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My dear Ivory, there are just no words to describe the emptiness and the void you have left in all of our hearts!! Ebony misses her other half, she was so lost those first few weeks without her BFF!!! Your Dad was devastated as he was the optimist that you were coming home in a few days as planned to recuperate from your surgery before the holidays, little did we know that our world would be shattered when the surgeon called and said you had more severe issues that were inoperable!! Of course your Mommy was a mess!!! We couldn't bear the thought of losing you, but we also couldn't bear to see you suffer another day of being in pain!! We all just take it one day at a time and took comfort in each other. We were overwhelmed by the outpouring love from all your friends here at Spruce Mill, and my precious girl did you have so many friends (both human and four-legged)!!!! You were the "socialite" of Spruce Mill!!! Our entire dining room table was covered in flowers, gifts, and lots of cards!! You gave us 11 years and 3 months of wonderful memories that we will forever treasure. We love and miss you so so much !! I'm glad you were able to enjoy the first 6 months in our newly built vacation home in the Poconos, it's still a struggle for me to go up there without you!!! Christmas was not the same without our Ivory who truly loved laying on the couch by her Christmas tree every year, watching Dad decorate it and playing with all her Christmas presents from "Santa Paws". We hung your Christmas stockings at both houses!! We picked a cool tree out back to create a memorial so that you will always be up there with us in spirit as I did something in your memory in the loft and the "Ivy Towers" back home at Spruce Mill!! That's the hardest part for me up the mountains is to look out our kitchen window and not see you just chilling in the grass!! I don't know what Ebony's going to do this summer without her swimming buddy, guess we will have to take a tennis ball down to the lake with us because you know your Pocono buddy,"Misty", won't go in the water to play!! Hopefully, you have met our other departed baby,"Angel",and cousin "Jasmine", and Mama Sharon's babies,"Joey & Nikki" and you are all running around a great big green field pain free !!! We will never forget you or our time spent together, there will always be a special place in our hearts just for you, our precious "Ivory". LOVE, MOMMY, DADDY, & "EBONY"XOXOXOXO 7/25/16 - It's been a long summer so far, all the winter hibernator's are out walking the path asking where's Ivory?? You truly were the Spruce Mill Icon!!! We miss you so much!! Ebony certainly misses swimming in Lake Harmony with her sister, we now have to bring a tennis ball for her to play fetch in the water - it's not the same!!! Nothing's the same without you here, our sweet "Ivory". All of our love always, MOMMY, DADDY, & "EBONY" XOXOXOXO 9/3/16- Happy 12th Birthday, our precious "Ivory" !!!! We miss you so much !!!! Guess by now you are reunited with your sister,Ebony! Unfortunately, God has dealt us with a 1, 2 punch by taking both our girls within such a short time !!!! It's with great sadness that our little Ebony started out with what was supposed to be a cough when in reality she had fluid in her lungs and had a severe episode of congestive heart failure that one thing led to another and her kidneys started to fail and, like you, we have to say goodbye on August 24th. Hope you greeted your lil sister with a bag of tennis balls and a big sisterly hug and kiss !!! She has missed you !!!!! The only comfort me and Daddy have during this unbearable sad time is that "our" girls, "Ebony & Ivory", are together in perfect harmony !!! LOTS & LOTS of LOVE, Mommy & Daddy XOXOXOXO 12/4/16-It's hard to believe it's already a year since we had to say good-bye to you, our beautiful "Ivory"!! We decided to put up Christmas lights outside today in honor of you who so loved Christmas!! Our house was full of darkness this time last year after losing you. I'm sure you are watching over us and see that we have opened our hearts again to a black lab puppy named "Melody". Of course, Daddy picked out the name and related it to music as he did with you & Ebony!! Melody can NEVER REPLACE you but she definitely helped to ease the pain today. She actually has a lot of your