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Memories of Hobbs
You were my perfect dog, Hobbs. You were supposed to be a show dog, but because you had a wonderful breeder and tested positive as a carrier for a genetic eye condition, I had the incredible luck to get you as a pet. A pet. You were so much more. You were the dog I had waited for all my life, and I was 51 when you came to be my best friend for 9 days short of 13 years.

You never had a flaw, and I say this as someone who was around dogs from as far back as I can remember. You trotted out after our two older dogs, Trey and Sophie and never had an accident in the house. You never chewed anything that we didn't give you to chew. Nothing ever fazed you...everything was a new, interesting experience. Fire engines roaring by on a walk, you looked at them and back at me. You slept through fireworks and violent storms. Bunches of little children, you wagged your little black tail and kissed them. And you always wanted to be with me. I'll always remember you waiting at the back door, woofing and wagging, wanting inside with me, while the other dogs romped and ran in the back yard.

And I'll never forget the night in 2006. I was going through a difficult divorce and my mother was in hospice with less than a year to live. While my 13 old daughter slept, I laid in bed and the tears streamed down my face. You and Sophie (Trey had gone with Dad) always slept on your beds on the bedroom floors. Never on the beds. But that night, while I silently cried, you jumped on the bed and pressed up against me and never moved all night. You weren't even 2, just a big puppy. Normal dogs don't do that. Trained therapy dogs do that.

But, you did, my Hobbs, my heart. And you slept through the night, at my feet on my bed for the next 11 years. Until this September when you got too restless and feeble. And then I slept on the sofa with you next to me on the floor until the day you passed.

I love you and will miss you every day. I know you'll be waiting for me.

December 7,2017

It was 13 years ago today we brought you home, Hobbs. You were just 3 months old. You were so cute and comical, and so good. I remember Greta holding you on her lap while she sat at the computer and did her homework. I didn't know then you would become my heart and soul and best friend for thirteen years.

It was a week Tuesday when I last saw you and held you. I miss you, buddy. I got one of my favorite photos of you on canvas and put it on the glass top table with a little bouquet of flowers. I got the flowers for you, sweet boy, white stocks and carnations that smell like cloves and honey, because fragrant flowers always make me feel better and remind me of being in the garden with you. I lit a candle too, and told you to look for the flame sending up my love. I felt you saw it.

Please don't miss me too much. I try to remember there is no pain or sadness where you are. I hope you are running with Trey and Sophie, and doing your Springer bounce and happy woof again, and snuggling with your Mom Brice and Grandma Jade and all the other Springers. And my precious Gus, my Golden, who was my love before I ever knew you.

Take care, Hobbs. Love you forever. Mom

December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas, Hobbs, my angel. I've thought of you a lot lately. We've spent every Christmas together since 2004, until this year, so it's been very difficult to think of a Christmas without you. I kept thinking that you had never spent a Christmas without me, and I was afraid you'd be sad and miss me, and Greta too. That was the hardest part.

But three days ago, I woke up quite early because I swear, I heard you woofing. I guess I was dreaming, but for a few seconds I could see you standing by the bed, wagging and doing your little woof and Spaniel dance, like you used to do years ago, when you could still hop off the bed without help. You only did it mornings when I slept late and you had to go out before I woke up. You were so cute when you did it I never minded, it always made me smile.

At first I was crying, but then I thought how bad I had been feeling about you spending Christmas without me for the first time in your life and hoping you wouldn't be too sad. Then I thought, an angel either sent you to me in a dream or down for a few seconds, to let me know you're okay. You were young and happy, like you hadn't been for a long time, with that mischievous woof and your tail wagging. I still cried, but I knew then you were telling me you were okay.

So, thank you for visiting me, sweet boy, and letting me know you're okay and happy. We had a good Christmas, and felt like you were with us. I had pictures framed of you and Greta and the grandbabies,for gifts. Athena was so excited, Hobbs. She's going to put it in her room, so you're still there with her, she said. I'm so glad they knew and loved you, Hobbs. I don't have to say how much you loved them, do I?

So Merry Christmas, Hobbs, my precious. I know we'll always be together in spirit until I see you again at the Bridge.

Love you, Mom

January 28, 2018

It's been two months today since you went to wait for me at the Bridge, my precious boy. It seems like a lot longer. And it seemed so odd, to start a new year without you, Hobbs. I had the flu right after New Year's, and I thought about you a lot, and the all the times you'd laid on the bed and kept me company when I was sick. I missed you so much. But it's been a cold winter, with ice and snow, and I know how hard it would have been for you to get around. You struggled so the last few winters with your weak leg, and I'm glad you don't have to deal with that anymore. I can imagine you running and playing in the snow, like you used to.

