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Memories of Honey Toes
My Little girl was the delight of my life and has left behind many a memory that I will cherish for ever ,she is greatly missed everyday ,she was my sole mate my bed partner for almost 16 years ,I watched her come into this world and was there as she went to be with the one who created her My Lord and Saviour

Oh how I miss my Little girl and her saucy little ways,Well it would have been your 16 th birthday on the Jan 28th 2009 but I know you had to go ,now I know your are playing and bossing all your little freinds up there,We still miss you very much and the tears are still there everyday,but all the happy memories over come the tears,,Love always

Well today is the day you were born 16 years ago Jan 28 1993 and I will never forget the joy you brought into my life.How I miss you and would love to still have you here, but it is so cold this year 2009 and you so small as you were would have never made it thru the winter.My tears are still there as I think of you often and how you made our world so bright,Your memories are so fresh in my mind, how you would tug your sweet mommy around by her ears till you made her mad and she would give you a little nip,then off you would go and grab your rope for tug a war with her and then bug her till she went and had to have a rest,you were full of mischief in your days when mommy was still with us, then Mommy left and your world fell apart,those were the days of unhappiness for you till we found a nanny named Elsie who loved you so, then you were her protector till the end,you made her so happy and she too loved you and misses you very much,Great will be the day when we join together to have God's plan fufilled to the fullest,,My Sweetheart, you be happy till we meet on the other side of that wonderfull rainbow,have fun MY FURBABY.

This is now a new Year March 4 2009 and my tears are still flowing as I recall all the little things you did to make me laugh and the greetings you had when I came home from work everyday.How you always wanted to roll on my bed. You loved to cuddle next to me when we slept,you were so quiet and still next to me ,often I would awake and lay my hand on you to make sure you were still breathing ,then sometimes I would get that little paw on my hand in the middle of the night wanting your massage,and not just a little one it had to last for 1/2 hour then you would curl up and take another nap .Oh I miss you so much and think of you all the time.In the spring I am going to plant some Roses for you at Nanna's and papa's and great nana's grave..Till then my precious Baby girl ...Love Always

Hi my Sweetheart.. March 13 2009 .It is almost Spring time .This was your favourite time when you could go outside and roll in the fresh new grass and sniff were all the little bunnies were playing thru the winter.How my heart hurts still and that big hole is there.I'm wishing you were still here to hug and hold ,that was your favourite pastime in the last 8 months that you lived,you loved to cuddle with earthmumma and get all those kisses and hugs.Well soon I will plant those roses for you and nanna,then furmummy will join you soon with the rest of the babies she had.You were so beautifull and loving.It is so good to know that one day I will join you over there in that land were we will never more grow old and have pain********************************My love always Sweet little one

April 18 2009
Hi SweetHeart ,,,,,Guess who came to join you all ,,NOw you have the whole familly home at the bridge with you ,, Taffy your FurMommy,Cupid your little baby brother,,Missy your lovely sister..and last but not least Tippy your sister who was the first born of Fur mummys babies,I will soon write all their life stories ..Love from Earth Mommy............

