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Treat me kindly, my beloved master, for no heart in all the world is more grateful for kindness than the loving heart of mine

Do not break my spirit with a stick, for though I should lick your hand between the blows, your patience and understanding will more quickly teach me the things you would have me do.

Speak to me often, for your voice is the world's sweetest music, as you must know by the fierce wagging of my tail when your footstep falls upon my waiting ear.

When it's cold and wet, please take me inside, for I am now a domesticated animal, no longer used to bitter elements. And I ask no greater glory than the privilege of sitting at your feet beside the hearth. Though you had no home, I would rather follow you through ice and snow than rest upon the softest pillow in the warmest home in all the land, for you are my god and i am your devoted worshipper..

Keep my pan filled with fresh water, for although I should not reproach you were it dry, I cannot tell you when I suffer thirst, feed me clean food, that I may stay well, to romp and play and do your bidding, to walk by your side and stand ready, willing and able to protect you with my life should your life be in danger.

And, beloved master, should the great master see fit to deprive me of my health or sight, do not turn me away from you, rather hold me gently in your arms as skilled hands grant me the merciful boon of eternal rest-and I will leave you knowing with the last breath I drew, my fate was ever safest in your hands

OH my baby boy how i miss you,i miss the nites we had playing ballie, Mocha really misses you she seems so lost with out you i can not beleive it's been 3 months since GOD took you home..I know one thing if GOD had had a dog they would have lived to be 30+ before they go,I just can't seem to get over your unexpected parting i still cry at nite when i think of the great times we had, i miss you laying next to me in bed..Life just is not the same with out you..Love you,DAD

My dearest hershy, Today was a really bad day for me, i can't get you out of my mine..All i seam to do is think about all the times we had in spring and your funny swimming in the pool and how you used to jump almost across the pool..You are with me today but i'm still crying.I love you so much you were the closest i've ever been to a Dog..Love you eternity see you soon,DAD

Hershy boy, How i still think everyday about us,It's been 4 months now people say time heals well they never met you Your personality was one of a kind,It won't be long and we'll be together again..I love you so much.Dad

My Dear Baby Boy, Hershy it's been 5 months today that god stole you away from me, i still choke up when people that had loved you ask were you're at and tell them you have passed,that still makes me cry, Moka girl is so lonely with out you and i just can't replace you.I really want you back..I love you so much, till were together again love DAD I'll speak to you next month

Hey Baby, today it's been 6 months i just can't beleive it,It feels like yesterday i was with you..I never in my life did i think i could be so much in love with a dog but everyone gets one good pet in there life and you were it..Do you know i still find tears while i'm all alone with out you and thinking about the great times we had, Baby i still miss you every day i hope things get easyer and better cause i just can't seem to get you out of my head..I love you hershy boy see you next month..Dad

Hey Baby, can you beleive it's been 8 long months and hard ones too, The way things have been going i might just be seeing you soon i want a big kiss when we see each other for a long long time and i woun't stop hugging you Mocha finaly is starting to come out of her shell that you really did help her but she just misses you so much as so do i..I never went swimming in the pool this year it just did'nt feel right i hope next year will be easyer, Miss Kitty had a litter and i know how much you loved her and how you would kiss the babyies well baby i'll talk to you next month and hope things start to get easier because all i do is think about you all the time I love you so much ..DAD

Oh My Dearest Hershey, Another Month and it still feels like yesterday still haveing dreams about the great times we had, people keep telling me get another dog they just never had a Boy like you..You were the only one out of all the dogs i've had my life and you were the one i loved the most..We have 3 new baby kittens boy how you were so protective of all our cats,Mocha is trying but she's not you just don't know why this is been so hard on me Love you Baby talk next month, Dad

Hershy, Just thinking of you,10 long months that you've been gone just think you would have been comming on 11 years baby boy i just miss you terably, Time does heal but i'd rather have you in my arms right now more than anything i still love you more than life it self.I'll see you soon have your ballie ready, Love you so much..Dad

Hershey Baby,11 months now and I have some really bad news for you. Your other Dad is very sick and may be seeing you very very soon, I'm just so bummed out first you go totaly unexpected and now with in the same year were loseing Vern, I'm not even over loseing you and now my other best friend is not well, maybe you can ask GOD to leave him here for a couple more years. Mocha is just town up about vern she used him kind of to re-place your lose.. Hope your chaseing your bally every day just like the old days..I'm still crying when i think about you, damn i loved you..Thinking of you always DAD

Hershey Baby some really bad news.. Your other DAD Vern has died totally unexpected just like what happened to you, Please greet him with all your love he'll really need it.. Mochca's a total wreck she seems worst than when you went.. Just don't know what to do anymore I love you so much DAD


