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Memories of Heinrich
From Papa: Where do I begin my love... You've been a part of my life for over 16 years, with every moment cherished. You came into my life as a little spark and remained that way 'til the end. I will always remember your love for playing ball, sitting by the fire on cold winter days and demanding those tasty little treats. You warmed my heart each time I came home with such excitement that the neighbors thought I was hurting you... You were Gretchen's 'protector' and Mama's little man and I will always remember your love for your family. Play in the meadow now (with Gretchie) and wait for Papa at the Rainbow Bridge... My heart has a hole in it until we meet again, and I will always be here for you!
All my love, Papa

From Mama: I'm crying tears of heartache while I write this to you. You were my baby, the joy in my life. You will always be my baby and I miss you so much- beyond words. What will I do without you now? Without you greeting me when I get out of my car, without you crawling into my arms at night while I sleep. This is the hardest, worst day of my life. You were the spark of life in our home. Heinrich, you were a little devil dog sometimes, but that is what made you so special. I am hurting now, but I hang onto the fact that you are now out of pain and no longer missing Gretchen - your companion. You and Gretchen are now running thru the meadow together and this thought is so comforting. I know you will come back to me someday- I love you so, so much. I keep looking for you, so please let me see you again. I miss you my baby.

From Papa (7/1/13): Well, it's been three months since you've left us my love. Our home seems so empty without you offering your zany persona. I wake each morning (and come home each evening) missing your mad-capped company - especially when you sat with me on weekends as I drank my coffee, with you enjoying a warm blanket. All is not gloomy though, as with my newfound talent (mentored by Gretchie), things are changing... I understand that Mama and I will be enjoying a new, improved you and Gretchie soon -- a renewal of unconditional love and true devotion. I wish others' could understand and experience what is being offer to Mama and me. We are truly on a remarkable journey together, and we look foreword to being together soon! Rest in peace my love until the fate of the journey is realized... All my love, Papa

From Papa (8/28/13): Welcome back my love! Or should I say, "Welcome back Gunther..." God and his wonder constantly astonish me! I am truly blessed with the understanding of what has been given me. I only wish that more people opened up their mind to see what God's love really means...and how vast it is. I will make you proud my love! The ball playing will again commence... Love, Papa

4/1/21: You will be in our hearts forever. Love, Papa

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