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Memories of HEIDI
Heidi, I loved you from the moment I first saw you. I rescued you when you were lost, and you rescued me at the same time. I loved having you beside me, walking with you, watching you run free when I found a safe place for you to do so. Loved it when you found a worm or smell and rolled all over it, then ran so fast in circles around me at DeWolfe Park, your favourite place. Oh how I miss you. I loved when you came to me when I said, "Where's my Heidi"? I loved snuggling with you on the sofa, or in the car when you sat in the front seat. I loved you sleeping on my bed before Daddy joined us. I loved playing "tug of war" with you. I loved watching you with Lily, and whenever you saw any other cats on our walks, you had to see them, so you would sit your bum down, refusing to move until you had tried to say hello to them. Do you remember Tuxie the cat up the lane. She liked you a lot. Even Gilbert got used to you and stopped growling when we walked by. You sure loved cats my sweet Heidi. I have so many happy memories of you. I will never forget you. Neither will Daddy. Remember when he stayed with you when Mama had to go away? He fell in-love with you too Heidi. Remember how he gave you real bones? You loved them didn't you. I let Daddy feed you when he came to live with us because it made him happy to do it, not because I didn't want to feed you any more. I never loved you any less when he came to live with us. Sometimes he liked to take you out by himself, but I waited for you baby. I didn't stay home because I didn't want to take you, but Daddy loved to take you too. Mama loved taking you for walkies, taking photos of you. I hope you are with Maggie up there in Rainbow Ridge Heidi. She was your best friend I know. Remember the walkies we all went on together, and the times we slept over, all on the couch together? We had lovely snuggles then too. You and Maggie would sniff the same things. I loved to watch you and Maggie walking together in front of me. I loved Maggie too, but never as much as I love you my dear Heidi. You were Mama's Baby :-) Oh how I miss you every day and night. Everywhere I go and whatever I do, there are sweet memories of you and me together. It makes me sad that you are no longer here with me. My heart hurts, but I love the reminders of you when I remember how much you loved me, as I loved you. I always will love and miss you Heidi. Thank God or the Universe for helping us to find each-other. Also, for bringing Daddy to us. We both love and miss you so much. Rest in peace dear Heidi, except when you are running around on the hillside enjoying yourself. Thank you for making my life so much richer by being with me. I hope that I did the right thing on the day you collapsed Heidi. I wanted to hold you on the way to the vet, but I had to drive the car. They wouldn't let me come in the back with you at the vet. I wanted to comfort you, but I had to wait until they brought you out to us after they gave you something for your pain. Did you have pain? I wish I knew. I don't know whether I should have brought you home so we could have more time together, but I wouldn't have wanted that if it hurt you baby. I hope that you could see and hear me when they brought you out, so we could say "Goodbye". I was talking to you. I didn't want to let you go, but the vet said it was the best thing for you Heidi baby. I have your earthly remains here in a lovely box which Daddy bought for us. It has your name and the date that I adopted you, also the date of your passing away from us and to your resting place. Mummy and Daddy will meet you at Rainbow Ridge one day, and we will cross the bridge together, never to be apart again. I love you Heidi. Daddy loves you too. We miss you like crazy. Lily is here with us now and she misses you too. Wait for us sweetheart. Love you forever. 💖🐾💖🐾💖🐾💖🐾💖🐾💖🐾💖🐾💖🐾 Nov.27th Dear Heidi, It's been 7 months and a week since you went to Rainbow Ridge, and I miss you more every day. I cry when I remember how good it felt to hold you, and I remember your beautiful big brown eyes looking into my eyes. My heart hurts and feels like it will always hurt until we are back together again. I burst into tears when I remember so many places where we walked together at least 2 times a day, mostly 3 times :-) You were my reason to get up and take you walkies. You made me laugh and you made me happy when I needed it most. Now Daddy is here and he makes me happy, but still I miss you being with me my precious baby. We will meet again one day I know, when Daddy and I leave earth to come to join you. We will be together forever. Until then, I will come to visit you and talk to you. I hope you're having fun with all of the other fur babies there, whose Mommies and Daddies miss them too. Thank you Heidi for being such a good girl and for making my life happier. Love from Mommy. XXXX. December 3rd 2019. I miss you so much Heidi baby. I wish you were here in mummy's arms, or walking to the lake, or the park where you loved all the new scents. I always picture you in my mind's eye, walking with your nose down and tail up. I hope you are with your friends. Lily. Maggie, Kay and Oscar and Gilbert the orange cat. Mummy and Daddy will love you forever sweet Heidi. Kisses for you xxxxxxxxxxxxxx. January 23 2020. Hello my sweet Heidi baby! Mummy is thinking of you every day and I miss you more than ever. You were my reason to get up and go every day and I loved doing it. We had lovely walkies every day didn't we. Some really long and some up the lane by the river and back. I am so glad that I took that video of you trotting up the lane with your tail in the air wagging, and your nose to the ground. You had your raincoat on that day and you looked so cute. It kept you dry and you never objected. You were such a good girl Heidi. I know that you are here with me in spirit. I can feel your presence and it comforts me. Mummy and Daddy both miss you sweetheart. We will see you again one day. I changed your season to winter today as I remember how much you loved playing in the snow. You put your nose in and pushed along. Just like a snow plough 😃. Be happy Heidi playing with your friends. We will see you there when our time comes and we'll meet you at the gate. Mama loves you forever Heidi. Big hugs and kisses from Mummy and Daddy. XOXO. JANUARY 4th 2021. Hello my Heidi baby. Sorry it has been a year since I wrote to you, but I'm sure that you know that you are on my mind every day. I know that you are with me in spirit, because I feel your presence. Mummy loves you and Daddy does too. We miss you so much. Thank you Heidi for sending Maizie to us to care for. We love her and take good care of her. She does not replace you Heidi, just is good to us, she loves us, and we stroke her and rub her belly just like we did for you. We take her for walks most days, and everywhere we go is where you and I went together. So I keep talking about the things that I remember about you, and the things you liked to do. It's winter now, so I remember how you liked to push the snow along with your nose, and sniff sniff 😊. I miss you when I remember those things about you. We weren't going to get another fur baby after we lost you. We were too sad. Then last year, in February, we were asked to foster a small beagle like you. So we agreed, but as soon as we saw her, we decided to adopt her. She is sweet like you dear Heidi. I will try to write to you next month ok sweet Heidi. I love and miss you forever. Wait for us to join you one day. We can be together again. Rest in peace sweet girl. Until we meet again. I will see what I can lay on your stone baby girl. Love love love, from Mummy Xxxx💖💖💖💖💖💖. Today is July 17th 2023. Sorry so long away, but you were never far from my mind. I still miss you every day and smile when I look at photos of you. I don't know whether I told you Heidi, but we adopted another Beagle in your honour, about the year after we lost you. We thought that you would want us to give another Beagle a chance for a loving home too. It doesn't mean that I love you any less sweetheart. Our new rescue Beagles name is Maizie. We think that she's about 8 or 9 years old. She is sweet like you and we love her too. I hope that you saw and greeted you little sister Lily, when she arrived in Rainbow Bridge. She was old and sick, so the vet put her over to Rainbow Bridge so she would have no more pain. Lily will keep you company until Daddy and I come to join you at Rainbow. I love you 💞 so very much Heidi. Daddy loves you too. I will write again as soon as I can. Rest in peace my sweet fur baby. 💋❤️❤️❤️🌹
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