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Memories of Indy
Not long after Indy found his way into my life in 1998, (he was a stray and I found him under a supermarket trolley bay, he had been coming back there for 2 weeks prior my finding him so the check out chick told me) we went for a walk on a beautiful summer morning. I was 19 and Indy was 2 as well as being quite cheeky! Being a stray for awhile I now realise he wasn't used to being on a lead and collar so to my absolute panic while we were walking he slipped his head out of the collar and ran! I spent 15 minutes calling his name and wandering around hoping my new little boy hadn't gone too far but feeling quite distressed and deflated. Walking through the open gate at home I spotted Indy back at the front door of the house very happy with himself, tail going a mile a minute and such a cheeky glint in his eyes!

In April of 2010 Bella used to love sitting in between the screen and front doors though she would never venture out the front of the house. It was a day of high winds and I had left the front door open as it was a warm morning. Suddenly I hear a loud bang and upon my running in the house Bella's tail was hanging out the door and she was no where to be seen. Turns out she had panicked, ran and ripped half her tail off right to the bone,that part of her tail was amputated. Enter Indy who had not lost his cheeky side in all the years I had him. To my horror he had Bella's tail in his mouth while I ran around the house trying to find her(in the bedroom wardrobe) Indy ducked out the dog door with it and I never saw Bella's tail again. He may have buried it but odds are he ate it. Mmmm..fresh cat meat..yummy! My very cheeky boy....

September 17th 2011
Hiya Pup-pup! I do miss you as does Ruby. I'm sorry you and ruby didn't get to say a proper goodbye as I got you out the door before she could barge through and escape to the car herself on thursday the 15th September. Even though we both love her I think you and I needed some time on our own and I wanted to take you for a walk in the park before you passed. Despite my pain i now realise letting you go was the best thing I could do for you. You couldn't eat that well, drank loads of water and slept all day without getting up to Ruby's playful barks. I think when you didn't get excited over your walks and your slow walks when we did go out this past week was the big sign even though I tried to deny it. The vets are very nice at the animal hospital we go to pup-pup and I know you felt safe there as I am grateful to them for your care and the way they helped you go as I held you in my arms. I hope you are safe and happy pup-pup. I know you are still with me, and hey, you get to come driving with me! I have put your collar and tags around the gear stick of the car! I can still feel your presence there I love you lots and lots Pup-pup stay safe and strong Mum xxo

September 20th 2011
Hiya Puppy, I feel like it's really good for me to write to you right now. One of the lovely vet nurses called today and said that your ashes are ready to be picked up. Wow so fast and I'm slightly overwhelmed. You're suddenly going to be back with me but in a different form. I have my moments where I miss you and cry endlessly but other times I'm ok. I wonder what your ashes will stir in me? Heartbreak I think..you were with me for so many years of your life and I loved you dearly..still do. I made the vet and her nurses a thank-you card (with a few gorgeous photo's of you larger than life on the front - and of your friendship with ruby as they will still care for her) that I am quite proud of, it's nice to let them know that they were greatly appreciated by you and I as you battled the cancer over the last few months. I hope you have enjoyed my chats to you since your passing and I hope you hear me say goodnight and good morning to you every day. I imagine you chasing butterflies and sunshine Indy and you are never far from my thoughts. Mum xxo

September 22nd 2011
Puppy...what can I say? I picked up your ashes from the vet this afternoon after work.
The nurses asked me how I was doing, I can only be ok can't I? I gave them the thank-you card I made them (I do love craft work Indy, making your card was quite relaxing) and the nurse commented what a beautiful photo was on the front (your "young puppy" photo) and in return - they gave me you.
I must admit the box you have come home in is beautifully crafted wood with lovely patterns on it.
I was going to let you soar above the rainbows in 10 years time on the anniversary of your death but I'm not sure now I have the heart to open your lid and scatter you to the wind, the box is too beautiful and there is precious cargo inside! Your ashes coming home has brought me closure somewhat, I don't have to wonder where you are because your remains are back with me. But I still miss you terribly, to the point where I feel like a little piece of me will forever be amiss.
Anyway pup, I wanted to post the photo tribute I set up for you including where you sit..it's your little space in the bedroom at the minute because I know you spent most of your time with me there, but one day soon I want to transfer you to the lounge where it's that little bit brighter and cheerier. On a lighter note I showed Ruby the box where your remains are and in her usual puppy enthusiasm she gave you a few licks and then tried to eat you! She loves you Indy and is just starting to miss you. Ruby and Bella send their love to you and hope you are still chasing those butterflies!! Stay warm and happy and remember that I love you pup pup...Mum xxoo

