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Memories of Hermione
Hello good girl.. you were with us for 11 years and almost 3 months. It was a very difficult decision to send you to the Bridge for you were so full of life. If it weren't for the tumor on your wrist that was breaking you would most likely still be with us. They diagnosed you in August 2019 with hermagiocarcoma which was a cancer of the blood vessels which was inoperable. When they tried to remove it they would have had to cauterize every vessel which would have been impossible. According to what I read you should have only survived 3-4 months but you stayed with us until Nov 2022 (an extra year and 4 months). It would only have become infected and we didn't want you to be in pain or on a lot of medications which is what would have happened if it broken completely. Also when you got over excited or played a lot you would have labored breathing.
You were daddy's girl from the beginning and he was your person. No matter how hard I tried I was an ok substitute. You loved playing with the kids. When the girls would come over you would play in the pool and the snow for hours, even though you didn't like rain or snow. We always said when we got older we should have rented a kid.
You weren't a cuddler, you would lay close to us, but with daddy you would wrap yourself around his head.
You could play ball forever running ad bringing it back to us as fast as you could, and then when daddy taught you to play with a frisbee it was the same thing. When you got older we would go out for a few throws and that was enough for the stairs were getting to be too much for you.
When daddy got his new job in Virginia I pretty much didn't exist when he came home to visit and then I would take the day off when he returned for you were so upset.
You loved Christmas when we would hand out presents. We would hand one to you, you would give it to the person we said and then you would give them a kiss.
You knew when we ordered pizza and would wait at the top of the stairs until it was delivered.
I retired last November 2021 and it was just the 3 of the from then on, but Ken was with us for your first 8 years. He was also very upset when we lost you and came to say good-bye.
The love seat in the living room was yours and when people came to visit you would jump up and join them even if you had to sit on top of them.
I know your tumor is gone now and you are happily playing with your sisters and brother, Oreo, Eva and Ralph. I hope you also made other friends.
Love you forever, baby girl. Live free and always wear the smile you've always had.
12-25-2022..Hi Hermione. This is your first Christmas away from us and we won't have any help handing out presents this year. I left a note with Eva and she will show who to give presents to where you are and remember to give them a kiss.Daddy misses you so much and talks about you all the time. Please give him a sign you're ok. Merry Christmas, love you forever, baby girl. Give everyone a kiss from us...
11-10-23 Hello to our good girl. It's been a little over a year since you've been bone and we've missed you so much. It was so quiet without you being here. We got a new girl in May. Her name is Demi and she was 3 1/2 when she came to us. She did have a family from Oklahoma, but for some reason they just dropped her off at the vet and left her there. She was transported to Texas and now she is here with us in Illinois. She is much quieter than you, and we're still trying to figure her out as she is with us. Hope all is well with you on the Bridge with your other siblings. Dad and I miss you all so much....give everyone kisses..Mom

Please also visit Eva, Oreo and Ralph.

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