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Memories of Hershey
Hershey was born March 6, 1995 in Bonners Ferry ID. He came to me when he was 5 weeks old and was the cutest one in his litter of 12. Hershey lived in a log cabin on sixteen acres of land. He grew to know every inch of that property. He climbed up cliffs, ran through pasture, sunned himself in the garden and orchard, ran to meet his brothers Joe and Jeremy, and sister, Jessie down the road after school, and guarded the house from the porch. We called him guard dog and fly catcher. He thought those were his jobs.

Hershey was going to be an outside dog, but after leaving him outside the first night and listening to him cry, I took my baby Hershey inside and he became an inside dog at night.

The entire family loved Hershey. He got lots of attention and was very loved and spoiled. He knew nothing but kindness. We took Hershey for walks, runs and hikes. He loved to go to the river and swim when the weather was warm. We would throw sticks into the river and Hershey would retrieve them and swim back looking for another stick.

Hershey and I went to obedience training when he was six months old. He was the youngest dog in the class and it was difficult and hard work. Hershey graduated from the class and learned how to sit, lay down, stay and heel. He remembered these commands and was a pleasure to walk on or off the leash. One of our favorite places to walk was West Side Road. It was a road that was not well traveled, which was surrounded by trees and wild life on both sides of the road. Hershey would love to walk this road off the leash. He would take off into the brush and smell all the good smells and hear all the good sounds. I would call, "Hershey" when he was gone too long, then he would return to my side. Our destination was uaually a place called Parker Creek where we would climb down the rocks and listen to the creek roar. Hershey was very cautious and would only wade in the creek if the creek was flowing slowly. He was smart and knew not to go into the creek if it was flowing with a rapid speed. We would stay at Parker Creek a long time, listening to the water and just enjoying nature. Sometimes we would hike Parker Peak which was a wooded trail. Hershey was always way ahead of me, but would always come back for me to check on me.

When it was cold, especially during winter, I would say, "Hershey" can you share your fur? We would then do what I called a "Snuggle Buggle". We would snuggle up and hug each other until I was warm. I had lots of pet names for Hershey: Pumpkin Pie, Honey Pie, Sweetheart, Hershel 1, Hershey Bar and Boychick.

Hershey was my pride and joy; the love of my life. I miss him so much! He went through many emotional things with me. He went through my divorce with me and was always there for me to listen to me talk and cry. He always knew when I was sad or distressed.

Hershey moved to a rental home with me after my divorce. He had to get used to a new neighborhood. The first time I took him out, he ran off and I had to chase him in my nightgown all over the neighborhood until I found him. We found a nice place to walk, and sometimes walked with other people and other dogs.

After a year, I purchase a home on an acre which was surrounded by a wooded area. Hershey liked this place much better. He could run in the woods and smell all the sweet smells and hear all the great sounds that I could not hear. We went for walks every day and sometimes went for rides in the car. Hershey loved to stick his head out of the window when we were in the car and feel the cool breeze against his face.

Hershey was very protective of me. If he thought anyone was going to hurt me, he would bark and growl at them.

He loved when Nana visited. Even though it was not often, he always remembered Nana's scent and warmed right up to her. Nana liked to (ooche booche) Hershey kiss and hug him. Nana spent a lot of time with Hershey on her last visit. She took him out for short walks and played with him.

Eighteen months ago I adopted two more labs, Bosco, a chocolate lab and his brother, Bailey, a yellow lab. They were six weeks old when they joined our family. Both Bosco and Bailey loved Hershey. They wanted to play with him and snuggle with him. Hershey really didn't want too much to do with anyone but me at this point. I made sure Hershey knew he was King of the Labbies and always gave him the most attention. Bosco and Bailey had each other to play with.

Hershey loved to sun himself in the summer and go in his pool. He would step into his pool and turn around and around to cool off.

