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Memories of Irish
Coming home, so small that it was work to climb the stairs!

Hissing and slapping the vet - and he felt a victory when he could examine you without a fight!

Hiding under the dining room table whenever anyone would come to visit....

"Going for a walk" - that meant I walked and you got carried! The neighbors LOVED seeing that!

Stretching out in the sunlight ... looked like you wanted a tan like me...

Jumping in my lap at the first rumble of thunder

Waiting for me to come down every morning to feed you then stretching up on your back legs and "climbing" up until I could pick you up... and "calling" me when I was running late!

The way you would find "that spot" on my neck where you would nuzzle in - life was good. I will be forever grateful that, even with all the pain you were feeling, you could find that spot again - what a final gift for me, my baby girl!

So hard to believe that a year has already passed, my baby girl - there is not a day that I don't think of you.... but I know you would want me to be happy again, so we have adopted Tiki.. a little orange boy... I know you still feel the love I have for you....

Irish, two years have passed since you left me - I still can feel you against my neck and I know that you still feel all the love I have for you - you will always be "my baby girl". I hope you can see your "brother" Tiki ... it amazes me how much he resembles you - no wonder I was so drawn to him. I will carry you with me always...

My sweet baby Irish, can it be three years since you crawled into my lap and nuzzled my neck? As I read the words I have been writing over the years and they still feel as true now as they were the day I wrote them... your brother Tiki would love playing with you.. he still sniffs your pictures... I love you always!


My sweet girl, I cannot believe it is four years already - I still get the chills thinking about that HOT Saturday and hearing you scream and then the horrible news that we couldn't help you.... please know I carry your spirit with me always...


Can it really, possibly be 5 years since I last saw you, my girl? I can close my eyes and still feel you nuzzle on my neck... and Tiki still loves to sniff your pictures - I think he understands how much you still mean to me... he never nuzzles my neck, prefers to curl into my lap... he knows! I love you, Irish!

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