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Memories of Honey Meeska Frausto
Honey was the most perfect, loving, and playful kitten. From the first moment that we saw her, we immediately connected and knew that she would always be our forever friend. Honey immediately connected with everyone in the family, and transitioned to living in our house like it was where she was meant to be. She was always so snuggly and loved to cuddle and play with everyone that she was introduced to.

She would play inside a cardboard box and would always hide her toys inside. She would go in her cat carrier(backpack) by herself and sat there till we found her. Honey was very small but mighty. We introduced her to the vacuum and instead of running away like other cats she would stay and fight it. Even when she was being bad and we would spray her with water, she would look me in the eyes and get sprayed 4-5 times before finally running away.

Honey always ate like she never got fed before. She would meow and chase us to her food bowl, and literally block us from placing it on the floor because she was so excited. She would always watch me in the shower and continuously meow either for her to come in or me to come out. When I would finally get out, she would run to come see me and would lick all of the water off of my legs and toes. She loved to fight and chew on our toes, especially when we were laying in bed and they were sticking out of the blanket.

She was a motherless kitten, and adopted me as her mother. She used to suckle on my lips and although it was a little weird, it truly showed how much comfort I was able to provide her with. Her favorite toys were her small little mice, and any string she could find whether it was yarn or even a shoe lace. She was so silly and always went to the bathroom whenever we did since her litter box was right next to the toilet. Whenever we ate food in the bed, she would constantly try to steal it from us and would perform sneak attacks so she could steal it. She once stole a Taki, and looked at us with the funniest expression on her face because it was too spicy for her. One of her favorite things to steal was ranch, she always loved getting a lick of ranch and was relentless when she tried to get it.

One thing that I loved so much about my sweet Honey was that she loved to watch tv with me. Some of her favorite shows were Naruto and Friends. She loved watching anime and would always try to fight everything that was on the screen, it was hilarious. She also loved playing the cat games on my iPad and would literally lay there for hours fighting the strings, birds, and especially the mice.

We loved every single thing about Honey, and she brought never ending joy and love into our lives. She was a fluffy little ball full of sunshine, and most of all she was our baby. We sadly only got one month with her, but it will always be one of the best months of our lives. She was so loved and she knew it, especially in her last moments she knew of the immense amount of love we had for her. Our favorite nickname for her was Meeska. She will forever be our baby Meesk. I love you so much and I am so sorry that we couldn't have more time with you. I hope to one day snuggle and kiss you so much again. Until then We hope you have fun playing endlessly and snuggling with all the other cats in heaven.

We love you Honey, forever and always.

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