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Memories of Hobbes
"But what is grief, if not love persevering?"-WandaVision

Hobbes, the handsome prince of the feline world, came to our family in 2004. He was only three months old and needed to grow into his ears. They were so big compared to his head. But grow into those ears he did, and into a beautiful ginger boy that loved to chase chipmunks and critters and bring them, alive, to me as a gift. I had to make him drop his gifts before coming into the house. He never roamed free, but was out on a leash like a dog. Honestly, he was more dog than cat! He loved being outside no matter the season. He'd come out while we shoveled snow or mowed the lawn and just watch over us. He had the best markings, called a Ring of Fire on both sides of his body. He was beautiful. And his face was round and full. Such a loyal and loving boy, always ready to corral me into the living room to snuggle until bedtime every night. Then, he'd curl up next to me in bed. I wouldn't move all night so he could sleep. He was our boy for 16 1/2 years before he left us for his next journey. Until I see him again, I hope he is with his buddies, pals and family members, chasing chipmunks and critters, or just soaking up the sun's razes and cooling breezes, rolling in catnip under bushes or trees. Love you forever, buddy! xoxo

March 1, 2021: Missing you a whole bunch these past few days, buddy. I continue to "see" you cruising through the house, or sitting in your windows or your many cozy places to snooze. I realized today that I was no longer the mom of a kitty, but I will be forever your mom. Hobbes's mom...that is how I've been known for 16 1/2 years. Even your human siblings and dad knew who was first in the pecking order in our family! You will forever be in my heart, buddy. Miss you to pieces. xoxo

March 6, 2021: Just wanted to let you know that I'm thinking about you, buddy. Every. Day. Eliza continues to make you "food" in her kitchen. She looks around for her "kitty" daily. She started to say your name the day after you left us.❤️ She carries around and "feeds" the stuffed Siamese cat that was mine when I was young. So sweet! Love you, buddy. xoxo

March 11, 2021: Hey buddy! I got my keepsake bracelet today with your paw print on it and it is beautiful. Even the people at Geib thought the same thing. They had never seen this bracelet before and now they know they can recommend it to other people. It is the perfect keepsake. It has your paw print on it and it has your name engraved on it too. Now I will carry your paw print with me 24 hours a day seven days a week. The little plate for your urn that Kait got also from the funeral home has your paw print on it and it is terrific. Plus, I ordered one from rainbow Bridge and the people were wonderful. I will be putting that one on the shadowbox with all your little remembrances. And I also was notified that my little cuddle clone of you is in production. I think Bean will be so excited when it arrives. Remember how much she enjoyed pretending to make you food and feeding you. And even though you were very sick, you patiently let her "feed" you, squeeze you, and play house. In return, she learned how to be gentle and quiet when you were resting. You two were great buddies! Keep an eye on her from above...her own furangel. I won't always get a chance to write, and there may be weeks or months before I do, but you know even if I'm not writing, I'm talking to you daily and carry you in my heart always. Love, Mom xoxo

March 15, 2021: Good morning, buddy! Daylight saving time was this past weekend. We always looked forward to it because your breakfast clock was back to normal.😊 I came downstairs and found a "paw impression" on the couch near the blankets. Thanks for the visit! Sunday night, the 8th, I woke up with a start. I felt your presence near my face, saw your beautiful face, and swear that my face was buried in your fur as I always did! It literally took my breath away...it felt oh so real! I believe you stopped by for a visit and a snuggle just like always before sleep. I will hold on to that feeling and visit forever! Thank you!! See you soon! xoxo Mom

March 20, 2021: Hi, buddy! Today is the first official day of spring! I went on a long hike and chatted with you the entire time. I stopped at one point, and just took in the surroundings. The trees, the water, the sky, the birds...and right on time, two cardinals flew by. They say when we see cardinals, our deceased loved ones are thinking about us. It's happened to me a couple of times. I'd sure like to think that you're with me at those exact times. I may not always write to you, there may be days, weeks, months that go by without an entry. But you know that I wear your paw print on my wrist every day. And I say good morning and good night. I talk to you just like before, and dad still asks if I'm talking to you or him. lol Nothing changed, he still doesn't hear me. Do me a favor and find Garfield, Ashley's buddy. He passed away today. Tell your sister Hopper, and Snoopy, Tiger, Nemo, Diesel ((Bob and Kayla's dog), Madison, Ruby, Rini that I said hi. I'll see you all in Paradise Meadow by Rainbow Bridge someday in the future. Love, Mom xoxo

