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Memories of Heidi
*6.13.2015 From the time I brought you home as a tiny puppy, you made my heart melt. Those big brown eyes would look at me and I would turn to mush. You loved your big brother Simon right away and you babies became a team! You just followed Simon everywhere. You loved Jessie too and you soon grew to be bigger than her. Right from the beginning you played like a puppy but you were also so mellow and had such a sweet disposition and loving everybody. When strangers came around though you made sure they knew they needed to be checked out by you, Simon and Jessie and you were always waiting for those ear scratches and pats on your head. I trusted you with any baby or child and they knew they were safe with you too, you Simon and Jessie! During our walks in the meadow you were always ready to go and check out all nature has to offer. stopping to sniff everything, even making a shortcut through the creek at times. Then in later years, we brought Kota and Murphy home, after Simon and Jessie passed away. Murphy being the Westie he is, taught you and Kota how to jump around with excitement when I got the harnesses and leashes out for a walk :) Those were great times. As well as learning from Simon, you taught me as well not to be in a hurry on a "doggie walk." That time was ALWAYS set aside for you babies and never were we to be in a hurry. Near the end, we would just find our rock to sit at or under a tree after our walks and just take in the fresh air and pretty sights. I'm sorry you eventually got scared during thunderstorms, fireworks , loud noises and camera flashes. I at least hope I comforted you though during those times. Like daddy said, "she's a fussy girl alright" but you were MY fussy girl and I wouldn't have it any other way. I cherished you and the time we had together. You were precious to me and I adored you. I knew I loved you right from the beginning Heidi and I knew you loved me too. As the years quickly passed by, way to fast, the love and loyalty just got deeper and more easily noticed by everyone. From Dana, your groomer to the vet to neighbors and family and friends. As we go forward without you, I can not even remotely figure out how I will do that, but you will be in the tiny piece of heart I have left, forever! You have taught me so much about life, sweet Heidi. As I do go on I will try to be the person you always thought I was. I will try my hardest to make you proud and live my life living out all the things you taught me. I will take good care of Murphy and Kota, as they are missing you terribly right now. Yesterday I was putting all your tags on your collar and Murphy came to sniff it and your harness. He didn't let up so I put the collar on him, which was a little big :) and he laid on my lap as if to say "that's all I wanted mommy" and stayed there for a good long while. When he eventually got up he kept it on (around his belly now) and went about his business, very comfortable with the way things were :) I knew he needed time with your collar. Since you left to go to Simon and our other furbabies, Murphy seems very comfortable sleeping on your bed which is where he can be. He feels you close by I know. Kota just seems very quiet and sad. I'm so glad they were with you too in the end and at home, they needed to know what was happening and I knew, that you knew they were here too. I am so thankful for all our family that was with you as well sweetheart. Look for Grandma sweetie, she loves you too. Simon and Leizel are with her I bet and she's loving you all and taking good care of my babies! Until we meet again Heidi, you be happy baby, no more pain. I will love and miss you forever sweet baby girl Heidi When I meet you we can all cross Rainbow Bridge together and live happy and healthy in Heaven, together forever. Love you always, Mommy :*( <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox
P.S. I just wanted to send bunches of heartfelt thank you's to Heidi's doctors:Dr. Dave...who was ALWAYS compassionate, forthright and had your best interest in his heart; Dr. G. Brubaker; Dr.M.J.Hamilton and his team at VRC Cancer Center who gave me another month to love and care for you, I am forever thankful. Finally to Dr Leslie Osborn, who helped you go to Rainbow Bridge to be with Simon and our other furbabies. I am forever grateful you were here. To all of you, thank you for your professionalism, compassion, sympathy and passion for your work. Heidi and I are eternally grateful for having had you in our lives. Thank you all!!
*6.15.2016 Dear sweet baby girl, it's been too long since I visited you here, so much has happened. A couple months after you left us, Kota left us in August. He was tired, didn't want to eat anymore and just said it was time. Then, Murphy was by himself. He just didn't know what to do, it was so sad to watch him be so lonely. I gave him some time to adjust and gave him a lot of attention but nothing was working. He was grieving and we knew it. I eventually found a little terrier mix living at a rescue, Safe Haven. We took Murphy to meet her and sat for about an hour to be sure they would get along okay. They did and we brought her home with us and named her Lily. She and Murphy go everywhere together, even to the doctor. Murphy is fine now, they are both healthy. It was very unusual not having you here for quite some time and to have just 2 little dogs, well that was REALLY unusual and took me awhile to get used too as well! Aunt Shelby's Tess left her to go to the bridge, I hope she found you and Simon and the four of you and Liezel are playing and having fun. Adam and Sam got a new baby girl, her name is Zenzi. She's a German Shorthair and so lively and wirey! You would like her tho, Lily doesn't too much I think. When we adopted Lily they said she doesn't like bigger dogs. They were right. 😊 Lily would love you though I'm sure, you were so mellow and happy! Everything here is pretty much the same as when you left except Murphy and Lily go to a different doctor now, and she is so nice. Things weren't working out at W.R. I miss you so much baby girl, I still cry sometimes and always wish you were still here. I love you Heidi girl, please send puppy kisses down the rainbow to let us know own you are doing fine and are happy! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo I love you baby!
6.14.17 Hi baby girl❣ I hope you're running and having fun in the meadow by the bridge. So many friends there for you. It must be a beautiful place for you to be. It hardly feels like 2 years ago that we cuddled last. Murphy is doing good, so is Lily. They go everywhere together. We don't walk in the meadow much anymore. Ticks are supposed to be bad this summer so we stay clear of there but maybe we'll visit when it's a little cooler. Things here are fine. Dog next door still comes over to instigate, they never tie him and still no fence over there. He's kind of mean so it's a little scary to go for a walk nearby. I miss you sweetie, sure wish you were still here ❤ Send kisses, would ya please to let us know you're doing fine and you're happy!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤xoxoxoxoxoxoxo Love you baby girl Heidi, Mommy 😙😙
6.10.18 Hi baby girl❣ It's been too long since I visited you. I miss you so much. I will hold you in my heart all my days. Murphy and Lily are doing fine. We don't walk as much as we should though. We relax a lot and play inside where it's cooler. Daddy, Rachel and Jeremy and I are still in the same house and all the cats too. Collin and Gabby visit every weekend and once in a while we remember stories of you and Simon. I wish I could hug your furry self one more time, I miss you so much. Until my next visit soon, I love you baby girl, always❣
*6.11.20 Good morning Baby Girl❣ I can hardly believe it's been 5 long years since you left us to go to the "bridge." I think of you and miss you so much every day. I didn't visit here so much recently but I think of you and Simon so often.😥 Lily and Murphy have taken your fear of fireworks for themselves. I so wish people would use the silent ones. I hope everything is beautiful for you at the bridge and you're having fun playing and running. I love you sweetheart and until we meet again, stay with Simon and give him and Liezel kisses for me. I'll always love you baby girl.
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