This last year was diffucult for Hershey to get up or sit down. He could no longer go on walks. His back legs no longer worked. I had to physically lift him up from a lying position to a standing position. He would fall down many times before being able to stand. Hershey lost most of his sight and hearing this last year. He would cry if I changed rooms and I would lift him up and take him from room to room. Joe and Jerry, Hershey's brothers built him a ramp last year so that he could go outside. At night Hershey slept in a twin bed next to my bed. Hershey's life became more and more of a struggle for him. After much thought and anguish I decided to let him cross the bridge to Rainbow Bridge on January 12,2008. We had our vet come to the house and Hershey was surrounded by people he loved and loved him. Hershey was cremated in Sandpoint ID. I have his urn with his ashes,two pictures of him, his paw print, collar, tags and candles on my dresser. I like to think that he is watching over Bosco, Bailey and me. I will spread his ashes in a special place in my Japanese garden adding a stone and special tree. Some of his ashes will be spread at Parker Creek where we used to walk. Some of his ashes will be spread around the log cabin where he grew up and some I will just keep.

I am so happy to place Hershey as a resident at Rainbow Bridge so that I can visit him often at this beautiful place and talk to other people who have also lost a wonderful furry soul mate. I miss Hershey very much; I will always cherish his memory and be grateful for the time I had with him.

Happy Birthday, my sweet Hershey. You will be 13 years old tomorrow. I think of you every day. During yoga class I see you running and jumping like a puppy. I see you on a flying carpet enjoying your time at Rainbow Bridge. You will always be King of the Labbies. Love and kisses, mommy.

Hello, my sweet Hershey. It is a new year, 2009. I had my first Christmas without you and it just was not the same. You were there in spirit;I could visulize just where you would be lying on the carpet. I could not bare to send out a Christmas card without your picture on it, so, I included you on our 2008 Christmas card. I was sitting between Bosco and Bailey on the couch and you my sweet Hershey were above us, like an angel watching over us. I loved the card. You would have too. I got a marble stone for you which is sitting in the Japanese garden, my favorite garden. I sit there often during fall, spring and summer and talk to you. Your picture is on my computer and phone. Most of your ashes are on my dresser with a picture of you and me together. I did spread some of your ashes with Jessie at Parker Creek, where we used to go so often. I miss you very much; you will always be part of my life, my sweet Hershey. Mommie loves you so.

Hershey today is the anniversary of when you left me and started your journey to Rainbow Bridge. I think of you so often, my sweet Hershey. You are always with me in spirit.
I included you in our Christmas card this year and you were like an angle looking over us. I saw the Movie Marley and Me and lost it at the end when the family was putting Marley down. It brought back too many memories of the day we had to put you down. It was too painful, even though I knew it was the right thing to do. I do miss you so. You were defifnitely the King of the Labbies and you will always have a permanent place in my heart.

I hope you have made lots of friends at Rainbow Bridge and are happy there. It is a comfort for me to visit you there. Love you always. mommy

Hershey, I am just thinking about you today. It is almost your birthday. You would have been 14 years old. You will always be in my heart, my love. First thing when I awake I see the picture of you and I together right next to your paw print. You will always be my king of the labbies. Sweet dreams my boy. love, licks, and kisses, mommy

Happy Birthday, my sweet Hershel 1. You are 14 years old today. Mommy loves you so so much! Bosco, Baily, and mommy sang Happy Birthday to you this morning when we woke up. I hope you are having a good birthday with all the other animals at Rainbow Bridge where things are healthy, wholessome, and wonderful. Last night as I was watching tv, I could just picture you sitting in your favorite spot beating your tail against the carpet. If you were here with me, my sweetheart, I would make you scrambled eggs with cottage cheese and yogart for breakfast. Then, I would take you for a ride in the car today. It is a very sunny day today on your birthday. I would open the window wide, so that your beautiful head could hang out the window and feel the sun and the cool breeze. We would ride to West Side Road so that you could smell and hear all of the lovely sents and sounds that you so loved. We would park across from Parker Creek and we would just sit on the rocks and listen to the creek roar. Remember, that was our favorite place. Then I would give you a gigantic milk bone and a hugh rawhide and watch you chew them. I would give you a big snuggle bug and wrestle with you and kiss your eyes and ears. I would probably take lots of pictures of you. You were such a ham, posing for all of my pictures. Yes, Hershel, we would have a great day together. I do miss you so! You will always be The King of the Labbies to me. I want to add more pictures to this site;I will ask Lindsay to help me do that. Thank you Lindsay for adding the pictures of Hershey. Have a wonderful birthday, my sweetheart, at Rainbow Bridge. Love, licks, wags, and kisses, mommy

