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Memories of Isabella
07 FEB 2023:
Isabella has past on to the other sidel, she's on the other side with Oreo, Mommy, Michael, JoAnn, Aunt Kay, Pat, Fran, Jake, Sterling, Alexandra and Samantha, Sherman will love her, but I suppose Oreo won't let anyone else near her.

I'm inconsolable, unconsolable?

She would have been 16 years old on March 3, 2023. So weird to write that year number, how have I lived this long?

Because of my cats, including Isabella - she was a shy cat, but so full of love for Oreo and me.

She was like a dog in many ways. She could fetch, come when I call her, heal, and lay down, unique for a cat!

One in one hundred cats can fetch...I've had several cats who can fetch, most all of my cats could fetch, actually only one or two couuldn't fetch...who will remain nameless.

Dogs are great, they love you obviously unconditionally.

But cats, when they decide to love you, they get under your skin. They will love you unconditionally, but humans have to earn their unconditional love. And so, creates a bond that is unbreakable for all eternity and continuum.

Cats are the souls and the stars of the Universe. The mystery in life, the sage look in their eyes, they get you when no one else in the Universe does....so seductive, such DEEP love, probably because they are selective.

Cats consider who you are as you walk through the door, even if they're friendly and seem to like when you meet them for the first time, but you don't know for sure ever, if they truly love you, until about year 5. They will let you know when they've committed to you.

And so it was with Isabella, she loved Oreo right away, but me, she was a bit reserved. I did fly from Seattle to San Diego to collect her and bring her home. I did feed her, give her a loving home, and Oreo, food, loved her, etc. but it wasn't until she was about 4 years old, that she finally told me she loved me.

We had a Christmas Eve party at my condo and lots of company and she hid upstairs most of the evening, but when almost everyone was gone, except for Trudy, she came downstairs and crawled into Trudy's lap and looked at me with lots of love, and blinked like cats do, blinked at me that she loves me with that subtle blink. My heart grew three times that day - she gave me unconditional love, finally. She really made me work for it.

But it was worth it. She was a beautiful, loving, shy, selective and deep thinking cat. She loved Trudy, Lizzie, Sue Banks, Ken Best, Murtdock even though he doesn't like cats, she still loved him, Randolph Intindola, Jacob my new housemate, out of all the humans she met, that's the list - she was very selective.

So, I gave her the best life I could. I have to email Kristine her breeder in San Diego and let her know that Isabella has crossed over to the other side.

I'm so sad, but I don't feel like I can cry anymore for the evening.

I loved her so much, and she was such a comfort when Oreo died, I am now pet-less....what will I do now with all this time on my hands?

Je t'aime, mon amour, Isabella

20 February 2023:
Well, Isabella, now you are with Oreo. I miss you and it was very hard to let you go, but you were so sick, I couldn't let you suffer anymore. It is hard to know that you trusted me when I took you to the Vets, maybe you thought that he could make you better, and believe I would have done anything I could to help you heal, but you just wore out! I miss you so much and I see you everywhere. I donated all your furniture and toys, but I kept your favorite spot, Granny's porch chairs and your favorite bed. Run and play and let Oreo lick you from head to toe all day and all night now. Say hello to Mommy, Granny, Auntie Ann, JoAnn, my lovely sister and all my great friends and relatives kisses and hugs for me. I miss them, I miss you.

13 February 2024
Hello my little princess, Izzy. February is a challenging month for me -it's hard to believe you've been gone over a year now. Be on the look out for Koda, Phil's eskimo mini doggie, he just passed last week. He's a barker, and howls, so you can't miss him. I'm sure you'll love playing with him, he's about your size. So, I hope you're happy being with Oreo, Jake, Mommy, Aunt Kay, Granny, JoAnn, Joe Mayko Michael Blume, all my friends, aunts and uncles who are there to play with you now. Off you go, my beautiful girl, be happy and play all day long. I miss you very much, Je t'aime mon petit chou.

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