March 21. 2021: Thanks for joining me on my hike today! Two beautiful cardinals on the Towpath. xoxo

March 28, 2021: Hi Hobbesy-boy! Keep sending me those cardinals, buddy. And I look forward to seeing the hummers soon, too! All remind me of you, that you're with me.❤️ I want you to know that no other kitty or animal will ever take your place. Ever. My heart is yours forever. Until I see you in Paradise Meadow near Rainbow Bridge, visit me often and know that I love you forever. Love, Mom xoxo

"When tomorrow starts without me and I'm not there to see, the sun will rise and find your eyes all filled with tears for me. I know how much you love me, as much as I love you, And each time that you think of me, I know you'll miss me too. But when tomorrow starts without me, please try to understand that an angel came, called my name and petted me with her hand. I thought about our lives together, I know you must be sad, I thought of all the love we shared and all the fun we had. So when tomorrow starts without me don't think we're far apart. For every time you think of me, I'm right there in your heart." Love you forever. 🐾❤️

March 31, 2021: Hi Bubs! I love and miss you! Here's a poem written by Dad of a furbaby.

The Seasons of Our Pets

There are times throughout the year
when seasons come and disappear
in ordered pattern, ordered way,
as day follows night, and night the day.

And lives conform to nature's sway
and natural laws...come what may.

And so our pets reflect the seasons
obeying laws that nature reasons,
from times when each one has its birth,
to when they take last breath on earth.

At winter's end spring has begun.

With it come life rays from the sun.

It is the time of new born joy
be it girl, or be it boy.

And mothers give so willingly
to ones who show dependency
so their life bloods will flow.

They protect and feed each babe in need
so that each small one will grow.

Eventually summer comes around.

Young adulthood can be found,
where life is good with those who care
and gifts of love are what is shared.

Life is lived in full each day:
snooze on a bed, make time to play.

Have a treat...so tasty to eat,
tastes so good and not too sweet.

Laze in warm rays of the sun.

Engage in mischief...have great fun.

But life moves on to autumn days
and nature always has her ways.

Our pets slow down... this is the case
that youthful play age does erase.

But they're content. They feel secure
'cause we have given them love that's pure.

There's no place that they'd rather be
than be with us...their family.

At autumn's end winter does come,
and in this season they succumb
to that which may be life's last page,
and they wear out through their old age.

And grieving, we must say goodbye
to faithful friends as they must die.

But even then we know we're blessed
'cause we know they are now at rest.

They've lived full lives. To us it's plain
that... gifted with them, we'd have them again.

They've given us laughter, tears and joy,
a meaning for life we can employ
in all we do through every day
stored in our hearts, that special place,
that time...and season...can never erase.

John Whitman © June 2019

April 7, 2021: Hi Hobbes! How are you doing today? I wanted to let you know that Shannon and Josh's pug, Martin, should be romping around in Paradise Meadow near the rainbow bridge. If you could find him and introduce him to all of your friends, I would appreciate it. He got really sick a couple weeks ago and there was nothing more that the vet could do for him. Henry will be so sad without Martin around. Luckily, they still have Penelope to love and cuddle on.

Speaking of love and cuddle, our cuddle Clones have you arrived a week or so ago. Oh my goodness! Eliza was so excited! At first she wasn't really sure, and she kind of looked at it like is this my buddy or is this not my body. Then she pointed to the floor to help me put it down. She laid on the floor and walked around it until she was pretty sure it look like you. She then laid down, stood back up again, picked it up and hugged and kissed it 1000 times! She curate around the house and into the computer room they have a conversation with it! She covers it up and kisses it all the time. We call him Hobbes 2.0.❤️🐾❤️

