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Memories of (Hop-a-Long) Cassidy
For some partial memories of my sweet and shy Cassidy, please see Dusty's Memorial listed under Dusty of Wheaton, IL.

More memories will be added later, but Cassidy died just this afternoon (June 12, 2009) at about 4:30 p.m. CDST. I was cleaning his crippled and frail body at the time that he passed away, so he died in my arms. Robert Ness, DVM thinks that he may have had a stroke.

God Bless You, Cassidy. May you now be reunited with your brother, Dusty, at the Rainbow Bridge. My heart aches so much, but I can only pray that you are in a better place now.

I will remember you as a sweet, shy and handsome boy. You always generously comforted and groomed both your brother and sister. You appeared to be the healthiest of my three children, since you had so few problems throughout your life of almost exactly 11 years. You were the last one to become totally disabled with hindleg paralysis. The cause of your paralysis was arthritis in your lower spine. You were still able to move your legs, but you were not able to walk on them. So, when I fed you in the morning, you would still get excited just as you did when you were young and healthy, and you would show your excitement by kicking your legs in eager anticipation of the goodies that were coming your way.

Nine days before your death, I took you to the vet (Robert Ness, DVM). Your x-rays and blood tests were normal for an 11 year old rabbit, except your white blood cell count was a little high, suggesting an infection. That was being treated at the time of your death. Other than that and your crippled hind end, you appeared to be healthy. You had been totally disabled only since last December. Only an hour or so before you died, I patiently fed you the strawberry that had fallen out of your reach. You ate it with the passion that you normally ate strawberries.

There may have been some indications that something was out of the norm in the last few weeks of your life. When I would stroke your head, you would push up and away as if you didn't want me to touch you. This was so different from how you responded to my petting you in the past. In addition, you seemed to nip at my fingers when they would pass near your mouth -- you never had done that before. At first, I thought you may have been so hungry (since you seemed so thin) that you thought I may have been sticking food in front of you. Now, I'm not so sure. You also started biting Lacey in her tummy area, and I think you may have have nibbled away at her skin in that area somewhat. At first, Dr. Ness and I thought you may have been trying to clean the scab tissue that Lacey had on her tummy, but it wasn't clear what had led to that scab to begin with. Had you been eating away at her? If so, it was completely contrary to how you had behaved with regard to your sister and brother in the past: you had oftentimes groomed and comforted them, usually giving more than you got in return. Of course, since you were awfully thin, you may have felt as if you were starving, even though, I believe, you were getting plenty of veggies, Timothy hay, OxBow rabbit pellets, and treats. Maybe I should have continued feeding you the OxBow Critical Care formula. If I neglected you, I can only pray for your forgivance. I didn't want you to leave us, but I may have missed the signals.

Could you have had a brain tumor? We will never know, but you will be remembered by me as a loving brother to your sister and brother, and a loving child to me. In turn, you were very much loved by all three of us. I miss my little Cassidy. May God Bless You and Watch Over You! I will remember and love you for as long as I live. You were very special to me, and you were a vital part of the loving family comprised of Lacey, Dusty, you and me. I wish I could turn back time and relive those years with my three precious children!

June 12, 2013
My precious little boy, Cassidy ... it seems so long ago now when you were last with me, but it's been "only" four years. I miss you still, and I think about you every day. I wish I could have been a better father and caretaker to you than what I was, but I know I loved you very much then and I still do. I pray that there is a bunny heaven, and that you are hopping gleefully around the meadow with your close companions, Dusty and Lacey, along with Rocky, Belinda and Lucy. May God bless you and watchover you forever, my beautiful and so very sweet and gentle child!

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