Well now we have this great Love Story to tell.
My life began one lovely spring day in 1990 when I spotted a beautiful little white furbaby,I named her Taffy,She was a very special Passive loving furbaby and had lots of love to share.She was playful and wanted to be noticed.
When she was almost a year old I decided to let her become a fur mommy and that she was.
In 1992 on May 1st a delightful black ball of fur was born to Taffy, her name was Tippy and everyone fell in love with her.
She had a great life with an Earthmom and dad called Marg and Aaron,they were older but they sure loved me a lot and made me fat,then they passed on leaving me to go to an other earthmoms home to be loved all over again, her name was Bonnie and she loved me and let me go out and play in a big back yard with other furbabies,oh how much fun it was ,Ya know being loved by so many gives you an extra long life.Well I lived a long happy life and I outlived all mommys other furbabies.So, see I was the best.Well, only a little while ago I was very old and new it was soon my time to go ,but guess what I new were all my other fur relatives were and that they were happy and eagerly waiting for my coming, and that day arrived on March 10 2009.
Then my earthmom let me (Taffy} have more fun and have another try at being a mom because I did such a good job the first time.Now this was differant cause there was more than just One furbaby,wow all total I had 3 fubabies all Sweet N Sassy and then I had lots of work to keep them all in line but I did it and did it well, but my little Boy furbaby I called Cupid, at a very young age got sick with that disease called Menengitus and left me at 5 months and 3 days old ,he was in a hurry to go to the bridge first,We shed a big pile of tears on the living room carpet that day.Well, I was no match for those saucy furbaby girls anyway,they still had fur mommy to play with and she had lots a looking after them to do.These furbaby girls were called Missy and HoneyToes.Then one day a lady named Helen came and took Missy to be their furpet ,Now let me tell you the fun I(Missy) had at this earthmom and dads house,well it was a trailer and a nice one too, I got to meet and play with my other furfamily and even had birthday parties with them, but they eat all the cake ,I was so loved and even by the neighbours who used to keep me and spoil me when furmom and dad were at work.Then one day my heart stated to act up making me feel yucky,I got very ill and had to go you know were, but guess what I have that happy home here too now ,I was the ripe age of 13 .
Well we have the second longest living fur baby and her name is Honeytoes
..I had a good life because I got to live with my furmom Taffy and earthmom Linda for a long time and I got a bath from fur mom every day .I was so spoiled,many times I made fur mom mad ,I would pull her by the ears off the chesterfield and she would let me, but sometimes she got mad and gave me a nip but that did not matter I still bugged her ,We use to play tug a war with a floss rope,and my Odie toy.
Then one day fur mom got sick with that thing called diabeatis and had liver and kidney problems too so she went to a nice vet that made her fall fast asleep and she is here with us now,then my world fell apart ,I stopped playing with all my toys and I cried alot so my earthmoms grandaughter Ashley would come on her roller blades and take me for a long ride in the nice warm breeze, that felt so good.Then earth mom came home and looked after me.I used to cry all day, then my earth mom took me to an awsome nannies house ,Her name was Elsie , I stayed here and was so loved by her .I helped her feel better too and she had sores on her leg ,I kissed her alot and made the pain go away.I was so happy for 3 years then I started to feel bad cause my teeth had not been fixed properly by that dumb vet and I got a thing called renal failure ,My earthmom did all she could, she took me to a new vet and she was nice but she had to pull all my teeth so I had to gum it , what a job that was ,but my earthmom made my food fine so I could just lick it off the plate or sometimes off earthmoms fingers.I got feelin bad most days and only slept till I new earth mom came home form work then I would get up and greet her so she could hold me till we were ready to go to bed .I loved to stretch out on the bed and roll around, then most nights I would get my back rub then fall fast asleep.I got so sick this one day and then started to fall over ,when my Earthmom came home she started to cry ,she new I was not well and had to go see the doctor but my earth mom kept me for that night and held me alot then the next morning we went for that long ride to see my nice vet were she said this will not hurt but ,it did a bit and then I fell fast asleep and hey, I woke up here were the sun never sets and all the furbabies are here for me to boss around and that I will .

Finally we are all together and haveing fun chasing those farriets,birds ,cats wow lots of furry and featherd freinds here Earth mom .Thankyou for giving me,us, all the love while we were with you down there and I will be waiting here when you get your turn to come join us...

How precious are all my furbabies that God gave to me to love and then I have given them all back to Him and we will join together in harmony one day soon .

Hugs to all my furbabies
May 1 2009

October 10 2009 ,,These moments will last forever,,You will always be in my HEART.
October 10 2010,,, Here we are at the second year of your going home to your palace and I still miss you very much and would love to hold you ,I am going to go see your resting place and my mommys and grandmoms today My Love you precious little freind,Till I come see Jesus with you.

March 23 2015...I stopped by to see you today ...Oh how I still miss you my sweetie..

Oct10 2015...Love always and still fresh in my mind most days ...Till we meet in The Heavenly Place.
Oct 10 ..2016 ..Still miss my sweet baby
0CT..10,2018..My little ball of love ..You are not far from my mind every day..
Oct 10 ,2019 My little girl ..I still think of you and miss you but the memories are still there .
Oct 10 2020.My Presious little girl you are still in my heart and will always be remembered when we had so much joy to give and share our love with each other..
Joyous times thinking of all my furbabies and how much they meant to me ..

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