April 8, 2021: Good morning, buddy! Two months ago today, at this time, you left us to go to Paradise Meadow and the rainbow bridge. Not a moment, not a day goes by when you were not spoken of or thought of. We all miss you very, very much. Especially me, and I am pretty sure that he lies does a whole bunch too. Remember, I mean I always always post something on an anniversary date or on a special day, but not a moment or day goes by when we don't talk about you or think about you or miss you. Keep an eye on us all and visit when you can. Love you forever! xoxo Mom 🐾❤️🐾❤️

April 17, 2021: Hi buddy! Sitting here, thinking of you. Bean and I looked at pics of you today. It's so sweet when she says your name and looks at your pictures. She misses you as much as I do. Come visit when you can. Love you forever. xoxo Mom 🐈❤️

April 19, 2021: Hi Bubs: Stopping by to copy one of the poems to send to a friend. Hey! Help us catch Snickers so he can return home after being lost for a year! He's a ginger boy like you. Not as handsome, though. :-) No Ring of Fire, though. Love you forever, Mom xoxo

April 30, 2021: Hi Buddy! I was just thinking about how you would capture critters, never killing them. Bringing them to me, or playing with them until they were so scared, they died. Poor things! The day you brought the chipmunk to the patio door. I begged you to drop it. It wiggled and wiggled! Finally, you dropped it and it ran up the siding. You sat next to the corner of the house all day waiting for it to come down!😂 I miss you so very much. Love you. Mom ❤️🐾🐈

May 8, 2021: Hi Hobbsie-boy! Thanks for the $2 lottery ticket win. Two 8seach worth $1. On the 8th. ❤️🐈🐾 I truly believe your spirit is with me each day. Tomorrow is Mother's Day. I will always be your mom...Hobbes's mom. xoxo

Grief is really just love. You don't grieve someone you didn't love. Multiple truths...you can feel tremendous pain and grief and sadness...yet also experienced joy and happiness...One feeling does not negate the other. ~ Dr. Jen Ashton

May 15, 2021: Hi Bubs!
And St. Francis asked Hobbes's spirit
Are you ready to come home?
Oh, yes, quite so, replied Hobbes's precious soul
And, as a cat, I am most able to decide anything for myself

Are you coming then? Asked St. Francis
Soon, replied the whiskered angel Hobbes
But I must come slowly. For you see, my human friend is troubled.
For you see, she needs me, quite certainly.

But doesn't she understand? asked St. Francis
That you'll never leave her?
That your souls are intertwined for all eternity?
That nothing is created or destroyed?
It just is...forever and ever and ever.

Eventually she will understand,
Replied the glorious Hobbes,
For I will whisper into her heart
That I am always with her
I just am...forever and ever and ever
Her alley cat, Hobbes.

May 27, 2021: Hi Bubby! So yesterday when Kait was leaving, a chipmunk ran under the box next to the patio door. I made her move the box so it would run out. It headed to the front corner of the house. We chuckled as we recalled last fall when a chipmunk got in the house and you wanted nothing to do with it. Later in the evening, I was checking my Timehop. A FB post fro 8 years ago popped up. You, my great furry ginger hunter had a gift for me while I was swinging on the patio. Probably a chipmunk, always your gift of choice. You wouldn't drop it. Followed me around until I got Dad to make you drop it. Today, while Eliza played in the flowers, a chipmunk came running across the patio while I was swinging on the patio. Chipmunks. Message received, bubby. 🐾🐈❤️ 🐿

June 5, 2021: Hi Hobbesie-boy! Here's a cute story. Kennedy, Sandy's granddaughter, told dad that when dogs and cats die, and they go to heaven, they go to heaven as puppies and kitties. And their dog Diesel died this past spring. She said that Nemo, Dan and Sandy's dog, is telling Diesel to being nice to you and not to chase you. And that you are now all friends and you are puppies and kitties. You are all in heaven now playing together. What a great story! Love you! xoxo Mom 🐾❤️🐈

July 18, 2021: Hi Buddy! I found the feather. Thank you! Umm, don't send anymore moles. They're ugly and fast! lol We're trapping them since you're kind of busy. Thanks for rescuing Binx from the condo collapse.❤️ I love you. xoxo Mom 🐾❤️🐈

