone would stop what they were doing just to watch this magnificent animal. She was a character. Once she stole second base, literally. Kids had set up flat, plastic bases and Iz couldn't resist running over and taking off with one. Everyone playing just watched in amazement. I was a little afraid that the parents would be mad, but instead they too enjoyed the show.

We met a lot of people at the blue park and also here in my neighborhood. Izzy had a boyfriend here named Tigger. He's a Greyhound. They would meet up at the lawn area in front of the pool. Tigger would chase her, then she would realize that she met her match and would dive into the bushes. Tig would slump back to his mom, looking very sad. But they always looked for each other when at the pool. She would watch every car that went by to see if other dogs were in it, especially Tig. Unfortunately Tigger lost his battle to cancer just a couple of months ago. But they are now together again. It comforts me to know that she had someone she knew to meet her at the bridge.

She had a lot of other dog friends. Lisa, Max, Buddy, Cooper, Tucker, Bodie and Twiggy, just to name a few. But her other mom, Kelly, is missing her as much as I am. Iz loved going to Kelly's when I was out of town. She had a lot of other dog friends there, and Kelly treated her like a queen.

Whippets love to chase cats. At one point I had 4. If the cats started bothering me, which was frequent, she took it upon herself to chase them out of the room. But they loved her too. She was friends with the youngest, Dudes. They would curl up together. Dudes was abandoned very young and Iz was almost like a surrogate mother to him.

My heart is broken. Her illness was sudden and she was gone within two weeks. She died way too young and I was not ready to let her go. I have never gone through the grieving process until now. I guess that means I am still learning from this beautiful dog. Someday I will see her fly again.

10/19/2016 it has been almost a year since I lost Izzy. The pain still hits me like it was yesterday. I have flashes of memories that stop me cold. This process is starting to get a little easier, it's something I live with daily. I got a new dog, Rosebud. I had to fill the void, the huge hole in my life and heart. He's such a sweet dog and very easy to deal with. But he will never take the place of my izzers. I don't expect him to, but I'm glad he's now in my life. I don't know if we ever see our pets again, but I see her in my everyday life and I will call Rosy "IZZY" probably forever. I hope you're having fun Izzy, thank you for all you gave me,


It's 2 years now since Iz left me. The memories are vague so I'm very glad that I can visit this memorial. I cried this morning. Lots of pics and memories popping up on Facebook. She really was a very special dog. I was so lucky, still am. When I cried, my sweet rosy came over to me for comfort. He is such a gift. I can't believe how wonderful He is. I guess if it wasn't for Izzy I wouldn't have rosy. Got him a month after iz passed. I still have a few dog friends thanks to Izzy. Steve and I are still friends but I have lost track of most of them from the park. Barbara died last year and I haven't had contact with Jan since then. I wonder if Twiggy is still alive. She was getting up there in dog years. People in the neighborhood love rosy, but I now have Zoey who is a problem. She's sweet but difficult. She has destroyed furniture, my back yard,a couple of lamps and several pairs of sandals. I hope she settles down soon. It's been difficult but I wouldn't have her at all if it wasn't for Izzy. She touched a lot of people. Kelly posted on my Facebook today, pics of Izzy. It made me happy and sad. Grief is still something that is new to me. It's a process. I'm still moving thru it but it's easier now, 2 years later. Izzy will always have a special place in my heart. She taught me how to love and accept dogs as companions and friends. I hope I see her again. Oh I hope so. Miss you izzers. I still look at the stars and say hi and love you.

Oct 26, 2019

I just wrote a very heartfelt message and saved the changes. It's not here and I'm upset. I love you and still say goodnight to you. I hope you have seen Debby and Gigi. I expect to see all of you someday. I will try to write more if this message gets saved. Love you and miss you still.

Oct 23, 2023

It's been 8 years since I lost you, Iz. Rosebud has been keeping my heart which has room for both of you. My memories of the day you left are all very vivid in my mind. Very painful. So many changes in my life too. I sure hope we can meet again. Until then just know you are still with me. I keep your picture in my room and your ashes too. I love you.

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