traits such as becoming a social butterfly throughout Spruce Mill. She looks for Kona & Lucy every morning at the soccer field, she gobbles down her food faster than you and she has a protective bark just like you did!! Unfortunately she's black and we have a tendency to call her "Ebony" alot just like when we brought you home and called you "Angel" for the first few months!! I decided to give her one of her Christmas gifts today in the spirit of how you truly enjoyed getting gifts at Christmas time; I chose to give her a Christmas tug as you would have appreciated !! Please know that there's NOT a day that goes by that we don't think of you, we can only hope that you & Ebony are celebrating the holidays TOGETHER as you should be!!! LOVE ALWAYS, Mommy & Daddy XOXOXO 12/13/16 - It's a sad day for your Uncle Brad & Kim. They had to say goodbye to their "FlubberGubber" today. Please greet him and take him under your wing when he crosses over to the Rainbows Bridge! 12/25/16 Merry Christmas, "Ivory"!!! Hope you & Ebony are celebrating Christmas together !! It was sad enough not having you around last Christmas, NEVER would we have imagined not having Ebony here with us this Christmas!!! She so missed you just like us !!! Little Melody has eased the pain some and is getting us through today!! She has so many of your traits; she is definitely carrying on your "Christmas spirit"!! She played with each and every toy that was under the tree today just like you used to!! No other dog will EVER replace you & Ebony, but Melody has brought joy back into our lives !! LOVE YOU LOTS, Mommy & Daddy XOXOXOXO 4/3/17 - THINKING OF YOU MY PRECIOUS "IVORY" LOVE, MOMMY 8/24/17 Just checking in on our precious,IVORY! LOVE & KISSES, MOMMY & DADDY XOXO 9/3/17 Happy 13th Birthday, Ivory!! Hope you, Ebony, and all your friends who have crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge are celebrating with a play date of running around the green fields and eating lots of birthday treats today. WE MISS & LOVE YOU SO MUCH & ALWAYS WILL !! LOVE, MOMMY & DADDY XOXOXO 12/4/17 Here we are on the 2nd anniversary of your passing, still can't believe it!!! We put up the Christmas lights and tree yesterday, it's not the same without you laying on the couch watching Daddy decorate the tree. You made Christmas so much fun because you appreciated everything about it, especially opening your presents and enjoying your new toys! I don't think Christmas will EVER be the same, but we will make the best of it making new holiday memories with Melody who is so like you in spirit !!! She definitely has your social skills, lol, and she loves getting new toys to play with !!!! WE LOVE & MISS YOU SO MUCH !!!!! Love, Mommy & Daddy XOXOXOXO 6/26/18 You've been on my mind my precious Ivory, I wish that all of my love could have saved you from the pain and suffering!! Love, MOMMY XOXOXOXOXO
9/3/18 Happy 14 Birthday, our precious Ivory !!! Hope you had a wonderful day of celebrating with Ebony and friends and lots of birthday treats!! WE LOVE & MISS YOU !! LOVE, MOMMY & DADDY XOXOXOXO 12/4/18 Thinking of you today as we prepare to decorate the houses for Christmas....your favorite holiday. This day will always be a sad day in our hearts.....the day we had to say goodbye to our sweet "Ivory". You may be gone from our sight....but NEVER OUR HEARTS !! LOVE ALWAYS, MOMMY & DADDY XOXOXOXOXOXO 9/3/19 Happy 15th Birthday, our sweet Ivory !!! Hope you had a nice birthday celebration with Ebony and friends with lots of treats and lots of cool squeaky toys, you loved the challenge of finding the squeaker in every toy we bought you!! LOVE & MISS YOU ALWAYS, MOMMY & DADDY
XOXOXOXOXO 12/4/19 Can't believe it's 4 years since we lost you.....a day we will NEVER forget, just like we will NEVER FORGET YOU....OUR SWEET IVORY ! Love, Mommy & Daddy XOXOXOXO 9/3/20 Happy Birthday, our precious Ivory !! Hope you are celebrating with Ebony and friends, and eating a lot of birthday cake and treats. WE Love You XOXO 12/4/20 On this day 5 years ago, our lives were shattered when we had to suddenly say goodbye to our sweet Ivory. You may be gone, but NEVER forgotten ! Love, Mommy & Daddy XOXOXO 9/3/21 Happy Birthday, our precious Ivory !! Hope you had a fun day filled with lots of fun & birthday treats!! Love & miss you, Mommy & Daddy XOXO

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