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Memories of Heidi
The first time I saw you at the rescue adoption event, you looked at me with a look of desperation, you got your hind legs, smiling as best you could saying "Look at me, Look at me!" "They are going to put me asleep if I don't get adopted!" "I have so much life to live!"

I adopted you.

You gave me the best 7 1/2 years ever!

I walked you every chance I had. sometimes we took three walks a day. You loved your walks. You would run at full speed, wearing me out. Using my step counter, at your prime you walked two miles per walk.

I knew you were getting close to crossing the Rainbow Bridge when your walks turned into turned into slow walking and the walks became up the street and back and you were worn out.

I don't know if when you were getting ready to cross the rainbow bridge if your walks were for you or me.

06/10/19- Hi Heidi,

Just letting you know that I decided to keep your Facebook page active. Once you crossed the Rainbow Bridge, I was going to make your Facebook page a memorial. If anyone wants to visit your Facebook Page, they can look for "Heidi Dach". I made a Facebook group page in your memory "Heidi's Rainbow Bridge" https://www.facebook.com/groups/682687548834530/. I made the group page before I knew about this memorial web page. To make your group page active, a Facebook profile needs to be active.

Also, I went to my first Monday Candle Ceremony in your honor. There is a lot of support there, a lot of nice people. We all told stories about our babies that crossed the rainbow bridge.

The Monday Candle Ceremony had prayers. The one that touched me is the one for the feral, abandoned and neglected babies. When I rescued you from the humane society, no one knew your history. As you became accustomed to our home, I realized that you lived feral. You did not know how to play with toys, you hid under the porch when you would get scared or the weather was bad; although the door was open for you to come in. On the other side, you were a great hunter. You were able to catch squirrels, cats, rabbits, and birds. I could not get you not to stop hunting, even though I had 5 star rated dog food for you.

I will keep in touch, you are not forgotten.

Love, Dad

Hi Heidi,

You must have been popular. When I miss you, I walk the path that we used to take when you were at your prime. Around the neighborhood and a figure 8 around the park. I did not realize that the walk was over 2 miles! Also amazing is that we used to do that 3 times a day! Hard to believe that with all that exercise that COPD is what made you cross the Rainbow Bridge.

As I was walking today, I met some people and they all asked the same question "where is my dog"? All I could say was "in my heart". Strangers were giving me hugs for you!

People in the neighborhood knew you, and me just for walking you.

Love, Dad

Hi Heidi,
Today it's the 4th of July. I was thinking about the first 4th of July that you were with me. We had your rescue brother Oscar before you and he would watch fireworks with us. I did not know that you were afraid of fireworks. When the firework display started you wanted to go inside and I did not think much about it. When the display was over, I knew you were inside, but I could not find you. I was scared that you snuck outside and were lost. I eventually found you hiding in my closet you pulled some of my clothes away from the hangers and burrowed yourself inside my clothes for comfort. From then on, I knew that you and I would be inside for fireworks.
Just letting you know that I was thinking about you.
Love, Dad

Hi Heidi,
I went to your Rainbow Bridge memorial site and made some changes. The music I originally picked was "Candle in the Wind" because you were such a diva like Marilyn Monroe and my little princess like Princess Diana; I thought that song would be fitting. When I looked again at the song list, I saw that they had "You Are My Sunshine". That was the song that I would sing to you. I would intermix "Sunshine" and "Heidi" when I sung to you.
I put a Salmon steak for you because you loved Salmon. I also put Peanut Butter because at the Dachshund fundraisers, you were the Peanut Butter licking champion, every time you entered. I also have some Chew sticks for you. You have a water bowl for all the Salmon, chew sticks and Peanut butter. I looked at the milk bowl, because you loved your bowls of milk. The milk bowl looked like Cottage Cheese, so I went with the water bowl.
Just letting you know that I still think about you.
Love, Dad

Hi Heidi,
You keep reminding me that you are here! You always liked to play and dig in the flower garden while I worked in the flower garden. I never minded. This year, I did not have much interest in tending to the flower garden; mainly because you are not here to help. Today, I walked by the flower garden and there were flowers that did not belong! The flowers in my garden are yellow and are usually dead by this time of year. There is a new growth of flowers, in your favorite digging spot! What surprised me is that when I would dress you up, I would dress you up in pink or purple outfits. The flowers are pink / purple! Those are the only flowers that are alive in the garden. All the other flowers died for the season.

Happy Birthday Heidi! Since you were a rescue, I don't know your actual day of birth. I made your birthday the same as mine. I found out that August is Dogust where all rescues have a birthday in August.
Love, Dad

Dear Heidi, Labor day is here and summer is officially over. We shut the pool for the season. Summer was not the same without you in your float. You loved your trips to the beach. In your memory, we had your float in the pool. Love, Dad

Happy Halloween Heidi, As I walk our path where we once walked together I saw a neighbor's Halloween decoration. a big spider. I remembered when we walked, you would bark at it. I think because the head would move back and forth. As a memory of home, I uploaded a photo of it so you can bark at him from the Rainbow Bridge

Merry Christmas Heidi! I make my walks around the neighborhood and think about you. I saw the house with the Christmas Darth Vater, how you would bark at it. I uploaded a photo of him so you can bark at him from the Rainbow Bridge Love, Dad

You got presents Heidi! Auntie Kim found an angel Dachshund, and said that how you are over the Rainbow Bridge. Aunt Laurie had a canvas painting made of one of my favorite photos of you and Oscar. The canvas sits on the place of honor on top of the mantel. Love, Dad

Heidi, Welcome Mr. Oscar. He Has crossed the Rainbow Bridge today. Mom was there as he crossed the bridge. I am sure you were there to greet him.

05/17/2021 Happy anniversary Heidi. today marks two years since you crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Mom nd myself still re tell the stories of how you and Oscar made out lives complete.

07/04/2022.Dear Heidi, I saw a sigh you left for me today.. being a feral dog. When I adopted you, you liked to go under the back steps as her "safe" place. I put artificial grass under the porch sot make her safe place more comfortable. I then put towels under the porch so Heidi would be more comfortable. I would wash the towels so they don't get moldy and nasty. When Heidi crossed the Bridge, I cleared her towels, but left the artificial grass under the stairs in case another animal needed a "safe" place. Today, I was working on the swimming pool, and was putting some pool parts away. I was putting some pool parts under the porch and I found something interesting. I found a baby bib. Not too interesting, but when I saw the bib, it said "I love my Daddy".

05/17/2023 My Sweet Heidi.. Today is four Years since you were called home.. Every Day I think about you. I cherish the beautiful memories of the times we shared.. I wish I would have found you and rescued you earlier in your life so I could of prevented your illness from being feral. Love always, Dad

5/19/2023 My Dear Heidi.. Four years ago today was the last time I would see you. You were called home while at the Vet and I could not see you until the Vet had you ready. You looked so at peace. The expression of pain was gone. I saw the pain in your eyes during your last weeks, you did your best to hide it. but I knew that you were getting ready to go Home. Mom and I did our best to keep you Happy and Healthy, but your illness and time took you away from me. You will always be in my heart. Love, Dad

5/21/2023 My Heidi, four years ago today is when you came home to stay. I remember going to the vet, I went to the room where you were laid to rest, Your Urn was on the table wrapped in a blanket. I thought of all the beautiful memories we had together. I took your Urn, I placed it on the dashboard and wept. It was raining that morning. Later in the day when the sun was out< I took your Urn and your collar and the paw print the Vey made for me and a lock of your fur. We sat a good part of the day in the back yard where you used to lay in the sun. In retrospect, I believe my life was better having you and then losing you, than never to have known you. Love, Dad

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