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Memories of Hissy
When my husband came down in Sept 2016 to our new house we hadn't occupied yet he saw a cat on what was then our back deck. She sat there as if she had just taken possession of the house and he was an unwanted interloper. My husband, being a long-time cat dad went out and she hissed at him. Then, looked at him and hissed again.
" Hello Hissy' he said. She marched disdainfully away.

I didn't meet Hissy for a full month, but then, one day, when I was feeling displaced, lonely and a little lost, I went out onto the back deck, and there she sat.

She hissed at me, then, as I went and got a plate of cat food, her ears perked up, and with trepidation and looking as though she weren't quite sure, she sniffed the food and began to eat. She ate with gusto, but I should point out she didn't look starved. I had the feeling and do to this day that she had another place besides ours she visited.

Hissy became a regular visitor. From the start, we knew we had to TNR her because almost immediately we saw other male cats coming to visit as well, though Mr. Fluffy and the cat we believe to be Hissy's young adult daughter, Miss Adaelia Fluffykins came as well. We couldn't get near Hissy or her suitors, or the big fluffy cat that proved to be her husband. However, Ms.. Fluffykids was sweet as sugar and as nice. (She went on to be placed with a rescue and get a wonderful home.)

Well, Hissy disappeared for a few weeks. When she next showed up, she was very pregnant. Our new vet felt she was too close to term to spay. (looking out through my back door he said 'any day now') We were dismayed and Hissy then disappeared again. Some month and a half later she came parading into our yard, with five little kittens following her who promptly disappeared under our deck. They looked as if we were going to eat them. Instead, she'd bought them for the dinner buffet where they (and their dad and mom) enjoyed three plates of food.

She decided to stay awhile. The weather was nice and she and the kittens lived under the porch and we think in our shed. I'll never forget how one day a hawk flew over and she made a sound that meant 'take cover' and they dove under the porch as she stood guard. She taught them about snakes, too. They feared the water hose.

We watched them play. When they were four months old we trapped them, and some weeks later her (she was tough to trap cat). They were neutered, vaccinated, and ear-tipped.

Hissy was spayed on one of the stormest days-and then weeks-of the year. We set up a cage for her in my office. I didn't know how she'd react, but she took to it surprisingly well. On day three when I went to feed, nervous that she might be feeling a little feisty-she was hissing-I reached to ut her food dish in. She sniffed my hand, let me pet her, and then, surprise, surprise...she hugged me!

Hissy was about as Feral as the man on the moon. She was a faker!

Thereafter we began one of the greatest and most frustrating and wonderful friendships since Thelma and Louise. Did I mention Mr. Fluffy babysat the kittens til she was free again?

You weren't 'my' cat, Hissy. I didn't 'own you. You owned me though, body and soul. You were my bestie. You had me at the get go. I will miss you my sweetheart. I will miss you forever.


I love flowers, I love the rain
Watching the kittens
As we play this game
I know you smile as you watch over me
I'm a cat in the meadow
A wild heart beating free

I saw your tears and I felt your hand
As my spirit passed you couldn't understand
It wasn't your fault, no it couldn't be
I was just my own purrson,
A heart born to beat free

I loved you truly, you know I still do
We belonged to each other
Please don't feel blue
I've left you my kittens,
They have my purr
My mate's there to love you
Show you Miracles occur
But don't cry too long, no
Cause my friend don't you see,
Our souls entwine forever
We're hearts who beat free

I lived life on my terms, I came home to you
I needed to thank you, and this now I do
For being my friend, you know you're my home
I'll love you forever, wherever I roam
I know you're sad, but don't mourn for me
Cause I'd do it all again
I'm a heart beating free

I know you saw me, in the twilight
A moment of clarity for you with second sight
I'll purr to you in dreamtime, as you stroke my furr
For I was meant to lead you,
Make Miracles occur
Don't doubt the magick, no cause you see
I'm an immortal spirit, A wild heart beating free.

Dedicated to Hissy, Forever of the Ridgewood Clowder. Always in our hearts.

Ruffy sent this for us. I wanted to tell you how much I love you and miss you my bestest friend.
I will love you forever. Thank you for the gift of your precious family.


In the dark of early morning
The sky's misty and it glows
You ache in your heart for me
You feel me close, I know
I wish I could have changed it
But it wasn't to be
I love you more than I can say
Don't regret for me
I'm made of a million points of light
I shine for you in moonless night
I let my soul run wild and free
No, my love, don't cry for me
We are immortal, it was just my time
A million points of light
Are now all mine
I pace through the yard, roll in grass
My kin sense me as I pass
We play for a while and I breathe
Please know I didn't want to leave
I'm here now, I'll come again
For you be comforted until then
I'm a million points of light
I run faster than I thought I might
I can ride the wind and see
All you do-I'm still me
I crossed over to watch over you
I always will
It's what I do.
Foggy night now mornings near
I purr my wisdom in your ear
As my kin take care of you
Make you smile when you're blue
Look for the magic in all that's free
For it's all a part of me
In a million points of light
Of all the mist that shields the night
I didn't leave you, this I swear
When you need me I'll be there
I move just beyond what you see
But you and I-we'll always be.

A year later, and I still miss you so very much. I love you, Hissy. Your sons and daughters do too, as does Mr. Fluffy.

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