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Memories of Heidi
My Heidi was a licker, and she loved under the blankets. Once when she was about 9 months old she jumped down through these slats 8 feet and landed in a meadow. She took off running with the other larger dogs. She looked like a rabbit hopping through the meadows.I kissed her every morning before I left for work. My life is empty without her. She was part of my soul.
3-31-13 Happy Easter my precious baby. Mommy loves and misses you more each day.Be happy and play and run with all of your new friends. Say hi to Redneck, Baby, and Natasha. Give them licks and kisses from mommy.
4-03-13 Heidi mommy picked up your ashes today. My heart is still breaking. I know you are with your new friends and playing and whole again. Your mommy is sending a blanket because I know how you like to cuddle and get under the covers. I can't wait till we can be together again. I miss you so.Love you my baby my soulmate!
4-04-13 mommy misses you so much.It is cold and you would sleep under the covers between my legs. Also in the mornings you would come to the corner of our bed and mommy would kiss you goodbye when I went to work.sleep well tonight my baby.
4-06-13 Today is Saturday and I am without you and missing you. Mommy has your ashes and going to have a memorial service soon.i miss you more each day and wish I was with you.Sleep well my baby girl.
4-13-2013 Mommoy misses you so much today my heart actually aches. I keep remembering your kisses. Smile and unconditional love you gave mommy. I will treasure it always. Run, be free, play with your new friends till mommy comes and we will cross the bridge together with Natasha,Pepper,Baby and Redneck. Kiss them for mommy. I wish you would come in my dreams to let me know how you are. Love
4-13-2013 Remember you are mommy's Sweet Pea.
4-21-2013 Today mommy misses you so much. I went to volunteer at the BPMS150 out of town. I get excited thinking of coming home and missing my babies. You weren't here to greet mommy and give kisses. I love you so much and wish you were here.
5-01-2013 Mommy is missing you something fierce today. It hurts to come home and you aren't here. When I get ready for work in the morning I miss your kisses before I leave. Play and have fun and wait for mommy. I love you Sweet Pea!
5-12-13 Today is Mothers Day and mommy misses you. You are with my mommy and I know she is taking care of you. Always remember you are mommies Sweet Pea.Kiss Baby, Redneck and Natasha for me.I can't wait to see you again.
Love Always
7-14 Mommy thinks about you and misses you. I want to hold you and have you lick my face like you always did. You were such a licker. Have peace and wait for mommy!
7-23-2013 If it is possible mommy loves you more every day. I miss sharing my pillow with you as we go nite-nite. Run, play and wait for mommy. Give your sisters love and tell them their mommy misses them,too. Kiss Redneck, Baby, Natasha, and Pepper for me!
8-27-13 I love you my sweet baby. Kayla is going to write to you now. Heidi I really miss u a lot u weren't just family u were a friend u were one of my favorite dogs i know I talk about meygan a lot but it doesn't mean I love her more than u u Dino and meygan are favorites I love witty but she barks a lot when u each pass away I will always write I love u guys the same I love ur hotdog form wiener dog lol love Heidi rest in peace with god and ur doggy friends love you Heidi a lot I wish u peace Heidi
3-19-2014 My precious baby it is one year today you left mommy to go to the bridge. My heart is heavy and still aches for you. I miss you, your smiles, kisses, loving, and sleeping with mommy. It has been a cold winter and I wish you were here.
3-20-2015 My darling baby it has been 2 years and mommy misses you now more than ever. Uncle Andy has joined you at the Bridge and crossed over to get his babies in January. I hope he gave you a kiss from mommy and told you how much I love and miss you. Run, play with Natasha, Baby and my sweet Redneck till mommy comes home. Love you forever my Sweet Pea.

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