Hello, my sweet Hershey. We just celebrated anoother Christmas without you. But, not really, you were there in spirit in the usual place you always sat. Bosco and Bailey are big now. They ae inside dogs. Boxco reminds me very much of you. Sometimes I call him Hershel Jr. We have a new addition to our farmily, a cat named Peekaboo. She is sweet and very curious. I thnk you would like her. It is a sunny day today and so far not too much snow this winter. Jeremy came in for Christmas and we had a nice week together. We both talked about what a wonderful dog you were.
We all miss you very much and your memory will always stay alive as long as I am alive. You will always be an important part of our family, my sweet Hershey. Rest in peace, my love. Mommy

Hershel Lou, Happy Birthday, sweetheart. Mommy loves you and thinks about you all the time. You will always be my Hershel Lou. Bill Robinson passed away last month. Now he is with you. Please welcome him to Rainbow Bridge. He has the same birthday as you.

We had a mild winter and it seems like spring. No snow left on the ground. I will soon be working on your garden and making it look beautiful. Bosco and Bailey are fine. You would be proud of them. We have a new member of the family. Peek a boo is our female orange tabbie. She is a hoot. She is very affectionate, playful, and is a princess. You would like her. I love looking at all of these pictures of you. It brings back many wonderful memories. Happy Birthday Hershel Lou. Mommie loves you so much.

Hershey, I have not visited in a while. It is July 8th 2015 A lot has happened. Nana passed away in February two years ago. That was really difficult and still is. Jessie came to live with mw in Boise, but now has a place of her own. She went back to school and is now a therapist.
Bailey developed bone cancer and had to have his back leg amputated. He became a tripod and a therapy dog and did well for two years and two months after chemo and many other treatments. He has been a wonderful dog but now it is time for him to join you. He will be crossing rainbow bridge tomorrow, Thursday, July 9th at 5:30. Please welcome him with open paws and give him a big hug. Please show him around and look after my angel,Bay. luv u mommie

Well, I have a lot to tell you my sweet Hershel. This Christmas was not like Christmas at all. I was in Chicago from Nov. 19 until Jan. 1. Jessie was very depressed and hospitalized. Nana fell down a flight of stairs and broke 4 vertebrea and was hospitalized. Then she coughed and broke 2 more ribs. I was nurse Francie, taking care of both of them. It was a very difficult time. Bosco and Bailey were in Kate's kennel for two weeks, then Debra rescued them and took them home with her. So they got to spend time with their brother and sister and be with a family over the holidays. Peekaboo spent time with Kim. I thought I would never be able to come home. Jessie was very sick, but thank God is better now.

Jessie is spendig two weeks with me in ID enjoying the company of Bosco, Bailey, and Peeka. We just read your life story on Rainbow Bridge and we both sat there crying because we missed you so much. We love you and miss you.
We got a shit full of snow and it is still snowing. You would love playing in the snow. i am off for 5 days and enjoying my time with Jessie, Bosco, Bailey, and Peeka. I think of you often and miss you. You will alwayss be the King of the Labbies to me, my sweet hershel.
Love, licks, and kisses, Mommie Happy Birthday my sweet, mommy loves you. I hope you are taking good care of Bill. It is his birthday too. We miss you so much and think about you all the time. You will alway be king of the labbies. love and kisses mommie

Hershey, today is your birthday, my sweet boychick. It is also Bill's birthday. We celebrated both with Kathee and Sachiko. I miss you so much. Bosco reminds me so much of you. He looks like you and acts like you did. I have a lot to be grateful for. Jessie is now living with me and is doing very well. We have a new addition to our family. Cooper is part black lab and part ?. He is a good dog and has kept Bosco and Bailey young by playing with them. All three labbies get along and are with Jessie and me a lot. I got both knees replace and lost 61 lbs. I am now you HOT MAMA! I am now retired and home more, so more time for the Labbie Trio. Hershey we think of you often; your memory will always be alive in my heart. Loce you always, mom.

Hello my sweet Hershey. Your two brothers have joined you on RainbowsBridge Please look after Bay and Bosco. I loved all three of you so so much. All three of you live in my heart and will always be a special part of me. Run free my Hershey and wat h over your brothers. Love you forever mommie

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