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Memories of Image
Image Young-Petersen, is the most beautiful long hair black and white cat I have even known or seen. Her heart was pure love. She was extraordinary in every way I can imagine for her.

Image was born in Tucson, AZ. Was she born to a house domestic cat or to an unfortunate cat who had no home. We do not know. She ultimately ended up in a cruel place with mean humans. They were behind in their rent and decided to leave the property, an aging mobile home (trailer) with Image locked inside with no food, water or air conditioner. This was in the summertime. A trailer w/o air in AZ in the summertime is unthinkable. The landlady after three days warning went to the trailer and found Image, deserted. This lady knew, Belinda, our younger daughter who lived alone. Belinda was a caretaker of two folks along with this lady. Belinda was given the cat who was immediately loved and named "Image." Belinda is a photographer, as well, and this name was a fit.

Image was pregnant. Soon there would be little ones who were adopted, her last litter. The vet believed Image to be a "teenager" or "young woman." Since we do not know Image true birthday, we gave her my Mom's birthday, July 16 and the year of 1992 as that is when she came to our family. Hence her birthday with her new and forever family and friends is 7/16/92.
Eventually Belinda would find herself in a new caretaker position, but sadly, where she could not have a pet. She telephoned us in MD and pleaded for us to let Image move in with us, the grandparents and her Aunt: Grandma Lou, Daddy Pete, and Aunt Deana. She boarded AA and flew into Dulles Airport . In 1993 Daddy Pete and I picked her up and in no time she sized us up and knew she would be the CEO of this household.

Now, is a hard time to weave her story and this is the first draft. So, it will be edited and updated by each family member.

She being an AZ cat apparently never learned to climb a tree. In MD she had trees, but after one climbing decided it was not worth her time. So she would chase squirrels up the trees, but never climb after one. (This annoyed our neighbor down the street, he wanted her to climb.) The squirrels and birds coexisted with Image nicely. They had their feeders and she had her feeding stations. She learned in less than an hour not to go after birds. Yep. I trained her -- well I explained to her the birds should be left alone and she honored my wishes.

This house is three levels. The kitchen became her office as she would entice anyone who entered to feed her. She got heavy, but we caught on. She still got fed, but less each time.

She fancied herself as a guard cat. She even stood in front of Aunt Deana when an intruder was nearing. No one would touch her Aunt Deana. Deana worked at the time in retail. Image would position herself in the upstairs' front windows and wait for her aunt to come home from work at night. Then Image turned into a black and white streak or bolt of lightning to run to the door to greet her aunt and chat about their day. This was followed by a bit of food and long massages.

She did not like for her humans to be gone overnight. As Daddy Pete sometimes had to go on trips, she would shun him upon his return. After a day or two she would forgive him and allow him to touch her. She also let her Mom know how she felt on the holidays and vacation time here. But always, she forgave her selfish humans.

She was her Grandma Lou morning buddy. We had breakfast with each other each morning whenever possible and in the good weather days this would be outside on the patio. She would play in the younger days and later, nap. I did my journal, devotion and other paper work. She was an incredible companion.

Image was also a nurse. Each time a member became ill, Image would stay with that person. She nursed me through breast cancer and most recently open-heart surgery. She could convince me to do steps others could not. She was an amazing friend.

Her health began to fail her about the same time my physical heart began to be problematic. Her kidneys were going. I am convinced she stayed alive to help me. See why it is hard for me to weave this story. It has been less than six months now. I can look in my prayer journal and note her ups and downs. The thought of losing her to the other side was unacceptable to me.

I listened to the vet, my daughters, my own physician and a young vet who had attended high school with Deana. I tried hard to know what to do for Image. I prayed for guidance. I so very much wanted her passing to take place naturally in her back yard among her beloved napping places. But her body could not bear her weight even though her pure love heart wanted to stay here. The young vet told me to not wait too long as life could become terrible, but at the same time to be certain it was right.

My daughters were beginning to be alarmed and so did I when I saw swallowing was not working as well. She lost half her body weight very quickly. I knew I had no choice but to be yet another human who would make that trip to the vet's office.

On the day of Image's ascension I was checking emails and in the "event row" at the bottom of Yahoo I saw the words "May 13, 2010, Ascension Day." Could this be my message? I looked up Ascension Day and learned it was the day honored by some Christians for Christ's ascension which occurred 40 days after He arose. Now it is always 40 days following Easter.

I knew that this was her day. And so with a rose we took her in. Peacefully she passed there, not here. That evening she did visit me as I felt her brush against my left leg and she visited her aunt. And now her physical body cremated rests in a beautiful cherry box in our main room while her spirit and soul awaits her humans over the Rainbow in Heaven.

May 13, 2012 -- Blessed Angel, we still miss you so very much. Grandma Lou looks at your picture every day and she still cries. We love you so much.

2/19/15 Hello my precious granddaughter, friend, nurse. I look at your photo each mng. In the spring I look at your flowers. At night your solar cross glows. My special one I will never forget you.

You have two new relatives in Rainbow. Look for them. Charlie is a long hair Black cat. Mommy only had him for five days. He was very sick when she adopted him. He found her too late. He ascended 1/15/15.

Then this week your cousin, Mitch, had to ascend. He lived on earth 14 years. He had cancer and we did what we could but it was clear it was time for him to join Abba, the rest of the critters and angels and you.

God the Father has given us humans much in letting you live with us. Thank you. I love you sweetness of my life.

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