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Memories of Hollie
To our dearest beloved Hollie "Girl",
We miss you so much. The emptiness is unexplainable. We never imagined how heart wrenching losing you was going to be. It's been almost eight weeks now and it seems like only yesterday,all the details are still so clear in our minds.
We want to remember all the fun and good times. My goodness,there are so many. You had so much personality. You pretty much did your own thing. So sweet and passive. The only times you got in a hurry was to eat or to chase a squirrell with Mickey. He misses you so much also. You would "give us the look". When you looked up and the white's of your eyes would show. You loved to go outside with Dad and smoke a cigar, you would stay the entire time with him. He misses that.
There are just so many memories-I could go on and on. Like your first birthday and we made you a cupcake and Matt sat on the floor with you and sang Happy Birthday. And when you killed that Rat behind the building. You screamed and screamed, you were so proud of yourself. You Had to be warm, always had to have cover. You would not let me sleep late in the mornings either. You would circle the bed and get on my pillow and butt my head until I got up.
We take comfort that you are happy at Rainbow Bridge and have reunited with Bandit. Give her our love and tell her we miss her as much as ever. Keep watching over all of us. We love you very much. See you soon.
All our Love,
Your Family,
Dad,Mom,Matt,Kelly,Mickey and Sugar

July 11,2010
Hello Sweet Hollie Girl,
Well it's been 6 months today, can't beleive it's been that long since you left us. We miss you more than ever, everyday and nite. Hope you are happy at Rainbow Bridge and we know you are having a good time with Bandit and Miss Kitty.
On July 4th we heard the fireworks and it made me think of how afraid you were of those things. But I know this year they didn't bother you. You would go hide under the bed and pace up and down the hall until they stopped.
Mickey doesn't hunt much anymore, I guess it's not any fun alone. Dad wants to get another baby but I just don't think I'm ready yet. When we do it will be a rescue baby-there are so many that need a home.
I planted the little garden next to the building in memory of you because that's the last place you "helped" me work outside. I planted zinnas and the butterflies are now beginning to come. I rememeber when you were younger and the butterflies would fly around you - You would jerk your head up and look at them and then slowly walk on. I also put a garden flag that says "Welcome Hollie's Garden"
Dad says he misses you a lot when he goes outside to smoke a cigar and at lunch in the recliner. I miss you terribly, every single day!! I'm writing a journal of the memories of you, my way of talking to you, I suppose, it helps the pain some.
We take comfort in the fact that you are happy, safe, and well at Rainbow Bridge. Tell Bandit we love her and miss her still.
Love You,
Your Family

November 3,2010
Today is your 12th birthday. We know you are healthy and happy at Rainbow Bridge. We miss you soooo much and are looking forward to the day when we will see you again. What a joyous day that will be! I tell you good morning and good nite every single day and you are in our hearts always.
We know you are celebrating your birthday with Bandit and Miss Kitty. Tell them hello and we miss them also. Wish you were here so we could celebrate together.
Mickey and Beanie are getting along just fine. Beanie keeps Mickey active chasing squirrells like you and he used to do. She has LOTS of energy. He's not so lonely like he was when you first left him.
I miss you with all my heart, Hollie, and am still sad that you are not here with me but I take comfort that you are OK at Rainbow Bridge.
Once Again,
Happy Birthday and we Love You,
Your Family

December 27,2010
Hello Sweet Hollie Girl,
Well our first Xmas without you has come and gone. It was sad that you were not here to share it with us but we know you are happy and feeling good, not sickly. Hope you had a good one with Bandit and Miss Kitty. Tell them we love and miss them terribly.
Matt, Kelly, Suzie, Gracie, Bailey and the new addition Boomer all came here. Mickey and Beaner played and played and played. They slept all day Monday after everyone left.
I miss you more and more each day it seems. I thought it would get easier but hasn't happened yet. I just wish you could come back to me but I know that can't happen so I just go on each day missing you. I do take comfort that you are happy and playing with all your new friends at Rainbow Bridge. Love You.
Until I see you again,

Good Morning my sweet Hollie Girl,
Today is one year since you left us. Can't believe it. We miss you more and more everyday. Memories are so vivid. I went thru pictures and made a folder of you and Bandit.
Memories: Dad remembered the day he went to pick you up. Cold and icy and he was sick with a cold. You cried all the way home.
When Matt would come home from college and he turned the corner on our street we didn't have to say a word, you would hear his truck and go to the door and cry.
When you wer little Matt would get on the floor and you would bite him wherever you could and yall would play and play.
I can still picture you on the floor in the hall and your sides would be moving beacuse you would be crying wanting to be picked up and put on the bed. So I would get up and pick you up.
The end of the sofa was YOURS. You always slept in the crook of my legs in the bed.
You were soo brave when you were sick, Dr. Glass tried numerous times to get an IV in and you never flinched, you just sat ther and let him do his job.
There are so many more memories. Thank You for them all, we'll treasure them always. We know you are safe, happy and well at Rainbow Bridge. Play, run and be free from sickness and sorrow and we will see you soon.
Love and Miss You,
Your Family

March 8,2011
Hello, my sweet girl. I miss you sooo much every day still, can't hardly stand it. You were so much a part of my life, I just think about you and cry. I see you everywhere, the other day I was sitting on the deck and I could just picture you out there with Mickey hunting.
Dad says to say hello, he misses you a lot also and knows you are happy and well at Rainbow Bridge. Mickey and Beanie have been hunting again. There are no leaves on the trees now so they can see those squirrels plainly. I hope you get to hunt there cause you alyways enjoyed it soo much.
I hope you can forgive me for not taking as good of care of you as I should have. I should have had your teeth cleaned more often so maybe you wouldn't have gotten that infection and you would still be here. I'm sooo sorry, I love and miss you sooo much.
I'll write to you soon.
Love you with all my heart,

