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Memories of Homer
Ode to the "buddies": I remember when I got you as a baby, you fit in the palm of my hand. We had so much fun as you grew older and I spoiled you rotten as if you were human. You were such a special little guy who needed extra care and attention. Mommy and daddy always put your needs and interests first. You were more than a pet...you were our child, our best friend, and our inhouse comedian. Even though you were a petite guy, you were my guardian and protector. Noone could come near me without getting through you first. Remember when mommy was sad and you would let me cry on you. When we were happy, we would dance and sing together. I loved holding you and patting you and having you sit on my lap and fall peacefully asleep as I watch tv. You loved my blanket and would do "doughnuts" and wrap yourself up at my feet. You loved sleeping in the big bed, and we loved having you there. I loved your way of giving loves...stinky kisses, little oink sounds and hugs with your head. You were so cute when you would eat and have food stuck in your cheeks and looked at us helplessly until we would rub your jaw. This past week has been tough...you are no longer with us. You were such a brave little guy. You were so strong during your surgeries and were so brave as you tried to fight off a massive e coli infection. We're still fighting for you...trying to see why and how this all happened. Despite all of your pain and fear, you always looked so happy when we came to visit you at the hospital. Looking into your eyes made me so happy. We were so excited that you were cancer free and hoped you'd be back home soon. Unfortunately, you weren't strong enough to fight off the bad post-op infection. You were too young to go. Now, the house is empty and so are our hearts. We cry often and wonder where you are, what you're doing and who you're with. I hope you can see us down here and that you are not scared and alone. I hope you don't find replacement parents...we will always be your mommy and daddy. I would do anything to be able to snuggle with you just one more time. Please wait for us...we will be a family again someday in the future. Until then, try to find nana, poppi, dottie and tisha..they will look after you until I can be there. I cry for you everyday. We mish you so much. I will always love you my baby boy. RIP pumpkin bum.

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