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Memories of Herr Jimmy
So many Special memories which will always be good for a laughter. Jimmy's specialty: only driving BMW!
From Jimmy -- Life is a special occasion
Hey folks -- this is Jimmy - Member of The Barking Army! Let me share my story with you (short version...) how I managed to go home to my "mom". Being 12 years old I ended up in the pet-shelter in Oberursel/Germany. After hanging 'round there for 4 months this little blond lady with big dark brown eyes, wearing a red winter jacket appeared. I thought "Hello there -- good-looking" and immediately started to catch her attention and impress her. Guess what: it worked! Imagine -- it was wintertime, there was a lot of snow and she came every day to take me for a long walk in the forest. After Christmas 2009 she returned -- as usual. But this time something was different. We didn't go for a walk! I had to follow her to the adminstration office and those people were discussing some kinda stuff for a while. Then she walked me to her car and I jumped in. Oh -- not a standard vehicle: really nice wheels, a BMW Convertible. We drove for a few minutes and reached our final destination, my new home, a beautiful apartment. A dream came true. I had it made. I even had my own yard with my very own trees and a cat living next door. Well -- I was still a little suspicious. Life can have its surprises. Been there, done that. For no particular reason I decided not to eat. Losing a lot of weight my "mom" took me to the vet four days later. The vet -- his name is Uncle Olaf -- extracted a bad tooth which could be the reason for rejecting food. Nope -- I continued not to eat. So "mom" took me to vet every day. I was given shots to stimulate my appetite. Eight weeks later I still refused to eat. I was x-rayed, had an ultra-sound and finally had belly surgery. The results showed, there was nothing wrong with me at all. I finally started to eat -- but at the vet's place only! This procedure went on for about two weeks. I just had enough of this same old song and dance. My next decision was: eat at home -- but only when being fed. It was so funny seeing "mom" lying on the wooden floor feeding me with a spoon! Well, she did an excellent job for a few weeks and then I started eating without assistance. Not so fast, I told myself. You cannot just place the bowl in front of me and expect me to eat. There had to be some kinda "entertainment" and so she was hopping around, singing and dancing before placing my bowl at the "right place". Perfect -- she's not ignorant. I can train her and trust her. So I kept eating and gained weight.
A few months later I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in all four legs and a slipped disk in my back. Not so good news -- because my front paws were turned inwards in a pigeon-toed position...looking like flatfoots. Medication gave me a great relief and I was presented with a special orthopaedic bed for dogs. Thank you so much! But what about getting in the car? No way I could get into the BMW Convertible. Ergo, my "mom" bought a PT Cruiser and a special dog ramp for easy access. Well, we both didn't really like that car and I puked into it all the time. Living in Germany that kind of car is too expensive anyway. You won't believe it: my mom sold that "Coke Can on Wheels" and purchased a BMW Station Wagon. We even moved to another apartment -- just because of me...the senior citizen!
"Mom" took me to places I haven't been to before and we passed through exciting times. During summertime when it was hot, we drove to the forest for a walk. Since I was taken to the vet almost every week due to my constant stomach problems, my "mom" hugged and caressed me from day 1 on I got "home". Just a hop, skip and a jump away is a very large field with grass, trees and bushes where we played, walked and ran for hours. We met friends and I became very popular. Yes -- even being a little older I was walking and running like a spring-chicken. Especially when the public enemy #1 appeared in my neck of the woods, I changed from slow-motion into "killer mode". Let's face it: all male dogs must be neutered -- personal order from "Master Jimmy"! I also had my harem here! All those beautiful lady-dogs! I even found my best male buddy: Lazy -- a big young Labrador.
Back to training "mom"! "Mom" got me a little pouch filled with goodies. She threw it and wanted me to retrieve it. Hey -- no way José! I'm not her "gofer". So I trained her to pick it up and throw it back to me. I carried it just for a few steps. Then I dropped it, she picked it up, I "asked" her to give it back to me -- what she did. We played this game all the way back home as it was really funny watching "mom" picking up my little goodie bag! After we returned home, we kept playing and I trained "mom" to throw the goodie-bag several times from the hall to the living room, I ran, picked it up and gave it to back to her. And yes: I did hide my chew-bones behind the pillows of the couch and yes I did bury them in the flower pots! They were so delicious after being buried there for a few days...!
After being with mom for 3.5 years I caught a virus. I suffered from severe diarrhea, had water in my lungs and my heart couldn't pump right and I had problems breathing. "Mom" took me to vet every day for two weeks -- even on the weekends. She carried me down the few stairs into the car. I am a heavy trooper with over 70 lbs..."Mom" only weighs 100 lbs and is about 4'11" "short". The vet made house-calls once a day in the evening to check on me. I was weak, didn't eat or drink and slept a lot. It was time for my "mom" to let me go and walk through the Pearly Gates. I was and I still am the luckiest dog and had the best time of my life...Thanks, mom!

Jimmy -- from day one I told you every day before going to bed that you are my one and only #1. This is your home and I'll be there for you forever and a day. I promised and will keep my promise. Jimmy, you will always be in my heart. I miss you terribly. Thank you for everything. Love, hugs and kisses from your "mom".

All your friends and your Grandma "Oma" from Texas send you their love and lots of hugs and kisses as well.
Forever yours, Mom (Nathalie)

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