May 23, 2011
Hello my sweet Hollie girl. Hope you are doing good. We miss you something terribly still. I suppose it will always be this way, just have to live with it. You were my sunshine everyday and now you're gone from me, it just breaks my heart. Mickey has his yearly itch but he's doing better. Beanie is still hunting squirrels every day and Sugar is still an inside baby. Matt's babies are all doing well.
Oh my, how I miss you everyday. I just don't know how to deal with it other than the hope that we will see each other someday at Rainbow Bridge when you run to me and I can look into those big eyes again and hold you and see you shake your big ears and hear you cry again. I love you soooo much, Hollie, you were my best friend.
All My Love,

July 2,2011
Hello my sweet Hollie girl. Well as you already know Mickey has joined you at Rainbow Bridge.Please take good care of him til we can see you both again. We miss him sooo terribly but know he is happy and reunited with you. We hope you guys are hunting squirrells together again. That's all I can write now, I'll come back later.
Love You,
August 14,2011
Hey my sweet girl. Know you are happy and well and having a great time with Mickey. Give him a kiss from us. You and Mickey and Bandit are all angels and we can't wait to see you again. Lookin at pictures the other day and saw some of you when you were a pup. My how slim you were!!! Mom fixed that though, didn't she! You always liked to eat. Beanie is doing good but she misses Mickey I think. Sugar is the same, lazy and doesn't go outside much. Love and Miss you dearly.
Mom and Dad
November 3, 2011
HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET GIRL. Today is your 13th birthday! We take comfort in the knowledge that you are happy and well and with our beloved Mickey, give him a kiss for us, we miss him dearly also. Hope you are looking forward to us meeting again, we miss you soooo very much, every day. I left you a rose and some treats at your garve site this morning, I know how much you liked them. I think about you a whole lot and miss you more than that. We have such great memories of our time with you! Can't wait to see you again and look into those big brown eyes and hold oyu, I miss that sooo much! Well, happy birthday again. We love you very much.
Your Loving Family

December 25,2011
Well, our second xmas without you has come and gone. We miss you sooo much. I hope you and Mickey had a blessed one, thought of you all the time. I can still picture you at the end of the sofa under an afghan all warm and toasty. I still can see you running after squirrells and laying in the sunshine at the front door. As soon as I opened it in the mornings you would push paat me to claim your spot and you would keep moving to stay in the sun. I think about you all the time but we will be together again and be sooo happy. Dad misses you sooo much also.
Love You,
Mom & Dad

Jan 11,2012
Hello my sweet girl. Today is two long years since you left us, we've not stopped missing you, in fact I think we miss you more and more as each day passes. We try to remember the fun times with you and that's a great comfort, there are soooo many! Mostly we remember how passive you were, not too much bothered you, just when you wanted to be covered up and you couldn't get the cover right.
I pray you are taking care of my Mickey Moo cause we miss him terribly also! Give him a lick for us. Hope there are lots of squirrels to chase there. I miss you in the bed in the mornings running around the bed to make me get up.
We love you sooo much and will see you someday.
Your Family
Jan 11,2013
Good Morning my sweet Hollie girl. I'm sorry I haven't written to you in a while but I talk to you every day still. We miss you more than ever!!! Every morning when I see the sunrise I think of you and how happy you must be at Rainbow Bridge and how sad and lonely we are here without you but we are comforted by the fact that we will someday be able to look into those great big brown eyes again and hold you, I guess that's one of the things I miss the most, how it felt to hold you. i was lying in bed last nite thinking about those last days when you were sooo sick. I remember how I fed you cream of wheat thru a syringe cause that's the only way I could get you to eat and how I made a pallet on the floor beside my bed for you to sleep and you looking up at me with those big brown eyes like Why am I not in the bed with you??? so I put extra cover on the bed and put you up ther with me and you went right to sleep.
I know some people can't understand how a person feels when they lose a pet, but those people are missing out on unconditional love like no other can give! It's unexplainable, you just have to live it!! I juat want to tell you again what a joy you have been to all of us. I know Matt loved you very much also and misses you a lot, after all you were his baby too!
Give my Mickey moo and big lick cause we miss him terribly also!

Love You,
Your Family

Nov 3,2013
Miss you sooooo much. As many mornings as I can I look at the sunrise and tell you good morning and I love you and miss you but I know you are free from sickness and happy but I still miss you more than anyone knows. After all this time, the loneliness is unimaginable. I just wish I could hold you and feel your warmth and look into those big brown eyes. Have a good day and give Mickey Moo and lick for us.
Your Mom.

Jan 11,2014
Good Morning Sweet Girl,
Well here we are again on the 4th anniversary when you left us. We are sooo sad and still miss you just as much as we ever have!! I remember that day as if it were yesterday. I went to see you and brought you some of your favorite food but you turned your head and didn't want it. You were outside with Dr. Glass and you were sooo weak. I kissed you and told you I loved you and would see you later! Then he called me at work and said that you had passed! I left work and drove around a while, didn't know how to tell Dad! I wonder if you were just waiting for me to come see you one last time. I miss your big brown eyes, your lovingness towards everyone and just you being here. Humans who do not know the dedication and unconditional love of a pet just do not know what they are missing!!!! We are looking forward to seeing you again. Tell my Mickey Moo I love him and miss him also!
Your Family.

Your Family

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