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Memories of Holly Brun
Holly came into our lives eight years ago when she was only three. We fell in love with her immediately. From the start she brought us only joy and happiness even when she was ill. Holly started having seizures when she was 4. At 6 she was diagnosed was Cushing's disease. Initial treatment caused a shut down of her bone marrow and the doctors gave her only a 40% chance of survival. At the same time she was suffering from deep corneal ulcers and she almost lost her eye. Through prayers and her very strong will she survived and the eye was saved, but there would be other battles.
She had so many health issues too numerous to mention here. But what a fighter she was! She never complained and would always wag her tail to show us she was happy.
We will remember all the times she traveled with us to Vermont, New Hampshire, the Cape, and countless other places. She loved to take a ride in the car even if it was just a short ride to Dunkin Donuts. She brought so much joy into our lives.
Tom and I feel that we have lost a very important part of our lives, but I know her spirit lives on in everyone who was fortunate enough to know her. She touched the lives of many especially all the doctors and technicians at Tufts Animal Hospital.
Holly, mommy and daddy love you so very much and we know how hard you have fought these last 5 years. You were an inspiration to all of us. Although we miss you so very much, I know you are in a better place free of pain. I picture you going on long walks and chasing your tail and having all the treats you want! We will be together again.

Mommy and Daddy

1/17/09 Last night you visited me in a dream. It was so real! Mommy and Daddy were sleeping in bed and when I placed my hand by my side you were there. You felt so soft and warm. Then you jumped up on us and gave us kisses. I hope this was your way of telling us we made the right decision and that you found your way to the Rainbow Bridge where you are now playing with new friends you made. Holly, please come to visit us often. We miss you so much!

1/20/09 Well baby it has been 5 days since you left us and it does not get any easier. I can't bring myself to wash any of your blankies because they still have your scent on them. Your little paw prints from your last walk outside are now covered with snow, but the footprints you have left on my heart will last forever. I think of you every minute of the day. I never thought I could love someone as much as I love you. You will always be mommy and daddy's little girl.

1/22/09 It has been a week since we said good bye. You wouldn't believe the beautiful plants, flowers, cards and e-mails Mommy and Daddy have received. Everyone loved you so much, Holly. You came to me in a dream again last night. You were running into the family room. I yelled to Daddy, "Here she is!" I guess I said it out loud because Daddy thought I was having a nightmare and woke me up. I prayed that you would visit me last night, and I am so glad you did. But I guess I should let you have fun with your new friends at the RB. Holly, I want you to do whatever makes you happy because God knows you deserve it! I told my students today about your passing. They were shocked because just last week when we were writing our New Year's Resolutions, I mentioned that I wanted to go for more walks with you and Daddy. Well, baby, Mommy has to go now. We love you so very much!

2/15/09 I can't believe it's been one month since we said good bye, baby girl. The pain is still here and cry for you every day. I still can't bring myself to put away your toys or beds. Daddy and I talk about you daily. I miss you so much. We still get cards from people who are just finding out that you are gone. Do you remember Melissa from Tufts? We got a card from her this week. She said you were her favorite patient. I hope someday the pain will subside and I will be able to remember just the good times the three of us shared. But for now the pain is still in my heart and I ache for just one more chance to hold you and tell you how much I love you. Rest in peace my little love bug.

3/15/09 Tears are rolling down me cheeks as I write this on the second month anniversary of your passing. I was cleaning out a cupboard a few weeks ago and I came across your little brush with your fur still on it. Of course I started blubbering again. I know you must be thinking, "Mommy, stop crying! I'm fine playing with all my new friends and helping others cross over. Best of all, I'm free of all my pain!" It's just that mommy and daddy miss you so very much, Holly. I friend of Daddy's painted a beautiful portrait of you! She really captured your kind and gentle spirit. We are going to hang it above the piano since you loved to hear daddy play it. Holly, please help mommy and daddy to get through the grief we are feeling. We love and miss you so much!

3/26/09 Hi baby girl! Today you would have been 12 years old. There is such a void in my life without you. Mommy and Daddy are looking to rescue another furbaby who needs to be loved and cared for and who will help mommy cope with your loss. But Holly, you will always be our number one girl. The three of us went through so much that bonded us together for eternity. I hope you are celebrating your birthday at the Rainbow Bridge with all your new friends. Watch over us baby girl and guide in finding a little furbaby who needs us.

