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Memories of Henry
Henry was born into this world as the runt of the litter. We picked him cause he had the biggest paws. Henry was special in so many ways; before he turned one years old, we had his elbows replaced so he could walk without pain and walk without a limp. The doctor who replaced his elbows said that Henry was up and running around immediately after surgery when he should have been laying down. That was Henry though, so full of life even when he didn't feel good. He loved to go for a ride in the car, even if that ride ended up at the vets office, he was still so excited to be going for a car ride.

Henry had really bad allergies that prevented him from being outside a lot, but thanks to our wonderful vet, we were able to get his allergies under control enough that he could spend some time outside. When he wasn't busy playing with his toys or taking a nice long nap, he loved to sit at his favorite window and stare outside into the backyard.

One of my fondest memories of Henry are all the times he would sit in my lap, even at 86lbs, he loved to be held so much. Didn't matter where I was at, he would be climbing on me so I could hold him. I miss him so, so much.

3/27/12- It's been a little over a week since we said bye to you Henry and there isn't a day that goes by where I'm not thinking of you and missing you. The house isn't the same without you there. Your favorite window is still untouched with all your nose marks covering the glass. I love you.

3/25/13- It's been one year and 10 days since you left this world. It's taken me this long to get to a point where my memories bring more smiles than tears. I miss you every day; we all do. I miss the sound of that paddle hitting the door when you wanted to go outside, and the way you would take over the couch so we'd end up sitting on the floor and watching you sleep. I miss you sitting between Cory and me when you thought we were talking too loud and how you'd be right at my heels no matter which room I was in. I miss watching you carry Cory's socks to him in the morning, and how you used to run down the hall to greet me. I miss the grunts you used to make when you thought I wasn't paying attention to you and how you would sigh and moan when we cut your nails.
This past Christmas wasn't the same without you. I miss how you used to run from the Christmas tree box when I would scoot it on the floor and how funny it was when we discovered you were eating the candy canes off the tree.
Your favorite window is still covered with your nose art, and I don't think I'll ever wash that away. There are still snags in the carpet from your nails, and I always smile when I vacuum remembering how much you used to attack it. We all still talk of you often and grandma misses you just as much. You were such a light in our lives and brought us so much joy. I miss you more than anything and I look foward to one day seeing you again; running around and happy.

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