I still have your water bowl out, Hobbs. Remember how Lily always liked to drink out of it? She looks so funny, her little cat face above the deep bucket (deep to keep your Spaniel ears out of the water!) You had it since we got you. I left it right where it was and think of you every time I see her drinking out of it. You know I'll always be a "dog person", but Lily has been good company this winter. She started sleeping on the bed right where you used to lay, about a week after you'd gone. I thought you'd like that.

Happy New Year, Hobbs, my angel. You're always with me. Love you forever.


February 28, 2018

Hi, my precious boy. Three months since you've been gone from my side, Hobbs. It seems like longer. It's like a part of me is gone. But I don't want you to think I'm sad all the time, sweetheart. I know you would hate that. You were the happiest, easiest going dog I ever had. You wanted everybody to be happy, and I think you made everyone you met smile. You had that gift.

I can look at your picture now and say hello and good night not cry when I think of you. I can think of the happy times and how much we loved each other. I'll always miss you, you were my best friend for nearly 13 years. But I know you're well and able to run and play, and do all the things you couldn't do here on earth any longer. And I know you'll be waiting for me and I will see you again at the Bridge someday. Watch for the candle I light on the 28th of every month tonight.

Love you forever, Mom

March 28, 2018

I've been thinking of you all day, Hobbs. Four months since you went to wait at the Bridge for me. I miss you terribly, but I look at your photos and I can feel you still here with me. It's almost spring now, you always loved Spring, you ran and ran, those long Spaniel ears flapping in the wind. My first spring without you in so long. I seem to mark holdiays and seasons thinking of you and all the years I shared them with you, don't I? But it was a great comfort to think of you happy and bouncing and running again with Trey and all the others this winter; I know the past few winters were hard on you and I was glad to think you were free from those struggles.

Your candle has been burning while I write this, sweet boy. I know you see it sending my love up to you.

Love you, Mom

August 31, 2018

Happy Birthday, Hobbs, my darling boy. You were born 14 years ago today. I haven't written in here in quite awhile, but not a day goes by I don't think of you, and I know you know it.

I put your picture on the sideboard by the front door, and I see it every day, many times, and each time I think of how much I loved you and still do. And how much you loved me. I miss you, it's hard to think of not being with you on your birthday for the first time in your life, but I know you are in a better place. No limping or falling, and looking so puzzled but so patient last year this time, while I helped you do things you could always do before with a woof and a bounce. Sometimes I think I miss your pure goodness most of all. You were the easiest dog to help I ever had.

I'm glad we had the whole family over for your birthday last year, sweetheart. I had a feeling it might be our last one together, I wish I'd been wrong. But I can almost see you wagging your little black tail and the love in your eyes, telling me you're alright and we will be together again someday at the Bridge.

Lily has been a good friend since you've been gone. Kiss Trey and Lacey and Sophie and tell them I love them. And my Gus and Holly who were at the Bridge years before I knew you.

We're apart for while, but you're with me every day. And I know I'm in your heart too.

Love you, Mom

November 28. 2018

A year ago today you left me to go wait at the Bridge, my Hobbs, my precious boy. Sometimes it seems much longer, and sometimes it seems you're right here with me. Of course you are, you are in my heart and with me forever. I know I'm in yours.

I miss you still, Hobbs. I think of you every day. But I'm not sad all the time, like I was at first. I know you wouldn't want me to grieve always. You loved everyone and made everyone who saw you smile your whole life, with your happy eyes and wagging tail, and your Springer woof and happy dance. You were my special dog and best friend and I am so blessed to have had you by my side for 13 years.

So, sweetheart, I remember better now all the joy you brought me and others, and I feel you're doing the same now while you wait for me at the Bridge. I like to think of you greeting and kissing the new fur babies that arrive there, just as I know you were welcomed a year ago.

Til I see you and all the others there with you again.
You're in my heart always.

All my love,

December 25, 2018

Merry Christmas, Hobbs, my sweet boy. Second Christmas you weren't here to kiss our faces while we opened gifts, eat anything that fell on the floor and enjoy the big bone you always got. We missed you.

But you were with us, really. We all talked about you and looked at your photos. I feel like you were looking down on us from the Bridge, wagging your tail and telling us you're fine,while you wait there for me.

