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Memories of Happy Boy
From his tenuous beginning to his end on August 4, 2004, he filled my life with joy, love, and trust. Happy Boy was a rescue, a Good Samaritan scraped him off frozen asphalt, he had been hit by a car and was starved and near death. Laura at Pet emergency sensed his ethereal spirit: dying, in pain, and yet purring and making 'happy paws', happy just to be warm and gently touched. Greg and Jenine, my vet and his wife took him in and they worked on him for weeks. I was the privileged one to adopt him. Happy Boy was the perfect cat, accepting, brave, loving and trusting and he was always his mama's boy. He would wake up to meet me when I came home from work, waiting for me with sleepy eyes to have his belly rubbed. He would come to me when I called him, even if he was sleeping. Happy converted many non-cat people into cat lovers. He touched the lives of many because he was so outgoing, so funny and such a people-cat. His tail had been amputated from the car accident and his ears had been frostbitten so they had to be cut short. His little tail stub was a busy little joystick all his life and he loved me to grab hold of it. He had a little perversion, in that he was obsessed with my fleecy clothes. He would drag them around the house, yowling, making love to them, then, spent; he would lay down and snooze with my clothes. I always had clothes strung all over the house when I came home. He was a very busy cat, always amusing himself with something, He was an indoor cat but would never run away even if given the chance. We would spend time on the deck and he loved to lay down and watch the world below him but would never try to escape. He lived with other pets, all rescues and was accepting of all. I have birds and he would never bother them, but only to tease them a little. He would lay on his back in the hall while all the dogs (his best buddies) pranced around him. He would beg for food, sitting in line with the dogs and would even try to catch the food but it would usually bounce off his forehead. Happy Boy was the best-natured of any living being that I have ever known. He was the best boy in the world and I love him and miss him so much the pain is palpable, like a living thing in me. I miss that big pink nose to kiss, those precious little short ears to nibble and that funny little joy-stick tail to grab. I have an African gray parrot named Joos. (originally named Zeus, he says his name as Joos), who walks around the house now, looking for Happy Boy, saying "HAPPY BOY.....MEOW) The loss of Happy Boy leaves a void in my life that can never be made quite whole again. August 8, 2004. I remember once when a very nasty person with a pregnant female labrador just left the puppies in the snow after she had them. The puppies were brought, hours old, to my friend, Jenine. My daughter, Rachel and I took two of the babies, Eddy and Patsy (from the British sitcom Ab-Fab) and nursed them night and day. Happy Boy loved those puppies like they were his babies and before their little eyes were even open when feeding time (hourly) came 'round they would rush the grate door of the kennel and tumble out. Happy would perch on top of the kennel and paw them as they tumbled out of the kennel(he would never use his claws, he was very gentle with them). I have many photos of this ritual and we called it "HAPPY BOY TROLLING FOR PUPPIES".
AUGUST 4, 2005: It has been one year since my boy left me. The tears still flow. I had a big portrait of him done and it sits atop the fireplace mantle where I can treasure his lifesize face daily. 45 minutes after his passing (at Pet Emergency) a little tiny boy kitty was admitted to Pet Emergency, the little guy had been brutalized by a young boy with a golf club and the police were called by a concerned neighbor. After two weeks of medical attention, it looked as though the young male would pull through. Laura from Pet emergency (the very same who saved Happy 10 years ago) called me to see how I was doing after losing Happy. Not so good. She told me about this little fellow. I went to meet him. He was odd-looking, the pummeling he had taken had affected his inner eyelids. I adopted him, named him Lucky Boy and he helped to fill the hole left in my heart. I still miss my Happy Boy so much. Lucky Boy is working hard to ease my pain.
August 3, 2006.
Has it been 2 years? His memory is still so fresh, how can that amount of time have passed? Yet, it seems like days ago I could see his big bright Happy face, bury my face in his big buddha belly, kiss his pink paw-pads and tickle his feet. Oh Dear God, how can I still miss one cat so much? There are whole nations I would trade for more time with him. .
We all miss you. Please, God, be good to our Babies, and let us be with them again Aug 4, 2008. My buddy Happy Boy, it's 4 years today since you left. I have 7 right now and sweetheart you could teach them a thing or two. Hap, we have a squirrel now too, she lives in a tree in the yard but I built her a little condo on the side of the house under the eaves and she runs back and forth carrying peanuts and her other treasures with her. You'd love her Hap, I don't know that she'd be so crazy about you, but you're the only cat I know who wouldn't go after her. Hap, the bird Joos still says your name. Happy Boy - Meooooowww, then he says HAP!! HAP HAP HAPPY BOY. I call your name. I call it loud. Joos repeats it and Tedi Behr looks up like she expects you. I love you my baby boy, the little man of my dreams. 2010: oh Hap. How's it possible that you still claim so much of me? There is a new little grey n white man in my life. I think you would find him annoying. He's a character. I call him Little Herc. His colors are so similar to your Hap.. but make no mistake... no two cats could be more different. Jeezes I miss you boy. Another anniversary my Boy. My HAPPY BOY. 2015 oh Hap why the hell do I miss you more today than ever? Lucky passed away in an untimely way... that frigging clumping clay litter killed him. I hate that stuff...It nearly did you in too. now we only use the Pine Pellets.. not the pine dust .. the PELLETS. Hap, I have this crazy cat named Hercule. he is gray and white like you were, but that's where any similarity stops. he is a punk, a bully, a brat, a sneak. If he were in prison, he would be the one that supplied the cigarettes and drugs. He is a total punk. I love him so much Hap. He opens DOORS!!.. I kid you not, he will beat that doorknob until it twists and in he comes. such a punk. and he pees in my sink...then covers it with all my hairbrushes, skincare products, washcloths. oh, he is awful. You would find him SO unrefined! We have moved from AK to CA to tend to Mom and Dad. They are so old... OMG, this has not been easy. ha. she (mom) still remembers you.. when you would grab her cereal bowl from her hands. haha. and how you loved corn on the cob and cantaloupe. you nut. We flew from AK to CA with 11 crates of pets!! Oh, how I wish you were one of them. Your portrait hangs proudly in the front room. Tedi is gone, Kismet is gone, I don't think you even knew anyone who is with me now. Its been that long. and yet you remain attached so firmly to my heart. Daughter Rachel who you DO remember is coming to visit in July. We will toast you Hap. We love you, my dear dear boy. 2018. So much has happened Happy. Mama got sober. Sober life is very freeing, but it doesn't take away the pain of losing you, buddy. 14 years later and I'm still crying, I miss you so much. Hercule is still with me, still punk but he is a funny guy and he loves me Hap. Maybe not as much as you did, but he loves me. Our relationship is more like I'm his bitch, ha. I remember the day I called to you with your special Happy song and you ran to me SO FASt and crashed into the bottom stair between the decks nearly knocking yourself out. I don't think I've ever been loved as much as YOU loved me Happy. Happy, I made a friend here in Paradise CA in sobriety. His name is Forest, and I called him my "Wise old man". We lost him very suddenly this last week and that coupled with the anniversary of losing you is breaking my heart. Sober pain might even be more painful than drunk pain I think. until next time my LOVE.
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