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Memories of Homer
Homer, my precious one, you have been gone just a little over a month, and we miss you so much. You were a very important member of our family of 15 little dogs. Now there are 14 left, plus such an empty spot that only you could fill with your unique, cute little ways.......the way you would come and sit in front of your "Dad" or me and get our attention by rubbing our legs with your paw. All you ever asked for was to have your back scratched. We think of you every time we pass the corner on the busy highway where you came into our lives that Saturday morning in February six years ago. You were just walking along with your friend, Dusty. We stopped the car to try and get the two of you off the road. We were afraid you might be frightened and run into the street, but when we opened the car door, you jumped right in as if you were just waiting for us. Dusty, of course, wouldn't let you go without her, so she came too. Dusty misses you also. She lays on the top step of the family room where you used to lay as if she is waiting for you to come home. You left us the same way you came to us-----very suddenly and without any warning at all. That night, one week before Christmas, you ate your dinner and went out to play for a few minutes with the others--except you didn't come back in when they did. "Dad" went out to the yard and found you, but it was too late. The vet said a sudden heart attack took you from us. We tried to revive you with CPR, but it just didn't work. Someone said to me afterward that since we didn't raise you from puppyhood like all the others (except your buddy, Dusty), it shouldn't hurt as much because you were just a visiting "resident." How wrong they were. Unlike all the others who we picked out, you chose us...and your loyalty and devotion was just as deep. I still wake up in the middle of the night and see your little face looking back at me asking for that back rub you liked so much. In the six years you lived with us, you never once got into any trouble. You were truly the PERFECT PET, and your memory will live forever in our hearts. "Dad" and I love you, "Homie". DECEMBER 30, 2002--It has been just a little over a year that we lost you. The pain is still so strong and we miss you so much, my little one. We have added a granite marker to your gravesite in the yard. I sit out there many times and think about you. Your little friends, Tiffany and Sandy, need you to watch over them. Tiffany has cancer. We will find out tomorrow if the radiation treatments have gotten it small enough to operate. Sandy is suffering from old age ailments. She is a little better than she was a month ago, so please ask up there if we can keep her a while longer. Also, please ask that Tiffany not be taken from us. If this is not possible, then please be at the entrance to the bridge to greet them both and help them make a smooth transition. I love you, Homie. AUGUST 2, 2003 -- Hello again, my sweet boy. I still visit your grave every day. Just a few weeks ago we added some beautiful flowers. I'm sure by now you have been reunited with Sandy, Gypsy, and Tiffany. Sandy and Gypsy went to the bridge in April 2003. Tiffany just lost her 9-month battle with cancer on July 7. She was such a fighter - just like you. She hung on and became known as the "little trooper" at the Cancer Center. Take good care of her and help her make a lot of good friends. Tell Sandy and Gypsy we love them. And we love you, Homie. DECEMBER 18, 2009 ---- My dear, sweet Homie...You left us so suddenly 8 years ago today. Thoughts of you still bring tears but also, so much love. We still miss you so much and think of you often. DeeDee and Tara went to join you at the Bridge earlier this year. I know you were right there with all the rest of our babies to greet them when they arrived. Serena and Angel may possibly be joining you also in the near future, but please ask the Lord and St. Francis to let them stay with me a while longer. Your best friend, Dusty, is still here with us and going on 17 years old. I know you miss her, but she isn't quite ready to leave us yet. If I listen really good, I can still hear the pitter-patter of your toenails scratching the pool deck as you walked along. Only you could make that sound--the sound that has become so precious to me. Keep up all the good work at the Bridge. We will all be together again one day. Daddy and I love you, Homie. DECEMBER 18, 2012 ---- Sweet Homer, today is the 11th anniversary of your leaving us and crossing the Bridge. We still miss you so much. I hope you were there to greet Serena, Angel, Tucker, Reno, Benji, April, and of course, your best friend, Dusty. All have left me since I last wrote to you. We have two new girls now named Autumn and