August 8, 2021: Hi Hobbesie-boy! It's been 6 months today that your little sweet soul left this earth. At this time 6 mos ago, I slept on the couch while you rested in your carrier, restless and struggling. I wrapped our OSU blanket around the carrier to keep you warm. It was one of the worse nights of my life. I miss you oh so much, buddy. I'm collecting your feather gifts. Thank you! I say hi with each visit by a hummer or cardinal. Visit as often as you like! Love you, Mom 🐾❤️🐈

August 30, 2021: Hi buddy! Last week, (8-20 thru 8-28) you joined us as we traveled to Kiawah Island. Thank you for all the feathers 🪶 on the beach! I brought one home for my feather jar. On Monday the 23rd, you would have turned 17 years old. I wanted you with me on that day and not home alone. Happy Birthday, Hobbsie-boy. I shared your pic on FB and Instagram. Your shadow has followed me around the house today. Maybe your remains joined us on Kiawah, but I think your spirit stayed home. I miss you. ❤️🪶🐾🐈

November 20, 2021: Good morning, Hobbesie-boy! On this day 17 years ago, the kids and I hopped in the wagon and drove to Toledo to pick you up. You had just arrived from your long trip from Iowa. So glad we found you and you became our best boy. You were just an orange ball of fur, yet to to grow into your big ears and paws. I miss you oh so much. Love, Momma ❤️🐈🐾

November 25, 2021: It's Thanksgiving Day, dear Hobbes, the first without you. Not a day goes by that you're not thought about and wrapped in love. I miss you. Love, Momma ❤️🐾🐈

December 25, 2021: Merry Christmas to my best boy! I hope it's a beautiful holiday in heaven. My first Christmas without you. No Hobbes to lay peacefully sleeping under the tree. No Hobbes to lick all the bows. Not a day goes by that I don't think of you. I miss you terribly. Love, Momma ❤️🐈🐾

December 31, 2021: Good Morning, Hobbsie-boy! Although you probably already know this, but I thought let you know that we lost Big Fish yesterday. Eliza will be very sad because she has become by the school with him. I ordered a new big fish, Pleco. He should arrive hopefully next week. Please make sure that you greet him at the rainbow bridge. I love you miss you very much. Love, Momma 🐾🐈❤️

January 1, 2022: Good morning and happy new year! Did you see Betty White yet? She passed away yesterday at age 99 Springbrook yesterday. 18 days short of 100. She will take care of you until I join you someday. 😊 This will be the first time in 17 years that I will start a year without you. First full year and 17 years without you. Same with Big Fish. I love you buddy! Love, Momma ❤️🐾🐈

Jan. 24, 2022: Hi Buddy! Today is my 65 birthday. Wish you were here to snuggle with me. I did get to snuggle with Tibby on Saturday. He's soft and cuddly like you. Made biscuits on me!🥰Made me miss you oh so much. Jim won't let me get another cat.😤 As the day of your passing gets closer, memories flood my dreams.🥰 Love, Mom ❤️🐾🐈

Jan. 31, 2022: Hi Hobbes! Best visit ever last night. Thanks, Bubs. You made my night and day. Love, Momma ❤️🐈🐾

April 5, 2022: Hi Best Buddy! Grandma passed away on March 28, 2022. Look for her, and Gramps. They will have comfy laps for you. Just don't shed on Grandma.😉 Eliza and I found the Blue Jay feather today. Thank you! See you in my dreams! I love and miss you. Love, Momma ❤️🐾🐈

June 8, 2022: Hi My handsome prince! Amy Joes passed away tonight. She never really petted or talked to you, but do reach out and welcome her. I hope you are enjoying each day, chasing critters or just basking in the sun. Catnip? I have tons for you, my best boy. I miss and love you. Love, Momma 🧡🐾🐈

June 24, 2022: Good morning, my handsome prince! Momma loves you. 🧡🐈🐾

August 16, 2022: Hi Buddy! This is your birthday month. You would have been 18 on the 23rd. I did my best to give you a loving and healthy life. 16.5 years on 2/8/2021 wasn't long enough with us. With Eliza. She talks about you all the time and misses you very much. So do I. Love, Momma🧡🐾🐈

