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Memories of honey
You loved to ride. You loved to go to McDonald's and you liked to order Chinese. HONEY greeted every one with as smile and a wag. She was cheerful until the end. Honey you have been gone 13 days. I miss you so so much. I know that you're no longer in pain. I hope that you feel like eating again and that you were able to enjoy the Chinese take out. I love you Honey Bear!3/30/13 It is Sat. You and I always ran errands on Sat. I miss having you with me.Just know that mama thinks about you all of the time. I'll bring you McDonald's. I'm sure that you feel like eating again.
I hope u like your Easter basket.
Happy Easter. We missed you today! Everyone said that u are the best dog ever. Vi would have driven you nuts. We had enchiladas so you didn't miss much for dinner. Bob and Deanna's dog Vibrant died this week. I hope she is playing with you. Mama loves you oh so much. 4/1/13 I hope you liked your easter uhh Ibunny Mama misses you. 4/3/13 I miss you so much! I know that you are comfortable and happy. Mama I just brought you some apples. 4/4/13 Honey, I think I miss you more every day. I love you Honey Bear. 4/6/13 I love you Honey Bear.CHINESE food? Mama misses you so much. I think I'll bring you some Chinese food today. Did you enjoy the CHINESE FOOD? I Will find something special for tomorrow.4/9/13 I miss your gentle spirit. I always loved the way you would walk away from loud voices and tension. Your birthday is coming up. I will celebrate yi uhhour life. Love mom. 4/10/13I'm glad that it is warm and sunny where you are. Tou would not appreciate all of this rain. I love you. mom 3/13 it has been 4 weeks Since I said goodbye to you. I think that I miss u more each day. I love you. M om 4/14/13 Tomorrow is your birthday. It will be another reason to celebrate our life. Mama loves you oh so much! 4/17 Your birthday has come and gone. You would have been 10. I love you! mom 4/20/13 I think I miss you more everyday. I looked out and saw the snow yesterday and thought Honey would be the only one happy about snow!love mama 4/22 The snow is all gone Honey Who. I miss you and I love you. Some day we will be together again.4/25 We are finally getting some spring weather. The deer were right outside of the dining room window last nite. You would have lived to bark at them. I love you. Mom 5/1 It's May day. You would be hot if you were here. It's going to be 80. I miss you so so much. I love you Best Girl Ever. mom 5/8/ Hi Fur Baby. I miss u alot. It's warm again today. I still have your water bowl on the back seat of the car. Love mom 5/13/13 Yesterday was mothers day. I missed my Honey Bear so much. I hope that you are having a good time. I love u.5/16 oh bamboo. I miss u so much today. I know that u know that I love u oh so much. You r the best girl ever.5/22 Oh Honey, every morning I wake upmand think about u. I know u r feeling well. I'm sorry that u were in so much pain. I miss u so much. mom 6/13/13 I think about you every day. I turned 60 last week and I missed u so much. I had wanted to spend my birthday with my best friend. Surprise of all suprises. Our Matt is giving Robin a diamond for her birthday. I love u best girl ever. mom 7/3/13 It's almost the 4th of july. Summer is almost half gone. I miss you all of the time. u r my best friend and I can not get over loosing u. I love u oh so much.7/20/13 hi bear mamas misses u o so much. I hope u r feeling well. I love u.9/15I didn't write anything last month by that doesn't mean that I haven't missed u.I miss u more every day.I now have your ashes around my neck.I am going to volunteer at the humane society as a tribute to u. I also have signed up as a volunteer for GRROW. I haven't signed up to do anything yet because they all look too much like you. Mama loves u oh so much. 12/22/13 Oh sweet girl it is my first xmas without you. It's winter again and there's a lot of snow. You would have such fun eating it. I know there's snow where you are too. Have you met Mindy yet? She came to the Bridge 2 weeks ago. Darcia misses her so much! We know that you 2 will get along great. I've started volunteering at the Humane Society in your honor. I walk dogs who need a new home. None of them are as wonderful as my best dog ever. I think walking the dogs makes me miss you more but I think it makes you happy.Christie donated a string of lights to the Humane Society in your honor. Christie donated to the humane society in your honor. There is a string of lights that show brightly. Matt drives by and says that he can see your lights. Mama thinks about you all the time. I carry your ashes everywhere. They are even on my key chain so you always go for a ride with me. Christmas Eve is the first time I will be walking the dogs alone. I will wear the pennant with your ashes. I know that you're my guardian angel and will watch out for me. Please make sure that none of the dogs get away from me. Oh, mama loves you oh so much! 1/17/14 Hello best dog ever. Mama misses u more every day. I continue dogs at the humane society in your honor. I show up no matter what the weather is like. This would be a horrible winter for u. It is either snowing or it is bitterly cold. We would have to be so careful with your paws. I'm also working with the Golden Retriever rescue so I can make sure that all of you are in a good place. Mama loves u oh so much. Mama misses you. Honey Bear, You took a piece of my heart with you. Enjoy the bridge! Mama will meet you there some day soon. However, I still have things to do here. Our Matt Moo still needs me. 3/16/14 It has been a year today since you left me to go to the Bridge. I still think about you every day. I still miss u as much as I did since you had to leave me. I believe that u came back to visit me this morning. I am so glad that u did. It snowed again this morning. U would have had such a rough winter. Your friend the black Scottie from across the street must have joined you at the Bridge. I see only Chuck going for walks now. Mama loves u oh so much! 5/13/14 It's been 2 months since I've visited you. Please know that u r in my thoughts every day. I feel that u r still with me. I joined GRROW in your honor. I have met a wonderful person who has taught me a whole new way of living. It's working and I am much happier. Thank u for leading me to grrow. Mama thought of u on mother's day. I will always be your mom. I know that u will b waiting for me at the Bridge, but for now I still have things to do here I guess. Now I know that it is not up to me. I miss u oh so much.U 3/16/15 It has been 10 months since I have written to u and 2 years today since I let u go.I still miss u and still think of u each and every day. Mama has learned a lot about dogs in the 2 years that u have been gone. I should have given u better food,I should not have let u b so heavy;but I did what what I did I did to make us both happy. I'm still working with Grrow and I still walk dogs for W.H.S. I do this in honor of u Honey Bear. I went to a seminar that let me try to have someone communicate with u. They said that u wanted them to tell me that u were ok and that u love me. I kind of already knew that but it was still good to hear. I assume u have met Skylab. He joined u sometime last summer. His human and I know each other and I know how much she loves him. So best friend and best dog ever know that mama loves u oh so much.3/16/16 3 years ago today I sent u on a journey. I know u r on the Rainbow bridge and that u r comfortable and happy. I also know that u r still with me and that is why I volunteer at the humane society and GRROW and care for Blue when I am able. You r my Spirit guide. I think about u every day. I wear your ashes. U r my best friend and my soul mate. I miss u a lot Best Dog Ever. I'll keep working at making things better for other dogs.Mama loves u oh so much.3/16/17 I has been another year Honey Baboo. I think that I miss you more everyday. I can't believe that you have been gone 4 years. You are my inspiration. I continue to walk dogs and take care of them. I believe that u r directing me to do what I do. Mama loves u oh so much. 3/5/20 another year has come and gone. I miss u every day. I fear that your brother Bernie will be joining you this year. I know that your calm sweet nature will ease his anxiety. You r the best Honey Babooski.Mama loves you oh so much.

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