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Memories of Hershey Wingo
Hershey was born May 20,1997. We already had his uncle, Midnight, born at the Moss' house. Midnight's sister, Smokey, had only 3 kittens. Two were brown, Hershey and Cocoa. They were as brown as a chocolate lab dog . Later, I had 2 different vets tell me that you don't see that color naturally occurring in the cat kingdom unless you specifically breed them. Jenny Moss showed us Hershey and Cocoa and asked which one we wanted, and I remember saying, "I don't know! They are both so cute! I guess I will take this cross-eyed one!" That was Hershey .We brought him home to live with his Uncle Midnight.
Hershey liked to nurse, on my ear lobe! I had to get into "nursing position"--laying down, so he could get on my pillow and nurse on my ear lobe! Uncle Midnight joined in for a little while, a few months. I had a cat on both ears! But Hershey continued to nurse for about 2 more years!
Hershey was indoors and outdoors .He loved nothing more than to sit in the sun on the sidewalk. He loved ice cream .I would bring him home an ice cream cone from McDonald's and he would lick it and lick it and get ice cream all over his face and whiskers! He never cared for catnip like Midnight did, but he loved anything with feathers!
Hershey loved to curl up on my lap, and sleep with me on my pillow, but his favorite spot was outside on the sidewalk. All we ever wanted for his birthday was a sunny day so he could spend it outside watching the world go by. Even now, we call a nice sunny day a "Hershey Day".He was so patient when Noah was born in 2011.
Hershey always looked at acted 10 years younger than what he was! When Uncle Midnight, who also lived to age 20, was getting old, he got thin and bony. Not Hershey! He stayed robust looking until the end.He used up a few of his 9 lives. He got attacked by something outside and came home with some of his fur ripped off. He also got poisoned by Hartz flea medicine.But he made it to his Golden Birthday---he turned 20 on the 20th ! I kept telling him he had to hold on until his Golden Birthday. When Uncle Midnight turned 10 on the 10th for HIS Golden Birthday, we said, "Hershey has to live to be age 20", and he made it! He turned 20 May 20th ,1997, and died 4 months later, as he would have wanted, outside, with the grass under his feet and the sun and wind on his fur.
He was kind of a 'Momma's Boy", but that was fine. There will never be another Hershey, my brown furred ,cross-eyed cat!

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