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Memories of Issy Mae Belle
Issy Mae Belle, was 3lb chihuahua, who always wagged her tail constantly. When she first came home from an 8 hr trip from Richmond, VA to Vermont, the first place she made her bed was my bedroom slipper. She crawled right in there and made her bed. She didn't like people to come to our house, even if they were weekly visitors, she barked at them like she never saw them before. When she heard the engine of the UPS/FedEx truck she would go running to the sun run and look out the window and bark, warning them to stay away. She loved the out doors, we tried to walk her, but it didn't go too well, so she would just stay on the covered porch and enjoy herself.

She was a tri-color girl ... she loved to lick my eyes when she could get a chance. I would call her "Momma". She gave birth to one puppy, but it was a still born, so, we decided no more trying. She loved her squeeky ball, every time I would pick the ball up from the floor she would go running so I would toss it, and then she would kick it around with her front lets and growl and bark at it with her teeth/mouth.

She was the queen of the household. She let you know, but with a caring loving heart.

Her favorite food was Cheesie Weezies, vanilla ice cream, her dog treats (yogurt/chicken), and she loved peanut butter M&Ms (I only gave her one).

She loved to lay in the sunroom and bask in the sun throughout the year. She was our brave girl - always strong, and bold - bark constantly. She loved looking out the window and bark at the walking neighbors that came by. We will miss her, she passed in her sleep on July 6 2021 about 4:30pm. My Issy Belle, my Me Belle ... Azul is waiting for you, he'll be so happy to see you.

******April 28, 2023******
Happy Birthday Issy, you would of been 16 today. I watched your videos that I made of you through our years together, smiled, cried and most of all I miss and love you so much. I held you (your urn) today while watching TV, you sat with me when I ate my lunch, and I gave Puma and Lily Mae Belle, (yes, I named her after you the "Mae Belle" part of the name) gave them each piece of a cheese that you loved so much, which you knew as "cheesie wheesie". Puma has taken your spot in the house now, she barks at everyone and everything that walks by the house like you had done. She misses you, when I say your name, she barks and she turns her head to look for you. Sadly, Fito passed away on August 18th 2022 from Liver Disease he had for 3 yrs. He died at home in my arms sitting together one last time. He licked my arm as to say "goodbye' and I know he didn't want to go, but he was suffering, he could no longer walk or bark, and the disease totally destroyed his fur. A day or 2 before he passed on, Lily and him were doing a special chatter with each other, they sounded like squirrels, it was a bark it was like a different dog lingo I've never heard before. It was like Fito was telling her that both Pappas will always love you, and you be kind to them. Ever since then Lily never leaves my side, she always want to sleep with me, never with the other papa. I will create a rainbow page for him on my birthday in June. I still cry a lot and say his name. I miss him so much Issy, like I miss you & Azul. Now you 3 are together, and I can not wait to be with you all again. I love you. Happy Birthday from all of us Issy, with love....
****July 6, 2023****
Hi Issy! My little girl, I miss you so much - It is now 2 yrs since you've been gone, and it's still difficult to have you gone. At times in the middle of the night, I hear a faint bark in the distance in the computer room where you never woke up from your nap. I can't wait till the day I feel your warm tongue all over my face. Papa misses you too, Puma & Lily are doing good, you know they are 1/2 sisters but 4 yrs apart. Lily has taken to me that she loves sleeping with me at night. Fito is gone you know, liver disease took him. It will be a year next month, and I will build up my courage to make him a memorial. I know you are with him and Azul. I love you Issy and will always love you.

August 19 2023 Hi Issy, I just want to tell you that we love you and miss you so much. Yesterday, was one yr that Fito had passed, but yesterday I spent the day going through all yours and his and Azul's pictures and videos. Seeing and watching you all brought back beautiful/loving memories that I will always treasure and it brought a smile upon my face. I miss you so much little girl. Puma is doing good, she's now 6 yrs old and she's the same as always she's such a great girl, she misses you too in fact when she heard you bark on the video, she was looking and barking for you. Lily, you never met. She came 4 mos after pass. She's a long hair, same color as Azul, and she was born in Oct 21 2021 and we got her on Dec 19 2021. She's Puma's half sister by her mother. Same personality, but and she loved Fito. Fito and Lily had special bond. As Fito was close to me, Fito passed, Lily became close to me. Maybe Fito told her too. I love you Issy, we all do, esopecially your dad - Steve - he really misses you. xoxoxox

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