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Memories of Honey
From the moment we first laid eyes on you, we knew that we had to protect you from the cruel world. You always acted like a puppy even through all the moves and different brothers and sisters you had. You always rolled with the flow, no matter what. Friends would say,"so sweet",but they didn't really know how sweet. You protected us with your "fierceness" and kept all the intruders out. You embraced your sister Cali with all the love and discipline that a real mother has. Even though she outweighed you by a ton, that didn't keep you from setting her straight when she needed guidance. We will never think of you any other way than with pure love and affection. You are at rest now and we are forever in your debt. Thank you for finding us.

4/14/13- Hi my precious Honey. How are you doing? We all miss you so much... it has been a month since you have gone to the Rainbows Bridge. At that time my heart was broken. I thought it would never heal. My heart still hasn't healed. I still think about you all the time and I wish that you could still be here. I think to myself that you are happy and okay. I hope you are watching your loving family everyday. Your sisters Cali and Bebe love you so much and so does your brother Kiddy. They all miss you... but I know they thank you for being such a happy sibling to them. You were the oldest out of the four of you so you always watched over all of them. You set them straight haha. I know how much you loved food so every time I give Cali a treat I give her a second one. The second treat is for you cause I know you would want her to have it. It just makes sense to me I don't know why. This past month has been such an out of body experience. It's so strange not to see you around anymore but I know you'll always be alive in my thoughts and in my amazing memories of you. I like knowing that you are not in pain and that there isn't going to be anymore recurring pain. You are at peace. I hope you are in a meadow with a bunch of pretty flowers with grass. I hope that there are many doggies and kitties for you to play with. I hope that somebody is giving you belly rubs every day and that you have all the doggie treats in the world oh and with fresh water to drink. At night time I hope you have a nice tree to sleep under. I wonder if you can see the beautiful starry nights with the moon. I just hope the best for you and I always wanted you to be safe, comforted, cherished and loved. Honey baby I love you sooo much. I always will and won't ever forget you. You're always in my mind and I will talk to you soon baby. I can't wait for the day we are together again. Love- Heather Rhapsody, you're loving sis <3

8/1/13- Hi my sweet Honey. I know I haven't written to you in awhile. That doesn't mean I don't think about you everyday because I do think about you everyday. I can't bring myself to write. It's so heartbreaking. It feels like just yesterday you were here. I wish you were.... Anyway baby today is your birthday. You share your birthday with Raziel. I'm actually spending his birthday with him. He says he would have liked to give you a good scratch or pat pat haha. Or belly rub. Today you would have been 12 years old. You totally could have seen this day because you were always a healthy doggy. Damn cancer took that from you sadly... I will never forgive cancer. It is such a monster..... :( I remember for every birthday of yours we would put you on a chair that spins and we would spin you around as many times as the age you were turning. Very slowly spinning of course.... We gave you a special meal with some extra treats. It was a fun day. Every day was fun with you. I want you to know that we all think about you every day and we all miss you so so much. Cali hasn't been the same without you... You two were pals for life. She wishes you a happy birthday as well as all the cats haha. Your whole family wishes you a happy birthday and we hope you have plenty of treats today and that the weather is great where you are... Also I hope you have many other animals to play with. I love you so much and I will try to write again soon. Love you and I send my love and kisses and belly rubs. Mwah....

2/28/14- Hi my sweet baby, I miss you so so much. You are always on my mind. We are preparing to usher into an entire year since you've been gone and it hardly seems possible. We have found a lot of new pictures of you when you were a baby and we plan on uploading them on your Anniversary day of going to Rainbows Bridge. We thought you would like to see what you looked like as a baby. I never told you before because I figured you knew already. That we have a new edition to the family. Olive is her name and she came into our lives right after you left. So we figured you sent her. She is a little Siamese mix cat and she is so smart and so soft and treats your sisters about the same way that you did. HaHa. Sometimes she cuddles with them and lets them near and always, always make sure that she knows where mom is and why is she not with me? You were the same way because we were so connected. Just like Olive. She is not a replacement for you, you have no replacement, but she was a new life to cherish and nurture when we could no longer help you my dear sweet heart. Please take care of your self and keep making new friends because you have to much love not to share. I love you baby, talk with you soon. xoxoxoxoxo

3/14/14- Hi My sweetie, I write to you today on the one year mark, of losing you. Your family has shared a lot of happy thoughts of you during this year and we have shed a lot of tears too. Missing you is so hard to handle on some days. I ran out of tears a long time ago but my heart still cries. I can only hope that you are enjoying your new digs and haven't got bored of your new friends and toys yet. You should see Ana's feet. She still pokes her toes into tummies, you remember, but Olive doesn't go for that, so her foot is pretty shredded. Heather has been busy with caring for the cats outside, we have one more to spay and then the colony is complete. Dad is up to his usual, TV and FB. He talks about you with a tear and a smile in his eye. Cali has been outnumbered by cats, three to one since you left. I think her size makes up for it though. She is so loving and has had more than her share of unfinished tuna. You probably would have beat her to the plates. Ana and Heather miss you more than you will ever know. You were their first true love and always will be. We will talk about you all day and light a candle of rememberence. Keep barking at strangers and sniffing butts, we will be right next to you, always. I love you babe. Love, mom

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