August 23, 2022: Happy 18th Birthday, my handsome prince of the feline world! Eliza and I found all the 🪶. You were with us all day long. Eliza talked about you to her friends and her dad. You're her Hobbsie-boy, and she misses you greatly. So do I. Love you, buddy. Momma 🧡🐈🐾

Nov. 20, 2004: Good Morning, my dear Hobbsie-boy! 18 yrs ago today, Kait, Liam and I drove to NW Ohio to pick you up from your long trip from Iowa to us. 🥰 What a day it was. You were so tiny, but such a ball of fire! Your birthday is Aug. 23, 2004. We had to wait til you were 3 months old til we could adopt you. It was love at first sight. We were concerned because you had gunk in your eyes and a runny nose, so we brought a "cone of shame" that didn't stay on long! Once home, your 16 1/2 year rule over the house began.😻 I miss you, Hobbes. So does Eliza. You live forever in our hearts. Love, Momma 🧡🐾🐈

Dec 4, 2022: Hi my best boy! I read the following poem and wanted to share it with you. Enjoy the meadows. I'll be there to meet you!
There is a bridge connecting Heaven and Earth.
It is called the Rainbow Bridge because of its many colors.
Just this side of the Rainbow Bridge there is a land of meadows, hills and valleys with lush green grass.
When a beloved pet dies, the pet goes to this place.
There is always food and water and warm spring weather with endless sunshine.
The old and frail animals are young again. Ones that were sick are now well.
There is only one thing missing. They are not with the special person who loved them on Earth.
Each day they run and play until the day comes when one suddenly stops playing and looks up.
The tail swishes, the ears perk up and their eyes are staring.
This one runs from the group.
You have been seen and when you and your special friend finally reunite, you take them into your arms and embrace.
Your face is kissed again and again, and you look once more into the eyes of your trusting friend, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.

Then you cross the rainbow bridge together. I miss and love you! Momma 🐾🧡🐈

Dec. 25, 2022: Merry Christmas, Best Buddy! It's the second Christmas without you, and the sadness is as though you just left me. But I will forever carry you in my heart. Eliza still adores you and carries you in her heart too. You under the tree sleeping by the manger. Priceless. I miss you and love you. Momma 🐾🧡🐈

Jan 1, 2023: Happy New Year, buddy! And with the start of every new year brings the reminder marking another year that you are no longer with us. Eliza and I care of you and our hearts always. I love you. Momma 🐾🧡🐈

Jan. 11, 2023: Good Morning, buddy! I love you! 🐾🧡🐈 Momma

Feb 4, 2023: Hi BestBuddy!This is the hardest week for me. The past month too. Two years ago you were fighting to hold on to your life. I was trying to ignore it. I didn't want to show my emotions. Afraid people would laugh esp Jim. He's not a cat/pet person at all. Tolerated you, Hopper, whatever we had which wasn't much. "We're going to travel" is always his line. Travel where? Anyway, Tibby is here to keep me company, and to remind me of the beauty and unconditional love our furkids surround us with. You are so missed. Love, Momma 🐾🧡🐈

Feb 8, 2023-from Luca's Mom
"He saved my life, countless times.

I truly believe he was a once in a life time kind of love. A love so fierce, so wholesome, so beautiful, & true, that it will continue to burn a fire in my soul until I do get to meet with him again.

Being his Mama was the greatest, most wonderful, incredible gift I was ever given & I will miss this boy with every breath I take.