Hershey may baby boy i still miss you so much and now your other dad has died this last xmas life is so very lonely with out you Boy if i could only go back in time. They say time heals but they never had a dog as great as you were, your wit and smarts were something. Miss mocha is so lonley with out you and i'm just not ready to re-place you, your not re-placeable..You know baby i've had dogs all of my 60+ years but never one that touched me like you. Till we hug again love you as long as i'm alive..DAD

Hershey, They say time heals well i sure hope that's true cause i just can't stop thinking of you, not a day goes buy that i don't tell a story about the kindness you showed. Damn i miss you Mocha a great girl but your were my life mate. I can sometimes get your smell from your dog bed but i really wish i could hug you one last time, I'm so bored with out you I love you so much , well i'll talk to you next month and see how your doing Love and Hugs DAD

My Baby boy Hershey, We had a wounderful weekend, Mocha got to go swimming in your pool yesterday boy she was so happy but i know she kept looking for you she misses you so much. I still can't even think about replaceing you because you were the one and only good boy i'll ever have we all get one and you were mine. Mocha's stating to show her age she has taken over from you her protectiveness she sure Became a good girl since you passed man it's been 14 months i still feel as it was yesterday i'm still SAD when i think of you i have you everywere your pictures are all over the shop and house,I love you baby will talk next month, Love you Baby Hershey,DAD

Hershy boy here it is another month and all i do at nite when i go to bed is looking for your hug i got from you before sleep, 15 months and it still seems like yesterday sunday mocha and i cleaned the pool for her you can see she still thinks you comming swimming but she finally gets out and smeel around looking for you. We have a new kitty just like the one you had as your best buddy she lays with mocha all day long.Hershy it's so lonely here at work with out your silly ness and you being so goffy all the time, man i still cry at least once a week thinking of you another summer with out you will still be hard on me, I love you so much i'll talk at you next month hope your having fun with your bally and dolly love you so much.. DAD

Hershy baby, Your cousin Jax came for the weekend i forgot how much you look alike it was like having you for 3 days he acts just like you , he does all the silly stuff you did, he loved playing ballie which i miss teriably . Everything about him was like having you again. Mocha, Jax Me and your uncle went for a day with the dogs at a dog event you would have loved it all your buddies were there when we got home Jax and mocha played in the pool and mocha has'nt changed at all she still steels the ballie away and put it in jax face to tease him just as if it was you. Hershy i LOVE you so much and still miss you looking forward to seeing you , Love DAD

Dear Hershy Boy, Your favorite time of year is here pool all clean and ready but another year with out you Damn it's just not the same. Mocha needs your sillyness shes so drawn back with out you. I'm missing you so much i might get a rescue lab just as long as he looks like you.Even now 17 months later i miss so much the bond we had especialy when we would go to bed thats what i miss so much. Love you buddy so much there is not a day i do not think of you, their is always something around the house or truck tht every day reminds me of you God i miss you. Love you DAD

Hey Baby another month and a year and a 1/2 WOW really really miss you to this day, not a day goes by that i don't find something that reminds me of your silliness. We just had your other Dad's 6 Month death aniversity he realy loved you things do get better with time but you were my baby,I've decided to get another puppy as soon as i can save up some money. Love you baby so much and realy do miss you every day.DAD

Oh Oh Baby, been tough lately pools warm and your not in it, Boy Do i miss you still after 20 months it feels like yesterday that you were here,I still look at all the pictures i took of you (thank god) i did, i need to take more of Mocha before it starts getting bad. She's fine now but she is ageing my afternoons are just not the same anymore you new i'm a DOG guy and you were the one and only so smart when the time comes i sure hope i find a boy as beatiful as you were in side and out. Love you and miss you so much I love you Baby.. DAD

Hey hey Baby, been good weekend almost rescued a black lab but she was a runner and so we could not keep her. Remember mocha she was a bad runner i almost lost you that time, anyways as always times not healing like i though i still have dreams about you and miss you so bad nobody would understand the effect you had on me and the greatest 10 years you gave me, i'm finally going and start looking for another PUPPY not a rescue i want this little boy to be as close to your beautiful personality maybe i'll be lucky and get you all over again. I love you so much till we talk next month I love you very much, DAD

Hershey, Jax is staying the week Mocha haveing a ball you could see she love it when she has a friend i think it brings back times when she swam in the pool with you. Yesterday she was so exhausted from jumping in and out just like the 2 of you used to do. She still realy misses you just like me if only i could go back in time, I'm going and get another YOU soon just looking for the perfect Lab. Not a day still goes by that your not in my thoughts Damn i miss you it's almost 2 years and i can not get over you (whats up with that) Love you Baby will she you soon and talk to you next month I love you so much..DAD

