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Memories of Hines "Bo-Bos" Austin
Hines, you used to sleep on your own bed. I remember the first day you slept with me. It was August 14, 2012, the day my best friend Carolyn died. I was sitting in my bed with tears streaming down my face and you walked in...you clearly knew I was sad and you jumped up on my bed and put your head on my lap. We fell asleep like that on that night, and many nights after. Thank you for providing comfort during that horrible time. You were also there for me through my Dad's death and then when I came home from the hospital only a few months ago. Now you are gone and I'm struggling to find the comfort you always gave me. I loved you more than words can express and hope that you knew that. Your death was so sudden, we are all still shocked and heartbroken. I would give everything I have to have you back. You will always be with me and Dexter, and everyone else that loved you. Grammy misses you soooooooo much, RIP my sweet baby. Love Grammy

March 1, 2018....Hines, you've been gone for almost 2 months, not a day goes by without me thinking of you. It's bright and sunny today and a little windy, perfect day for a walk in the park. I tried to go without you, but it was too painful. I miss you so much and still talk to you daily. I wear your remains in a heart locket on a gold chain, but it's not the same as being with you. "The Owner" misses you too and thinks about you every day while he's working in his home office and looking out of the window that you used to jump in and out of. Kalyssa & Lil Dexter miss you and don't quite understand why you're not home, and I don't understand either. Uncle Jordan came home from law school for the weekend and thinks the house is "weird" without you here to greet him. We all love you so much and have huge holes in our heart since you left. I hope you have friends on the bridge and can feel our love for you.

May 3, 2018....Hines, my handsome boy, you've been gone for 4 months, and I still miss you every day. I wish I could just see you one more time, one more "puppy massage", one more greeting from you at the garage door, one more walk in the park, one more time of making me smile. You lived a good life, free from pain and well loved, but I still don't believe your gone. You will forever be Grammy's baby, always loved and NEVER forgotten. Rest in peace my handsome boy, we love you.

January 3, 2019....Hines, it's been a year since you've been gone, and I still think about you daily and miss you. I sometimes think I hear you in the house and think you'll be at the door when I come in through the garage. I will always believe you deserved more time on this earth, I deserved more time with you. I bet you have tons of friends at the bridge by now, and I'm sure you're the best looking one there. I miss you so much buddy, there will never be another dog like you to me. I wish I could have one more day with you. Grammy loves you Hines, then, now, always....

January 3, 2021....Hines, it's been 3 years since you've been gone. It took me a long time to not cry every day, but I cried today and miss you every day. I have a new dog now, his name is Hank and he looks like he could be your brother, and I mistakenly call him Hines at least once a week. I think of you daily and look at your pictures on my living room shelf every day. I especially missed you this past year as I've been home working and not traveling for almost the whole year because of the pandemic...you would've got to have me home a long time with you and we could've went on so many walks. Jessie and Uncle Jordan were home for Christmas and they like Hank but kept calling him Hines. I'll never love another dog as much as I loved you buddy, you were the best dog in the world and we had a great relationship. I bet you are the most popular dog at the bridge and I hope you remember Grammy. My sweet boy, Grammy misses you so much, love you....

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