September 24th 2011
Wow puppy I should check the mail a little more often.. snails had started to chew the sympathy card the hospital had sent out to me, our vet hand wrote the card herself, and that means a lot to you and I don't you think? She also included the poem "If it should be" which made me cry for you.
I have placed them in your corner, they make your little resting place look very full now, though how very well loved were you from all corners! I have also placed a photo of you sleeping on the giant couch cushion in our old unit atop the T.V unit here..it brings me some comfort to look at your beautiful sleeping face..i love you lots Indy.. Mum xxoo

September 26th 2011
Ruby had such a lovely time playing with Sam and Jade today pup-pup, first time I let her off the lead on our walks in all her nine months. She swam in the pond and played with the other dogs so well but do you know what puppy? On the drive home she climbed into the front passenger seat where you normally sat and curled up placing her head next to your collar and tags on the gear-stick, she licked them a few times and then went to sleep. Your scent must still be strong to her puppy. We miss you so....Love Mum xxo

September 30th 2011
15 days since you flew on angel's wings to the foot of rainbow bridge puppy...every time Ruby enjoys a car ride with me Indy, she jumps in your seat and sprinkles her love and kisses all over your collar..so sweet to watch and it shows you will never leave her heart as you will never leave mine. Love and miss you puppy..Mum xxo

October 2nd 2011
Ruby has spied your little memorial in the bedroom Indy she recognises that the tribute is all about you I think as she literally tries to jump across the room to be with you in photo form. I guess she also knows on some level that you're not there in the "Lets annoy Indy and jump all over him" physical way. There's still much sadness in all of us puppy, one day I hope it might get that little bit easier. I love you...Mum xxo

November 6th 2011

It's been 3 days since Bella came to join in at the foot of the bridge Indy...quite unexpectedly she was put to sleep and I miss her in the same way I do you! I'm sure you bounded up to her showered her with kisses and gave her her tail back!! Please look after her and yourself as it's hard losing two pets in under 2 months! I love and miss you both so much and ruby has to learn to slowly adjust to life as a solo pup...I hope you and bell will still watch over her as I do. I will create Bella's rainbow residency when I have her ashes back and I've left the hibernation feelings back at the foot of my cave! I love you indy..pass on my love to Bella as well ..Mum xxxoo

January 1st 2012...
Happy New Year pup pup, I hope you know I always blow kisses your way every morning as I pass your tribute corner...I miss you everyday. Chase lots of butterflies in those paddocks Indy as Ruby does here for you and enjoy the beautiful sunshine and rainbows overhead. Look after yourself and Bella and know that you and Bell are always in my thoughts and never too far away xx Lots and lots of love and rainbow kisses Mum and Ruby xxoo

March 4th 2012
Mouse in the house Indy! This is where Ruby and I really need another cat around the house..for her company and for my sanity as we try and flush out this poor field mouse. I miss you pup pup..Rubes and I both do. Take care of yourself and Bella and enjoy the rainbow sunshine. Many rainbow hugs and kisses...Mum and Ruby xxoo

April 2nd 2012
Still missing you every day puppy - we love you. Happy Easter...rainbow love and kisses
Mum and Ruby xxoo

June 2nd 2012
I miss you pup pup... rainbow kisses mum and ruby xxooo

September 1st 2012

It's the first day of spring Pup pup and almost a year since your passing..Wow that has gone so quick puppy! I still miss you everyday. We love you Indy xx
Mum and Ruby xx

September 14th 2012

On the eve of your passing Indy..i love you xxoo

December 1st 2012
Enjoy the summer rainbows and the balmy nights pup pup you know I would be walking with you and ruby on these lovely nights you would both have loved it!
Miss you and sending you many hugs and kisses xxxxx

January 8th 2013

A new year new beginnings new opportunities i wish you and Bella were still around pup pup. Ruby and I send lots of love and kisses to you both xxxx

March 9th 2013
Enjoy the lazy end of summer pup pup..enjoy the changing colours of each rainbow you see...enjoy the peace and lovely kisses from the many friends you have made..and don't forget that ruby and I shower you and Bella with kisses from afar every day...we miss you lots xxxx

September 8th 2013

Almost time Indy 2 years to the day..I love and miss you lots, enjoy the newborn rainbows you and bella come across. Sending you lots of rainbow love and kisses your way.. enjoy the mild weather pup pup. i love you xxx

September 15 2013

2 years have passed Indy how time flies! This time has not diminished how much i miss you and I know Ruby has missed you. Within those 2 years she has become such a nervous dog pup pup, you and Bella were her security blankets and her genetic disposition to nervousness were bound to come out in time. Unfortunately it has flourished since your passing but I still adore her and am managing her special needs as each day goes by. We miss you every day but on this day in particular Roobaloo and I miss you even more. We love you pup pup, sending lots of cuddles and rainbow kisses your way xxx

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