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Memories of Houdini
Weekends are especially hard for me because we used to spend that time together. We would go to the drive-thru for hamburgers. You would sit on my lap and put your head out the window. You always sat patiently in the car waiting for me when I did some short errands. I will miss seeing your head looking out the back window when you would hear me coming. Of course we will miss you coming to the door to greet us. And when you were so excited you would talk, often it sounded like you were saying "hello" or "I love you". When you would lie next to me I never slept so well. When I was sick we would cuddle for hours. And you followed me everywhere I went. How will I ever live without you?

11/21/07 It's still hard.

12/18/07 It's almost Christmas. I'm sorry to say that I don't think the cats miss you but Tim and I do. I am starting to look for a dog. They will never replace you but I miss the companionship terribly.

1/4/08 It's a new year. I miss you more. Finally went on a walk without you but I felt horrible at the end. I'm not ready yet. We've been looking for a dog but nothing is working out. Can you give me some guidance? I love you.

2/11/2008 Houdini, we just got a little girl named Daisy. I think you'd like her 'though she's full of beans. But she's not you and never will be. I can't talk to her like I talked to you.
Miss you Buddy. Happy Valentine's Day.

4/14/2008 I've really been missing you this last week. I have a new job. Everything's changing. Daisy has left you a bunch of daisies. I know she smells you everywhere. She has a better nose than you, if that's possible. It's Spring and the backyard looks great except for Daisy digging holes. Maybe she got that from you. We are putting up a fence. If Daisy were to run off I don't know if she would ever come back, unlike you. I could always count on you not going more than one house away. Love you - Mom

8/31/08 It's been a long time but I think of you a lot. I've really missed you recently. I miss our connection. Daisy is taking up so much of my time. She's still a puppy. I remember when you were just a little guy climbing through your owner's fence to see me . I wish that we had a longer time together. I wish that I had been with you when you died. I will always regret that.
I love you - Mom

5/20/09 I'm sorry it's been so long. I still miss you and I think of you often. Houdi you are special. We did not have enough time together. Love, Mom

10/5/09 It's been a long time but I think of you everyday. I have your picture on my monitor at work and on my cell phone. I haven't forgotten you Buddy.

10/06/10 That time of the year again. We are celebrating Daisy's birthday on the day of your death because I know that she was born in October and I believe that you sent her to us. She's a smart one just like you. But you will always be my number one and soulmate.

I can't believe that it is 4 years later and I still miss you. I was telling someone about you the other day and I felt like crying. You were with me through some of my worst times. Right now things are very good but I still miss cuddling and hugging you. There was no feeling like it. Love, Mom

04/26/12 I still talk about you all the time. Miss you.

06/27/13 Houdini we just lost Puff. You know he was my favorite kitty and what I'm feeling reminds me of when I lost you. Puff got sick like you did unexpectantly and was gone in just a few weeks. He died at home on Tuesday. I cuddled with him all day. Take care of Puff for me. I think about you often.

10/12/2015 Houdini, we lost Moose this year. You were good friends with her. I still talk about you. You are still in my heart

09/21/2016 Hi Houdi. Still thinking about you. Noni , Spidey and Tim say "hi". Can't believe that it's been so long.

10/11/2017 Houdi, I'm naming my publishing company after you. You will always be remembered.

07/03/2019 I finally made a memorial to Puff. I should have done that a long time ago. You are still, after all this time my soulmate dog and always will be.

Please also visit Puff.

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