Rest easy, my sweet Angel Boy.
See you at the Rainbow Bridge. 🤍✨"

Feb. 8, 2023: Hi Hobbesy-boy! Today, it's been two years since you left my side. Not a day goes by that I don't talk to you, think of you. Tibby has been here to keep me company. I think he got your message. He's been by my side a lot, but last night he spent the entire night with me, and today hasn't left my side. Sleeping on my lap just like you right now. No one will ever take your place, buddy. You can be sure of that. Tibby helps to fill the void. He's a mini-Hobbes for sure. I'm grateful to Liam for letting him be with me. Visit when you can. I love you. Momma 🧡🐈🐾🤎🐾🐈‍⬛

April 22, 2023: Hi Best Buddy! Seems today is one of those tough days and I miss you a whole bunch. Probably because Tibby isn't here visiting anymore. It was so great to have him in the house for 2 1/2 months. He got really sick and I took him to the vet, Dr. happy. She put him on cisapride and wanted to put him on four to Flora, but Liam wants to do things naturally and try to change his food. to see if he'll eat a little bit more. He had some kidney problems and respiratory problems. Baby Luna, struggling with kidney failure. We're hoping that a change of food will help her and she'll live a long time. Please keep an eye on both of them for me. I could feel you and hear you walking in the house a couple times in the last week or two. I love those unexpected visits! Eliza saw your paw print on my bracelet. She loved it. She misses you so much as do I. Visit any time. Keep an eye on her, buddy. She needs a pal. I love you. Momma 🧡🐾🐈

May 15, 2023: Hi, buddy! Just wanted to give you a heads up, but I think you already know, that Luna will be joining you shortly. Please be in the meadow ready to greet her so she's not scared. She's just a little baby kitty. Momma loves you ♥️🐾🐈 ♥️🐾🐈‍⬛.

May 16, 2023: Hi Best Kitty in the whole world! Thank you for being there for Luna. I got your message. I miss you so much. Momma 🧡🐾🐈 🖤🐾🐈‍⬛

June 6, 202:: Hi Hobbsie-boy! Just stopping by to say hello to my best "ring of fire" buddy. There is a kitty on the Internet that looks just like you. With a ring of fire on his sides too. Watch him and imagine that you have come back to life, but just as a different kitty and to a different family. And that's OK as long as I can watch you. I love you! Momma🧡🐾🐈

June 24, 2023: Hi Buddy! I met four new kitty friends at Ann Kepler's house today. Robert C let me cuddle and love on him.♥️ I miss you, pal. xoxo Momma 🐾🧡🐈

July 5, 2023: Good Morning, Hobbes! Yesterday was the 4th of July. Eliza and I played Hobbsie-boy. She loves to pretend to be a kitty... to be you. I rescued Maggie from the garage during the storm for Karen Gowins on Sunday. I love you, buddy. Momma 🐾🧡🐈

August 29, 2023: Hi Sweet Boy! Stopping by to let you know the hummingbirds are going crazy! You'd have a great time watching their antics this summer. Love you a bunch. Momma 🐾🧡🐈

Nov.20, 2023: Good morning, sweet boy! Today is a very special day. 19 years ago today, we drove all the way up to Toledo maybe to pick you up. To rescue you. You came to us from Iowa. From a lady who raised cats. I saw your picture and fell in love with you immediately. I knew that you would be mine as soon as you were weaned from your mama. I always wanted a ginger cat. Boy did I get lucky. You are the best ginger cat ever. The prince of the feline world. Eliza calls you the king. I miss you so much. You are just a little buffer so much energy. Boy were we blessed. 16 1/2 years we had you with us. You now live forever in our hearts and our memories. Lots of love,Momma 🐾🧡🐈

Dec. 27, 2023: Hello, my best boy! Thank you for the best Christmas present ever...having Tibby Boy spend 2 1/2 months with us including Thanksgiving and Christmas. It was wonderful to have your cousin/brother with us for such a long time. He is crazy like you. I think he was channeling YOU!!😂 I hope you are romping around and doing your jobs as assigned by the angels. Give my love to everyone. Every time I kissed Tibby, I'm know he was sending those kisses to you. Love, Momma🐾🐈🧡

Jan. 16, 2024: Hi Best Buddy! Thinking of you today! I love you! Momma 🐾🧡🐈

Feb. 8, 2024: My Dearest Hobbes, It's been three years since I had Riley you go. The hole in my heart, the sadness is as profound today as it was that very cold, snowy day. What a gut-wrenching week and weekend. I wish I had not pretended to be tough and strong throughout your final days. I was crushed inside. Devastated. Still am, buddy. I look forward to the day when we are together again. I love you. I miss you. Momma 🐾🧡🐈

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