Oh Baby been real tough last couple days, 1 year ago today was the last time I got to see your other Dad walk and Sunday will be the first day of the end of his life 1 year can you believe it. Boy did he love you so much and i really miss him and this being the anniversary of his departing really makes me sad real hard being here at work with very little to do but reflecting on all the good time we had as partners in business. How you doing I miss you so much it's coming on 2 years can you believe that. I'm looking for another YOU I want you back so bad why you affected me so much i'll never understand you were my DOG partner for life and now your gone BUT we will see each other again Mocha's starting to have problems with her hips hope see can hang on long enough to teach the new baby all your and her silliness. Love you so much baby will talk again close to verns 1 year passing..DAD

Hey baby Hershey, we had a rescue puppy last week but he just didn't work out Mocha was Pissed she would'nt even smell him but time would have helped.It's been tough last couple days since today is 1 year since we lost your other DAD but he's looking down at me and keeping you safe. I think this spring we will get another you but i'll need to get it from mommy dog so he'll bond like you did.Coming up on 2 years that you were stolen away from me I still miss and love you so much We'll keep talking see you soon Love you so very much,DAD

Hey little buddy, Sure has been lonely lately been doing alot of thinking about you and getting another fur baby like you. You were so perfect man i miss you,Miss mocha is getting old and is now starting to have problems walking,spring around the corner and this is when you used to get so excited about swimming mocha just is not you she's a lazy girl not like when you were with us then she would do anything to steel your bally now she could care less about things . She still thinks shes the only dog in town still.I still get home at nite and think how you kept me so busy throwing you ball Man i miss those nites GOD i just miss you so much, I love you even after 25 months you really touched my HEART love always your DAD.

Hershy baby boy God i Miss you had a wonderful dream last nite about you and i camping boy was that fun watching you swim after your bally. Got the pool at 74 degrees waiting for your first swim of the new year, But as we know you'll never get that joy ever again. I just can't quit thinking about you i keep looking for another puppy but the one's that i find that look like you are so Much Money, you can rest a sure there is another you out there and i'm going to find another you. Sometimes i question God's reasons for taking animals so soon you were perfect. Mocha is not doing very well she's only 9 and is starting to have problems walking and she keeps hurting her front paw/shoulder i'm keeping her in doors all weekend you know she's going to be pissed like you not being able to swim. I'll talk to you next month I love you so much..DAD

Baby, Can't keep you out of my mine all i want is another Choclate Lab just like you, you were so obidiant and realy gave me something to look forward too eveyday,yes you were not perfect you did have health issues but i beleive if the stupid VET TECH would'nt have Od you on another dogs med i beleive you'd still be here today. Guess what I'm finally seriously looking for another Chocolate Lab just like you another baby boy. It's all i want now and i'll have the deck done for him so he has a nice place to hang just like you did oh hershy I just miss you so much, Love you. DAD

Oh my Baby another month and still no Puppy I thought I found one but the guy changed his phone and now i can not get ahold of him,Damn. Wheather been great and Miss Mocha is in the pool all day see really still misses stealing away your ballie, I just miss you why you haduch a mark in my life i'll never know, I just want one more lab Baby Boy before I die i know i can give and get something back if i had another you.Baby I realy miss you and the girl is getting Old Fast, I love you so much baby Hershey Love You, DAD

Hey there Baby Hershey, guess what ? I almost got another you last weekend BUT some body bet to the baby. I'm really looking now This will be my last Fur Baby 'll ever have till i Die Boy all i really want is to have you back but that's not going to ever happen SO i'll just try my best and keep looking for your presence i one of the pup's Guess what we have a new roof and all the leaks have been fixed I could just here you barking at the roofer. The pool is very warm not like you like it but how i love it, Miss Mocha is trying to loose some weight but it's hard on her she just lost her energy when you died as i did also.Love you baby so much can't wait till next month to say Hi

Hey Hershey, Been another month since we've talked still miss you so bad, can't wait till were together again I think i'm going to wait till miss mocha goes to be with you i just do not know if i can have another beautiful baby like you again. My health is starting to slip a little and i really just want to make it to my social security and travel would have been great if you were with me you were so obedient i could take you anywhere.Just not fair to a baby puppy boy if this is what i decide to do. You ruined me when it comes to lab's you were my best dog ever and there will never be another you damn i miss you, Love you so very much DAD

Hey baby boy hershey, God I miss you can't beleive it will be 3 years soon I have never missed a dog ever like you.I have been having problem with bugerlers trying to break in the house Miss mocha is hard of hearing you would have let me know if there were any sounds But that was your thing a protector Man i just wanted you last weekend when these ass holes were here miss you teribly baby..