Shelby. And another new girl named Patty will be joining us soon. Please watch over all of them and let them stay with us for a very long time. Even though we have new babies in our lives, the spot you left in our hearts is still empty. We will always love you and never forget you. DECEMBER 18, 2013 ---- Hi Sweetie. Another year has passed and now you've been gone for 12 years. Such a long time, but it still feels like just yesterday you were cuddled up in my lap for your evening nap while we watched television. I can still feel your soft fur and hear the way you always dragged your toenails along the concrete on the pool deck. Sometimes I think I hear you in the middle of the night which tells me you never really left us completely. Earlier this year our Rusty crossed the Bridge and I know you would have loved him. I hope the two of you have met in Heaven and that he has taught you how to swim. Sarah and Holly were just puppies when you left. They're 13 years old now. Please keep watching over us and our pack of 10. Our newest girl, Peppermint Patty, and you would have really enjoyed playing together. She's a bundle of energy, just like you were. We love you, Buddy. And we'll never forget you. DECEMBER 18, 2014 ---- Thirteen years have now passed since you left us that awful night. I still think of you so often and wonder how you're doing. Thank you for watching over our "10-pack". I know you're keeping Bailey, Holly, and Sarah safe and healthy. Bailey is over 16 years old now and Sarah and Holly are 14. They are all still in good health. You never had a chance to meet the rest of our pack but I know you would have loved them all. Please continue to watch over them for another year. We miss you so much, buddy, and will always keep you safe in our hearts. DECEMBER 18, 2015 -- Fourteen years now since you left on your journey to the Bridge. This year two of your pack sisters joined you. I know you were there to greet Bailey and Sarah. Sarah was only a year old when you left. She joined you just before her 15th birthday. It must have been a very happy reunion. Now Holly is the only one left here that was here with you. Please watch over her in her old age. We miss you, Homer. With Love....DECEMBER 18, 2016 -- Another year has gone by. You left us 15 years ago tonight. We live in a new house now. I know you would love it. I still know you're here with us in spirit and I can still hear you dragging your toenails across the concrete. We really miss you, Buddy. Holly is still here with us and just had her 16th birthday. She was just a puppy when you left us. She is beginning to suffer a lot of old-age symptoms. We're keeping her as comfortable as possible but we know in our hearts her days/months are numbered now. When she's ready, please be there to greet her and show her around. She'll remember you. She always pulled on your ears during the year you were here together. Just remember, we'll always love you, sweet boy. DECEMBER 23, 2017--Homer, my sweet boy. I just can't believe you've been gone for 16 years. I still remember you so well and your Dad and I talk about you so often and remember all the silly things you used to do. We miss you. Holly is still here and just celebrated her 17th birthday last month. She is going downhill again and may not be with us much longer. Please watch over her and give her a little bit more time. You are always in our thoughts and in our hearts. DECEMBER 18, 2021 -- Oh Homer, Dad and I were just talking about you this morning. It's just so hard to believe that you left us for Rainbow Bridge 20 years ago tonight. We still remember you so well. Of course, how could we ever forget you. You were so special to us because YOU picked us to be your family that day you came running and jumped into our car. You were always such a happy little guy and we loved you so much and always will. Our pup population has dwindled down to five now. Our little weenie dog, Max, will turn 18 years old next month. He's starting to struggle a little bit now as old age creeps in. Please kind of watch out for him. He's not ready to meet you at the Bridge just yet but he still needs looking after. Well, little buddy, we'll "talk" again soon. We love you. DECEMBER 18, 2023 -- Hi my sweet boy. You've been away from us 22 years ago tonight. I still remember that horrible night so plainly. Dad and I still talk about you so often. Max joined you at the Bridge nearly 2 years ago, in January of 2022. I know the two of you have become great friends. We only have four furbabies with us now. That's quite a change from the 18 that we had when you were here. Please take care of everyone who is up there with you now. Your Daddy and I still miss you so very much and will never forget your sweet smile.

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