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Memories of Heidi
10/26/09 We let you go today, baby girl. You were so brave. We love you and already miss you. Hans has taken over your toys. 10/27/09 I missed your bark when I got home, but today you are with us. I put your box with your ashes up in the Curio. 10/31/09 Happy Halloween, pumpkin! This was your favorite holiday when you would bark and greet all the "little people". It is a beautiful sunny day, the kind you liked to get your tan on to. Hans is coping well. I will check in with you later. 11/02/09 Hey baby, it has been a week since you went to Rainbow's Bridge. I hope you are making friends there. We are doing well and miss you a lot. I will stop by later. Love you Pumpkin! 11/16/09 Hello Baby. We are all doing well as can be expected. It has been three weeks since I have held you. Hans is starting to adjust to you no longer being here. You had a beautiful life and I miss you terribly. 11/26/09 Happy Thanksgiving! Hey pumpkin, you have been gone a month today. We adopted a rescue dachshund on Sunday. His name is Preston, and is a handful, I could use your help with him. 11/27/09 Happy Birthday baby girl. You would have been twelve today. I miss you so much Heidi Lew. 12/17/09 Hey Baby, hope all is well with you at the bridge. I know you are making friends. Hans and Preston are getting along. They chase each other like you and Hans used to. I miss you so much. Well, I will visit later. 12/25/09 Merry Christmas Heidi. We miss you, Christmas was not the same without you. 1/1/10 Happy New Year Heidi! We love you! 2/8/10 Sorry I have not stopped by in a while, we have been so busy, but you have not been out of our thoughts. It has been so cold and wet, you would have been next to the fire place on the pillow. Hans is doing well and accepting Preston. You would like Preston. He has taken over your bed and big pillow! I will check in later. Love you! 3/4/10 Hey baby, how are you doing. I hope you have met many friends at Rainbow Bridge. They have a Dog Park here now, Hans loves it, he has become more social. Preston is a mad man there, runs non stop. I miss you everyday baby girl. 5/8/10 Good evening baby. I hope all is well with you. We had a good day here. The boys were good today. Preston is not having to be kenneled any longer and is well behaved. I have not seen Hans play since you and him used to chase each other years ago, and Hans has pulled your tricks! LOL, he pins Preston down by stepping on his ears, like you did to Hans. Hans is a spry man for 10.5 years. I love you baby. 6/27/10 Hey baby, still missing you everyday. Preston is starting to calm down, as Hans puts him in his place. You would be so proud of how Hans has filled your shoes. I love you baby. 10/25/10 How are you baby girl? I can not believe it has been a year tomorrow that you left us. We miss you every day. I hope you have made many friends at Rainbow Bridge. Hans has a slight issue, you know how he is, always getting into things, and something bit him. But he is recovering very well. Preston is still a handful. Take care baby girl, I would give anything to have you next to me right now. 5/17/11 Hey Baby, we miss you. Preston has really taken up with us. Hans is still very active, and we are very proud. Preston has brought so much pup out in Hans. We love you and miss you baby girl. 8/1/11 Heidi, stopping by to say hello. So hot here, 107 today. You would be getting you tan on! Preston made the calender for the Dachshund Rescue Calendar and Hans will be 12 in fifteen days. We had new floors put in upstairs, I saw where you did bad things, but loved you still. Will stop by again soon. Love you. 10/26/11 Hello, Heidi. You have been gone two years today. I still miss you. 6/2/12 Hey Heidi, hope you are enjoying Rainbow Bridge. All is well here. I was thinking about you today while working in the yard. I miss seeing you laying in the warm sunshine. Hans is still very active and has definitely taken your roll as the begger. He is teaching Preston how to hunt lizards. You take care baby girl. 10/1/12 Heidi, I wanted to let you know some friends had to let their baby go on Saturday, if you see Scooby, take care of him. Love you! 10/26/12 Hello, Heidi. Hope all is well. It has been three years since you left us and I still miss your precious face and your bark. This weekend we are volunteering with the Dachshund Rescue for their annual picnic. It will be a herd of dachshund. Hans and Preston will have a great time. You