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Memories of Hunter's Woohitika of Carousel "Tika"
Tika was loved by everyone and seemingly, most everyone loved him in return. His ears had been so poorly cut that they never stood, giving him a rather comical, friendly look. Our floppy earred Tika gave "kisses" by the bunch to everyone he met with a tail that wagged a mile a minute. Tika was wonderfully obedient. You never had to raise your voice or to even repeat a request. I say "request" because that's all you had to do. Simply ask him to do something and it would be done. If Tika and his 2 buddies were chasing after something or barking at the garbage man or doing anything they shouldn't be doing, it was ALWAYS Tika that was the first to come,followed by Bella, his shadow, and Mariah, when she got around to it. It was always Tika that came running with his ears flopping and tail wagging, "You wanted me Daddy?" Tika was My dog and his Mama's puppy. He would follow me around from room to room, lying on my feet when I sat but when he didn't feel good or when he curled up to sleep at night, it was always Mama that he sought out. When he went to sleep it was always on the "big beddie" with his head resting on Mama's shoulder. That was how he first slept as a puppy when she drove down to Valdosta, Georgia to pick him up from his breeder. Mama always called Tika her "Dosta Cuddler."

Tika was all this and much more. He was my very best friend and we had a bond that no words can describe. He was My dog and we loved each other beyond human understanding. Losing him is so painful - he never gave us a moment when we were angry or disappointed in him. I fervently hope that you can say the same Tika. Goodnight Buddy. Have a good time with Buffy and Gator and remind them that all of you have to wait for Mama and me to join you before anyone goes over that bridge.

Love forever,


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