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Memories of HoCheez
I am 60 years old, I had HoCheez his entire life (from 5 weeks old) since the day he came into my life he has been the most loving and
faithful "son" that anyone could ask for. Never, ever gave me any trouble in his 12 years. There wasn't a person, adult or child that he did not love. He was kind to other all other animal's. At times it was hard for me to believe that he was a dog and not part human. He slept in my bed and always traveled with me, if he couldn't go I didn't go. I miss him so much it is hard to bare.

5/2/2013 HoCheez, my son, I miss you every mintue of every day. You were my constant companion, I miss walking outside with you, I miss sleeping with you, I miss sitting on the porch with in the spring and the summer. I miss watching TV with you. I just miss you so much. People try to say I will get over it and get another dog, but those people did not know what you and I did; that you were not just a dog you were my son and you loved me and I loved you. If I had known that last day that it was your last day I would have spend every second with. I love and miss you: Mommy

5/4/2013 HoCheez, my son, I see you everywhere, most people want me to just move on, but I can not. I know that other's
have loved their

pets (children) as much as I loved you, and gotten used to the loss, but I do not know how they have done it. I miss you so much and I
am so lonely without you. I sometimes just want to scream; I can not believe that you are really gone. LOVE YOU: Mommy

5/6/2013 HoCheez, sweetest of souls, most loving of son's, I still can not believe that you are gone, I am so lonely without. I can not seem to move past this loss in my life. You are not at the door when I come home from the store with treats, I miss our talks, at nite while Daddy is working. Daddy misses you too and wants to adopt a brother or sister to try and fill the void. LOVE2U: MOMMY

5/7/2013 HoCheez, my most missed son, I keep finding things that belong to you all over the house, today I opened a drawer and there was your heartworm meds and your joint meds. I can not bring myself to throw anything out, but I know I shouldn't keep it. I just miss you so much. The guilt over not doing more for you in your last days (although Daddy and I did not know they were your last days);maybe we could have helped you more, but you being so sweet and not wanting to bother us never complained or let us know in any way that you needed help.
I guess a better Mommy and Daddy would have known anyway. I am so sorry if in anyway you suffered because of us. I will always blame myself. Love to you, always in my thoughts

5/12/2012 HoCheez, my baby boy, Today is the 1st Mother's Day without you and my heart is so heavy. I do not know how many tears I have shed since you went away, but they will not stop. I loved you so much and will always keep you in my heart. I still can not believe that I wake up every day and you are not beside me. The guilt over your loss is still so raw. I miss you everyday! LOVE2U: Mommy

5/15/2013 My most loved son, Tommorrow is Daddy's birthday and another day to sadly miss you. He is so lonesome without you he keeps asking me to get another pug, but I could not bare to look at his/her face. It would remind me so much of my broken heart. I miss you so much. LOVE2U always: Mommy

5/16/2013 Hello sweet boy, I miss you as long as I can dream you are still alive. I love and miss you so much: Mommy

5/21/2013 My most missed son, I think about you everyday. I see you everywhere I look. It is still so hard to believe that you are not here with me. Everyday that I wake up without you being here is another very sad day. LOVE2U Mommy

5/26/2013 HoCheez, I just miss you so much. I wish I could quit crying everytime I think about you, which is often, but I can't. Maybe I just need more time. Everyone, even Daddy can't understand why it still is so very painful for me. We were so close, it seem like you just knew what I was thinking, what I was feeling. I just hope that you knew how very much I loved you. Mommy

5/27/2013 HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY baby boy, Daddy will be opening the pool soon, we both will really miss seeing you run and jump in the pool to go swimming. Of course the last couple years you walk more then ran but your heart was still in it. MISS YOU SO!!!! LOVE2U Mommy

6/2/2013 Hello my son, Today is your sister Catherine Ann's birthday and she is in Heaven the same as you. I wonder if she can get to the rainbow bridge to see you. I wish I knew. Miss you every mintue of everyday. LOVE2U: Mommy

6/13/2013 Hello my son, I miss you! You have been gone 2 months today............it seems like forever/but I still see it as if was yesterday. I still see your sweet face the last time we saw each other. It is burned into my memory. I changed the picture on your stone to one of you and Daddy in the pool, how you loved to go swimming with him. Daddy still misses you, but not like me. LOVE2U MOMMY

6/16/2013 Most missed and loved son: Today is Father's Day and Daddy is missing you so much. So many of your brother and sister pugs need home's that we might take one/two in. THEY WILL NEVER TAKE your place in our hearts we will love you all of our days! LOVE2U Mommy and Daddy

6/28/2013 Dear Son: Sorry I haven't been by for awhile but I guess that is how life goes. One day I will join you and my memory will start to fade from those that love me. Your memory has not faded from my heart, I still have all your pictures up and I still have all your favorite things, just where you left them. LOVE2U: MOMMY

7/19/2013 Dearest Son: How easy it is to let time go by and realize that it has been so long since I was here to see you. Of course I look at your ashes on the fireplace everyday. I think about you and talk about you with daddy and Jamie all the time. I miss you. YOU WERE THE BESTEST DOG IN THE WORLD. I do believe that you were not just a dog but you had a person soul. You were so smart and loyal. I still your face in my dreams, the last time you looked at me and begged me for help and I failed you. LOVE2U MOMMY

7/28/2013 Dearest Son: Daddy got a puppy he is not you but he is OK. He is a Pug but we did not name him HoCheez that name died with you.
I see him and can not help but compare him with you and Daddy gets really mad, he is his own dog/person, but not like you. Everytime I feel myself starting to love him I choke with emotions; I feel so guilty about betraying you. You will always be my bestest friend and the bestest dog that ever was. LOVE2U: MOMMY

8/6/2013 Dear Son: Was just thinking of you and missing you. My heart is still heavy with thoughts of how I probably let you down. You were always such a great companion and I wasn't always such a great Mommy. LOVE2U Mommy

10/13/2013 Dear Son: You have been gone 6 months............seems like forever and it seems like yesterday. LOVE YOU FOREVER! Think about you everyday and dream about you every night!

12/25/2013 Merry Christmas, Son: I miss you so much! You were the only one that loved me for me. Miss and love you forever!

04/13/2014 Dear "son" one year ago today you left my life and made my world so much sadder. I miss you everyday, I have never felt as loved by another person/dog as I was by you. I never wanted to believe that you would die and still it is hard for me to know that I will never see you again I have only my memories.

08/03/2014 My little boy.........it is not that I do not think. and talk about every single day and miss you so much, I just have a hard time coming here. It breaks my heart to remember that you are really gone. I love you.


12/25/2014 Merry Christmas! Miss you everyday!
09/08/2015 I have been such a bad Mommy. I can not believe that I have not been here to see/talk to you in 9 months. It would have been your 14th birthday. You have been gone for over two years and there isn't a day that goes by that I do not shed a tear and think about you. I do talk about all the time to anyone that will listen. Love and miss you everyday! Mommy
12/25/2015 Merriest of Christmas's!
003/27/2016 Happy Easter! As time draws near to the anniversary of your going to Rainbow bridge I miss you even more. I think and talk about you every day and as long as I am alive you are alive.

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