would have loved going. I need to get the day started, so I will visit you later. Love you! 11/04/12 Hey baby, wanted to let you know what is going on here. Hans hurt his back and not doing too well. He will not take his pills. I hope he will do better after going to see Dr. Bone tomorrow. Please be on the look out in case he can't pull thru. 7/4/13 Sorry I have not visited you in a while. Work has kept me busy. Hans and Preston have been doing well. They spotted a rabbit that has been nesting in the front yard. I remember the one you got after, you wanted to chase him so bad. Can you believe Hans will be 14 next month and he is just as spry as when you were with us. Love and miss you baby, until next time. 10/26/13 Well baby, it has been 4 years since you left. I miss you every day. All is well here. Hans is a little slower on his walks, Preston is still a handful. I hope you are having fun at the bridge and know one day we will all be together. I love you baby. 10/26/14 Heidi, 5 years ago today, you crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. A lot has went on this year. Hans is still kicking it and Preston has become quite the lap dog. You red dachshunds must be ingrained with that! We are headed to the Dachshund Rescue picnic today. Should be a fun time to be had by all. We miss you everyday. 06/24/15 Heidi, hoping you found Hans today, he passed away in the backyard. You two will have fun catching up. 08/22/15 Hey Heidi. Hoping you and Hans are having a blast. Preston had some minor oral surgery but is fine. You would like Miss Ava. Preston puts her in her place, LOL! She is a hunter like you were. 09/28/15 Hello Heidi, stopping by to see how you are. 10/26/15 Hey Heidi, it was six years ago today since we said goodbye. Not a day goes by I do not think of you. Love you baby girl. 03/01/16 Hey baby girl, hope all is well with you and Hans. Preston and Ava are well, miss you every day. 06/24/16 - Heidi, hey baby. Thank you so much for handling Hans the past year. Mr. Preston has taken over as the Alpha and has to keep Ava in line. I miss you every day. You two have fun together. 10/26/16 Seven years ago today you went to Rainbow Bridge, we miss you. So glad you are at peace. You must have visited the house today, Preston and Ava caused all kind of havoc. Miss you Baby Girl. 10/26/17 Eight years have passed since you left this world. Hope you and Hans are having a good time. Preston and Ava are confused, as usual, we are making changes, this time the patio, you would have loved the cover and extended patio. Until next time, miss you Heidi. 10/26/18 Hello, Heidi. Wow, it has been nine years since you passed. We are good, Preston is getting grey and Ava is becoming a good girl. Hoping you and Hans are having a great time. Love you! 10/26/19 Hi Heidi! Ten years ago today we said goodbye to you. How time has flown by. Still miss you. We had the first fire last night and Preston and Ava were all over it like you and Hans used to be. We will see each other one day. Tell Hans hello and keep the old bugger out of trouble. Love you. 11/27/19 Hello Heidi! Happy Birthday. You would have been 22 today. I still miss you. Thanksgiving is tomorrow, I remember how much you liked your Thanksgiving dinner. Preston and Ava were hanging in the kitchen wanting scraps. I had to laugh remembering you. Love you baby girl. 10/26/20 Eleven years ago today you crossed the bridge. It was a rainy day, just like today. Preston and Ava are doing well. Preston is on the couch and Ava in front of the fire. Love you! 10/26/2021 Twelve years ago we let you go, I still miss you every day. Hope you and Hans are enjoying being pain free. Preston is still getting around good, he has pickup the dinner bark you started. Ava, still a mess. Love you. 10/26/2022 Hey Heidi, cannot believe today is 13 years ago. Miss you every day. Preston is getting old, Ava is still a mess. Tell Hans, he trained Preston well. Love you. 11/27/2022 Happy Birthday baby girl. Missing you every day. Preston is having some issues. Going to Dr Bone tomorrow, hope you and Hans are doing well. Ava is a mess. 07/16/2023 Hey girlie, been six months since you met Preston, he a hand full, miss you sweetie. 10/26/2023 Fourteen years ago today you passed to Rainbow bridge. Still miss you everyday. We may be getting a new Dachshund, Ruggles, he is a black and tan long hair. He should be here in about two weeks, give the boys a hug from us, love you three!

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