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Memories of Honeydew Lane
Honeydew came into my life November of 2008. I had learned having an animal reduces anxiety, high blood pressure, depression and that having an animal makes for a great companion. I knew I wanted a rescue because they were also rescuing me. I found a rescue near my home and got on their website. There was Honeydew 's picture and I couldn't wait to meet her. I called the rescue and found out she was still available. The day I arrived and met Honeydew I met a very sweet dog but I had my concerns, she had patches of hair missing on her chest and hind end, I was concerned about the mange. I ended up going home to think about rescuing her. I thought about it that evening, made some calls and then called the rescue and let them know I was going to be over after work to pick her up the next day. Turns out it wasn't the mange at all and 3-4 months out of a cage and she was able to grow all her coat back. I was later to discover that Honeydew had very bad allergies and her ears needed work. I had a great vet and we got the ears under control and I was led to the best dog allergist in our area and he had Honeydew turned around in no time. The rest was nine years of a lot love, walks, snuggles, grooms, trips and just day to day living with each other until it was her time to go. Honeydew made rescuing a dog for me a wonderful first time experience. I have since rescued my second cocker spaniel. Honeydew was such a warm, beautiful introduction to the breed I had to have another one. Honeydew will forever be cherished and loved and remembered. In her own way she taught me to be a truly selfless human being. I'm so thankful I went back the next day and got her, she was truly a blessing to my life.
As time goes by since Honeydew's passing I've thought of so many things. In 2011 we went to Sea Pines in Hilton Head, SC. We had a nice week together. She did well during the 12 hour car ride and i remember walking on the beach with her and thinking, "you're here!" It was interesting to see her react to the ocean, she knew not to drink the water. It was probably the same. We had a warm afternoon laying under our big umbrella. We napped all afternoon.
Car rides have never been the same. I miss looking In the drivers mirror on the right side of my car and seeing her hang her head out the window from the back seat. She could always find the button for the window on the door with her paw. I miss how she would go after treats and snacks in cupboard in the kitchen and how she could manage to get the lid off of my diet coke when i ordered from the drive through. I also really missed her snoring when we laid down to go to sleep at night.
I think of her often and it brings tears to my eyes. Its only been a year, i still miss her a great deal.
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