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Memories of Heidi
10-06-04 The sweetest little girl around. Always there with a wagging tail. Always there with a bark. Always there waiting on her fries and apples. Always there when we were sick. 10-10-04 Heider, I remember last Sunday when you were still OK and had a few fries. I think about you everyday and night. I miss you sitting under the table waiting for some scraps of food. I miss you standing on the dishwasher door and cleaning the plates. There have been so many nice people that have emailed us about you. They understand the hurt we feel. Please wait for us at the bridge. We can hardly wait to see you again. We love you. Your little buddy Jack was here today and didn't understand why you weren't here. Mom & Dad 10-14-04: Heidi it has now been a week since you left us. I still miss you and wish you were still around, especially now, to curl up in bed with me. I sure do miss feeding you apples in the morning. Breakfast isn't the same. Please take care and watch over me.Dad 10-24-04, Heidi there is not a day goes buy were I don't tink about you, especially now in my time of need. I miss you very much. There is nobody to clean up the kitchen floor. We went and got another little dachs yesterday. She is so adorable. Molly is her name. Just a little bitty thing. She reminds me so much of you. I wish you could have been here to greet her. Annie and Maggie are tolerating her. I think they will begin to like her. Take care of yourself at the Bridge. I want to see you again. Dad. 11-12-04. Heidi how are you today? I still think about you all the time. When I come home for lunch, there are times when I think I hear your bark, and I almost expect to see you as I open the door. I got a long week coming ahead of me. Think about me, and keep having fun. Love Dad. 11-26-04. This has been a pretty long couple of weeks Heidi. But you know what, I think you have been watching over me. I am recovering and feeling much better. Little Molly sure reminds me a lot of you. She scours the floor for crumbs, and wants to grub ole Maggies food. Got to give her a few bites as we did you. Thanksgiving came and went and we sure did miss you taking care of all the floor leftovers. You know there are not many, if any days that I still don't think about you. Wish you were still in bed at my side. Molly is there, and Annie gets on the bed to, but not the same as you. I wish you a very good night. Take care. DAD 12-25-04. Merry Christmas Heidi. I sure do miss you still. We had the usual bunch of relatives over yesterday, and it sure wasn't the same with you not there. Jennifer showed us some old video of Jack, and you were certainly in a lot of those. I miss you. Molly is doing really good. She is a very sweet dog, and I see a little bit of you in her everyday. Take care of yourself. DAD. 2-20-05. Heid', I still am thinking about you often. I have been through a lot of illness since I last wrote, but I am surviving. I sure could have used you to cuddle up to me, while I was laid up. Our Molly is really growing up. She sure is a dachshund. I see you in her every day. Ole Maggie took a bite outta her nose here about a month ago, Molly was bein' a puppy, kinda pesty, and Mags took afront to that, but everybody survived. Annie does a great job of tolerating her. Mol' has been a very good doggie. I sure hope you are having fun at the bridge. I know it must be bright and sunny. We sure have not seen much sun around here this winter. Maybe you can send us some soon. As always I love you and miss you. DAD.8/05/2005 Heidi, I am sorry I have not written since February, but you must know that I have been thinking about you all the same. I am still thinking about you and I am sure you know all that has been going on. Little ole Molly is sure trying to grow up and is really a little lover. We have certainly enjoyed her. Mags and Annie are still kickin' and sweethearts too. Maggie just seems to have a hard time getting around anymore, but still does her barkin' deal. I hope she hangs in there for a while longer. I am pretty heathly now after all the surgeries. Riding the bike everday and enjoying the heck out of that. Wish you were here to see me. The locusts you liked to eat are out but not in full force this year so far. Molly has found them quite interesting, but not as tasty as you did. Jenny's Miller and Bax are still around too. I still love you and remember you, will see you with all the girls someday. In the meantime have fun and keep watching over me and mom. I KNOW YOU ARE.LOVE YOU.DAD 10.6.05 Heidi it has been 1 year ago today. Boy has a lot gone on since then. But I know you are looking down and know what has happened. I still think an awful lot about you. Little Molly is still pretty tiny, but full of energy, and reminds me of you. Maggie is getting very old and can't move too well, and Annie is well Annie. Miss you on this your aniversary. Love DAD. 8.9.2006. Heidi I just had to talk to you today. Maggie is not doing too well. She can barely get around and seems to be failing very quickly. I keep thinking she will make a turn around but I am not too optomistic. She keeps looking at me with her big brown eyes, and wants to tell me something, but I don't know what. I pray that I will soon know. We don't think she is in pain, but not very comfortable. You take care at the bridge and help us through this. Love Dad. 8.10.06 Good morning Heidi, I know you and Maggie are now together again at the Bridge. Please look after her and show her around. She can walk again and run in circles full tilt like all greyhounds should. Her earth buddies, Molly and Annie sure did miss her last night and this morning. That was a very painful experience to go and have her put to sleep, but I knew you were there to take care of her last night when she arrived. It helps. You kids hang in there and have a great time until I get there with you. Love DAD.10.30.06 Good morning Heidi. Just a quick note to let you know that your buddy Baxter should have met up with you Friday 10-27. He was not doing very well and is better off now. Say hello to him and run and play together. See ya. DAD 8.09.08 My goodness Heid, it has been 4 years since you left us, I sure hope all is well with you. It is amazing how many times I think of you. Ole Molly is sitting here in my lap as I write. She is a sweetheart. I think you must have helped pick her out. A lot has gone on since the last time I wrote. We adopted a CAT, "Mookie" that showed up at the door last Fall. He is a pretty special guy. Has definitely worked his way in to our hearts. Every one's health is OK right now, and hopefully we all see another year together. Please look after us from the Bridge. Say hello to Maggie for me. See you in the future. Miss You. DAD.

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