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Memories of HUNTER
I found you in April of 2001 wondering in biscayne bay all alone in the park! I took you home and loved and cared for you for 13 years almost to the day! It was time to let you go to a better place! A place that cancer didn't ravage your body! Where pain DOES NOT exist and where you will be FREE to go outside and breathe fresh air forever!!!

I MISS YOU SO MUCH!!! My heart aches but I know how lucky you are to leave this life where you had dignity and could still stand on all four paws! I wouldn't have it any other way.

With you gone, an entire part of my life went with you! You traveled with me, kept me safe and never left me, even when I had to leave you! You never worried. You knew I'd be back to take care of you. I always have and I always will! Now I have to take care of your memory. You know I will!



I ache in my heart that you are not here with me. I can't squeeze your face or rub your head. I didn't know you were going to get so sick so fast. I would never let you go unless it was in your best interest. I didn't want you to suffer as I wanted you to be free from all your pain. I hope you are happy now! I hope that there is tall grass and lots of puppies to play with. I hope this place only gives you happiness and as much love as I felt for you. I saved you and you saved me! Goodbye my baby! I miss you so much! If you can hear me! Be free! Run

Today my guilt set in. What could i have or should i have done differently? Should i have taken you home for a couple of more days? The questions i keep asking! I talk about you to everyone and anyone that will listen because I LOVE YOU! I know i have to go on for the sake of your brothers but i want you to know you were my first born, my eldest child. Things are not the same since you went to rainbow bridge. I know it has to be better there. Im not there but im in your heart as you are in mine. I know i couldn't fix you this time. I would of if i could of. I MISS YOU SO MUCH! Without you, I'm without a big part of me. . THERE WILL NEVER BE ANOTHER LIKE YOU!!!!! I LOVE YOU! MOMMY

I awoke so early this morning with you on my mind. I wanted to know if you were ok? I remember waking with you on my pillow, just staring at me. Wondering when it was we were going out or to the park, or puppy care. You should now be in puppycare everyday! Hopefully you feel 2 years old everyday! The world has changed, i have changed since your departure. I feel sad and i wish you could let me know you are happy so i could maybe find happiness. Losing you is harder than i imagined and there is an empty space in me right now! When i look up at the stars i hope you are there looking down on me knowing i will see you again someday! I LOVE YOU! MOMMY

hi! I miss you very much! I do hope you are settling in well at the bridge. I bet all the girls love you! They always have. That beautiful face of yours and those sparkling brown eyes. I know them well. I looked well into them before you so abruptly left this world. I just wanted you to know that I still think of you all the time. My heart aches that I know you are not here. Again, I know you are in a better place and have been learning to accept that. It's not easy losing you! I'm sure you miss me too! I LOVE YOU! MOMMY

Hi! Today ROOKIE, joined you at the rainbow bridge! He was very sick and was rushed to the hospital, but he was too sick to make it! Can you go look for Rookie and let him know he will be okay! Im sure CLEO already found you. What about NIBBLES! Have you seen her? I bet she was so happy to see you! I know you loved her. We lost two of our favorite family members this week! I miss you sooo much. I LOVE YOU. MOMMY!

It's been 2 weeks since we said goodbye! How time flies. As fast as the 13 years we spent together. I hope you are well. I still miss your brown eyes and black cold nose! You were never one for kisses but I know if you were, I'd be getting one. I hope you are happy! One day we will be back together. I think about you and Rookie everyday! Ou are in my thoughts and in my heart. I MISS YOU AND LOVE YOU!!! MOMMY

I do hope you know I am still thinking about you! I carry your paw print with me that that dr who helped us that night, kindly sent to me. It's all I have left of you now. Other than a lot of great memories. Did Rookie find you? I have to get him a memorial since his mommy didn't get him or Cleo one. I may just buy them a brick at the humane society. They deserve one too!!! I miss you! I can't believe it's been 3 weeks. I LOVE YOU!!!! MOMMY

it's been a month since you left this world and it's not the same knowing you are not here with us. I hope you found your cousins at the bridge. I know in my heart that you are in a better place. This world was too hard on your body and I'm hoping wherever you are, that your body doesn't hurt the way it did here! I MISS YOU SO MUCH! I just found a picture of you when I found you as a puppy! You were sooo pretty! You were mine. You still are mine! Just in my heart and mind. I LOVE YOU! MOMMY

Hi my sweet boy! Your are still on my mind everyday! Your memorial at the humane society are placed and when I go thee, there will be a part of the building that has you in it. It allows me to tell everyone that you were here and how much I loved that. I MISS YOU AND LOVE YOU! MOMMY!

it's been 10 weeks and I still think about you everyday!!! I look at your face on the for,not of my ipad. It just bothers me that I can't pet you or rub noses with you! You won't grow up with your baby brother. You will not grow old with me! I knew when I found you it's not forever! At the time forever looked so far away! I MISS YOU! I LOVE YOU!!! MOMMY!!!

It has been a while. 8 months to be exact!!! It's hard raising a 2 year old and I just found out I'm 3 months pregnant. I believe you had something to do with that. IT would of been great to have you here. At least you met your brother before you passed. He will not remember you but I have pictures so he will see. I still think of you all the time. You will always be my baby! I miss you sooo much!!! The world is not the same without you in it!!! I LOVE YOU!!!

I can't believe it has been 4 years!!! Did you find rookie? What about pop pop? He left us 7/2015 amd Asher says he is with you. You missed Zane. You would love him. He loves animals and especially big ones like you! My heartaches a little less everyday but I still think of you and look at you on my phone (technology allows us to do that!). You are always with me. Today I will put you on the lock screen of my phone. It's that easy. You, asher and MATTHEW. Things aren't the same and I never see MATTHEW anymore. It's like I don't exist but that's how their family runs. Let rookie know that I think of him for everyone. He was as sweet as they come and was just given the wrong situation but I bet he'll get it right in his next trip back through. You had it made but hopefully you will find me again and show up at my door so I have to take you in again! I would t mind at all. We lost buddy too! Did you find him? He too will come back through very licky. You guys should team up and come back to us. We miss you both so much! Now it's just moomoo and he is still not over the loss of either one of you so I chose to leave him alone with us. The kids are still Young. Anyways I'm battling an eating disorder and construction on the new house. I can't take on anymore right now. I decided that today I was going to start watching myself again! I'm eating in a way that I can only get fat. I feel trapped in this apt and I feel trapped in my life. I eat because I lose control and now I know to get out of the house. I'm sure you know all this already. I love u!!!!

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