Hershey hershey my best friend god how i still miss you after going on 3 yrs and i still miss you i'm gettin closer to ending out diary talks here soon but i'll have these diary talks these last years for me to keep till the day i die,so cause we only have a couple months left i wrote you something speacial.
I am so thankful for the time we had together, but it will never have been enough, every day I wake just wanting one more day, just one more day. Each morning I hope to find it was all just a bad dream, but no, it is a reality every morning when my foot reaches out to touch your body, but the sheets are empty for you're not there. But my foot still just moves over the spot where you would lay, just rubs gently back and forth wishing, needing to touch you one more time and I instinctively put my hand on the pillow over where your head used to lay and my heart begins to break all over again. Silent tears started to flow down my cheeks, tears of love, tears of joy, tears of laughter remembered, tears of a lifetime of memories, tears for memories that will never be, tears of utter heart break. Grief isn't clean, tidy, or convenient. Yet feeling it and expressing it is the only way to feel whole once again. I am profoundly sad and it's ok to be sad right now, I need to be sad and to miss him, to mourn and honor you. How could the passage of a mere few years make the absence of his presence more bearable? I need to walk through the center of my grief, feel it, taste it in my tears, it is the very act of mustering the courage to move toward the pain that will ultimately lead me to healing and to come out.

So even though my heart feels so deeply and utterly broken, I am thankful for the pain, the tears, the sorrow because it means I was one of the very lucky ones to have loved so very dearly, deeply and completely and who was loved so very much. It means I have a lifetime of beautiful memories. I will take grief's hand and let it lead me through the darkness and toward the light. Every day when grief brings me to my knees, I get back up and think of you, and it gives me the courage to get through another day without you. I am willing to go through this and so much more just to have you back all my love hershey baby boy DAD.

Hey their Baby, I'm just in shock that it has been 3 years since we got to be together how i miss your snugling up on a cold nite with your butt next to mine, I so miss you in the mourning how excited you were just to be up and out side chasing the cats sneaking a couple cat moursels Damn I loved you so much. Well miss Mocha does not have much time shes having a hard time getting up just hope with the warm weather coming she'll make it till summer. So hershy i've been looking for a puppy now for about 3 months i'm so afraid that moss mocha will go before the new baby come to the house i so wanted her to teach the baby manners. Well baby i'll talk at you wheel soon and I love you and miss you so much..DAD

Oh Baby it's been another month since we got to talk, How I miss you even though it's been 3 years BUT guess what we found another baby hershy and he will come live with miss mocha this april 2nd he's looks just like you did. I'm so excited and just can not wait to have a baby again. You were so perfect all I can ask is he be half of what your were. Miss mochca is having a real hard time getting around she can hardly run anymore,but maybe the baby will help.I love and miss you so much can't wait to see you again oh how i loved you..Dad

Hey baby,Guess what we got another you,he looks exactly like you did at his age. He has your eye's and looks his name is Reese and full of piss and vinager. He loves the pool just like you did he is having a little trouble understanding his Potty is out side.He has the same color brown as you and he is bringing back some great memories you and I had. I hope he's half as good as you i'd be very happy. I still miss you so much I miss you laying next to me in bed your snouring and your dreaming I miss it all, maybe things will get better for me know that i have a baby again. Miss Mocha is just getting to like him but like you he keeps biteing her lips and ears but she's putting him in his place. I hope it gives her a little spunk so she will hang around a little longer. Love You Baby, Dad

Hershey Boy, Reese is doing so well he is learning how to walk on a lease and is doing so well. He went to his first out door seating at a local eatery and did great. Phil and jax are here for a week and reese is in heaven with 2 big labs to play with, and is just starting to chase the ball like you used too (how i miss those nites playing ballie) He will be a little biger than you were but that OK he's such a good boy here at the shop. Mocha is doing better and she was in haeven with Jax's here and she got a chance to walk down Main Street yesterday and she sure got a lot of people's attention just like you did when ever we walked,God I still miss you terably I loved you so much I just hope i can have what you and i had for what was all to short of time, Love you Baby. DAD

Hey there Baby hershey, Life is so much better with the new baby reese, It's just ammazing whe n i go back and look at pictures of you and the baby reese you have the same eyes and coloring. He just loves his bally just like you did and he has your personatity, he is a talker though and he will talk back at you. He graduated from puppy glass but no gold stars,he has a tuff time staying. Boy I miss you still every day how i wish you could have met the new baby reese. Miss mocha is now getting close with him and she's teaching him good and bad manors,

Hey Baby boy Hershey, So sorry I have not talked to you in a couple months, Mocha is loseing her battle very quickly and she probley only has a couple months tops. So how you doing? I'm getting by really miss you so bad. Mr Reese is much like you in so many ways its eiry, He is a Butt sometimes just like Mocha was But he will be come a Great dog in a year or so.

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