4/12/09 Happy Easter baby girl!

11/07/09 I've been thinking of you today. I decided to watch the video I made of our times together. Although it brought back many of the happy times we spent together, I still cry when I think of all you went through. You were such a brave little girl. Mommy and Daddy love you very much, Holly.

1/15/10 I can't believe it's been 1 year since we said good-bye. I've been thinking of you so much today. Holly, you brought so much joy into out lives and mommy and daddy miss you everyday. I try to think of all the good times we had together, and we had many. I hope you are romping around with all your new friends at the Rainbow Bridge. I hope you liked the evergreen arrangement I placed on your grave. Love you always!

3/26/10 Happy Birthday, little girl. Mommy and Daddy still think of you everyday. We celebrate your wonderful life on this day and we thank you for your gift of Abby to us. I know it is not a coincidence that we adopted Abby on your birthday. This was your way of letting us know it was ok to open our hearts to another little fur baby. Holly, thank you for teaching us so much and for bringing so much joy into our lives. Please continue to visit us in our dreams and look over us and Abby. We love and miss you!

1/15/11 Today brings back many memories. It was two years ago today that Mommy and Daddy had to let you go. I remember that day as if it were yesterday. I know we did the right thing because you were in such distress, but letting you go broke our hearts. We miss you so much. We know you are in a better place waiting for us to meet again. Holly, please look over us and your little sister, Abby. She scared us the other day with a seizure. I can't go through this again. I pray it was just an isolated incident. Please know that you are in our hearts and we think of you often. You will never be forgotten.

3/26/11 Happy birthday, Holly! You would have been 14 years old today. Mommy and daddy miss you every day. Love you forever

1/15/12 Three years ago today I held you in my arms and Daddy looked into your eyes as you took your last breath. I still struggle with whether we made the right decision letting you go, but all the signs were there that it was time. Holly, you were my first furbaby and you will always have a special place in my heart. Thank you for bringing Abby into our lives. The two of you would have been great sisters together. Please look over her and keep her safe. We miss you Holly. Love and miss you forever.

3/26/12 Remembering you on what would have been your fifteenth birthday. This is also the day you helped to bring Abby into our lives three years ago. I know she was your present to us. You will forever be in our hearts. Happy birthday, my little Holly.

1/1/13 Happy New Year, sweet little baby. Mommy and Daddy miss you every day. Thank you for watching over little Abby when she was sick. It was very sad to go back to Tuft's after losing you almost 4 years ago. Thankfully, Abby recovered. Please continue to look over her and protect her.

1/15/13 My Dearest Holly, although it has been four years since we said good bye, Daddy and I still think of you every day. The day we lost you was one of the saddest days of my life. I pray that you are in a better place and when it is my time to leave this world, you will be waiting for me. Love you always!

1/15/14 I've been thinking of you all day today. Last night you came to me in a dream. I was so happy you visited me. Daddy and I miss you very much. We have a special light shining on your portrait in the living room. You were truly our soul mate and I pray to God that we will be reunited one day in Heaven. Love, Mommy

1/15/15 It's been 6 years since that sad, cold January night when you peacefully fell asleep in my arms. Daddy and I talk about all the fun times we had together. Your little sister, Abby, is sitting by my side as I type this. I know you are watching over her. Loving you forever, Mommy

1/15/16 We think of you often and will hold you in our hearts forever. Love, Mommy and Daddy

1/15/17 Holly, I hope you were there to greet my Dad when he left us in April. Please keep him company. Mommy and Daddy miss you every day. Watch over Abby and keep her safe. We love you and miss you!

1/15/2020 My dear little Holly, I can't believe that it has been 11 years since we said goodbye to you that cold January night. We placed a little basket on your grave for Christmas. Abby had a tough summer, but I know you were there watching over her. Daddy and I have gone through so much since you left us, but we still think of you often. You will always have a special place in our hearts. Love, Mommy

1/15/2021 I can't believe it's been 12 years since we were with you that sad night at Tufts when we said good bye. Your little sister, Abby, has been keeping us very busy with her own medical issues, but like you she is a fighter. Please know we still keep a special place in our hearts for you, Holly. You were a very special little girl.

1/1/2024 Happy New Year, Holly. Although I haven't written in some time, please know you are always in my heart. We miss you every day.

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