Lily has become a great friend since you've been gone, Hobbs. I've never been so close to a cat. When I was sick in bed with a bad virus a few months ago, she laid right up against me for hours, and kept coming back until I was better. Just like you used to. She usually sleeps at the foot of the bed for a bit and then moves about the house. I think you whispered into her ear to take care of me before you left us. It's like something you would have thought of, my best friend, my Hobbs.

So, be well and happy, my angel. Run in the snow and play with all the others. Merry Christmas.

Love you always.

August 31,2019

Happy Birthday, Hobbs, my best boy. You were born 15 years ago today. I know I haven't written in here much lately, but your photos are in my bedroom and by the front door and not a day goes by I don't think of you. You are truly in my heart and will never leave me til I see you again at the Bridge. I know you watch me every day.

Be well and happy, and tell everyone else at the Bridge I said hello and love them too...Trey, Lacey, my Gus and all the other wonderful furbabies you've met and play with while you wait for us.

Love you always, precious boy.

November 28,2019

Two years ago today you went to wait for me at Rainbow Bridge, precious boy. It seems like a lifetime ago, and yet, it's like you're still with me everyday, Hobbs. Your photo is on my phone screensaver, so I see you every time I open my phone. It reminds me you're looking down on me, waiting for me at Rainbow Bridge.

I'm doing better, Hobbs, and though I feel you may already know, I'll tell you what's h as happened. I have a new friend, the nicest, best man I've ever known, Lonny. He has a little Bichon Frise, Snowball. So I have a dog I share with him. I know you'll be glad. You would have loved them both, Hobbs. I've told them both all about you. Snowball drinks water out of your bucket along with Lily and another cat I got,Kodi. Lonny and I bought a house so there's plenty of room for everyone. I like to think you're looking down and happy for us, wagging your little black tail.

So, sweet boy. Know I think of you every day. Lonny lost his kitty, Missy, in June. I told him I'd ask you to look for her, and his other furbabies, Scoochie and Whitey, who are waiting for him at the Bridge.

Be well and say hello to Trey and Sophie and Lacey. And my Gus and Holly.

Love you always

August 31, 2020

Happy Birthday, my darling boy. You were born 16 years ago today. Three birthdays we've been apart, but you've really never left me, have you? I know you are there at the Bridge watching me and waiting, and I carry you in my heart every day.

Lily is on the sofa beside me, and Kodi is looking for trouble as usual! I told you last year about Lonny and his baby Snowball. It's a blessing to have them. Athena is 9 now, Hobbs. Remember when she wasn't even two and you took naps snuggled up to her? She has two photos of you in her bedroom.

Say hello to Lacey and Trey and Sophie. And my Gus and Holly. And Lonny's Missy and Schoochie and Whitey.

Love you forever and always, Hobbs.

December 24, 2021

It's almost Christmas, my sweet Hobbs. Our 5th Christmas with you waiting for me at the Bridge. A long time. I think of you every day.

I haven't written in here in a long while. 2020 and 21 have been rough years with a pandemic. I've often thought how you always knew if I was upset or troubled and were always there to comfort me. Lily has taken over for you sweetie. I never thought a cat would do that, but she does. Like I told you after you passed onto the Bridge to be well again and wait, I think you whispered in her ear to take care of me before you physically left us. Your spirit never has.
Frosty left us to join you last year. You know he was with Greta again. He was 14. I know you were there wagging your tail to greet him. Such a little mischievous kitten he was. Sometimes a real nuisance! Remember how Sophie would growl and not let him look at her chew bones when he was a baby? And when he was older he would jump out and startle her and then run? He never did that to you. He loved you. I think because when he was a tiny kitten and came to sniff your bones you wagged your tail and offered to let him share it! That's just how you were.

I did get another Spaniel last years, Hobbs. A baby English Toy Spaniel! His name is Winston. I couldn't get another Springer bcause I knew I would compare him or her to you. Winnie is only 18 pounds but he is all spaniel! He lives to run and fetch and chew bones and act silly sometimes. Black and Tan with long silky spaniel ears and that remind me of yours.I know you're happy I have another Spaniel to take care of me and cheer me up.
Lonny's baby Snowball is 15 now. He's doing well, but we treasure ever day with him. He is the sweetest,kindest, most gentle dog I've ever known besides you, Hobbs. You two would have loved each other.
Merry Christmas, sweetheart. Say hello to all my furbabies waiting with you.
Love you forever and always, Hobbs.

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