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Memories of Hectorine
Hectorine joins her sister, Cherie, to wait for me at the Rainbow Bridge. She has been a brave little girl, fighting cancer for longer than her vet thought she could.
July 11, 2013 The bedroom is not the same without you. I can't sleep as well without you on my chest, poking my chin with your paw. Hectorine, you are my princess. Gene and I feel blue when we are in bed and you are not there. If your spirit can be here, please visit me. Touch me with your paw so I will know that you are still beside me. My heart is heavy.
July 3, 2014- I have missed you for more than a year. No other cat will ever replace you and Cherie. I think of how you suffered with your cancer and I am so happy that you are now in God's care and don't have to feel pain. I hope it is true that in heaven years are like hours and you do not have to wait long to see me. You are a strong soul and I know that you and Cherie and Toby and Misty and Jett are all waiting for me together. I hope that you are relaxing with your sweet head on Toby's soft fur. I love you forever. You live in my heart.
June 29, 2014- I love you just as much as I did the last day I saw you. I miss you like crazy. It surprises me that I have survived this long without you and Cherie. Your bedroom is still a refuge for the girl cats of the house to get a break from the rambunctious boys. Tennille never leaves it. I rescued two more little girls when their human mother died. I thought you two might be proud of me for helping them the way I helped you. I am retired now and I only wish I still had you to share my long, lazy days with me. Did you know that Gene got a boy cat and named him Hector in your honor? He is a sweet soul. If you were here, you might be resting your head on his soft fur. Please watch over me until it's my time to meet you.
June 29, 2016- Three years have passed and I still look at the picture of you and Cherie every day. I love you so much for the rest of my life and beyond. I wish I could see you again and touch your pretty face. I know that God is taking care of you until that time comes. By now, you are a veteran resident of the Rainbow Bridge. Dennis Mitchell died this year. Although you were not close to him, you had a lot in common. Not only did you live in the same house, you were both so timid. Please be his guide at the Rainbow Bridge and keep him company. I know you and Cherie welcomed him there to wait for me. I love you
June 30, 2017- It's now 4 years since you went to God. I miss you and the years without you are going slowly. I wish I could kiss your cute face and have you sleeping on my chest. Please be a good girl and keep my flock together until I get there. We lost another cat here. Please look for Jason. He was shy like you. He only lived here for 2 years, but we loved him. I think you better look for Heath, too. He has been lost for 2 1/2 years, so I'm thinking he may be there at the Rainbow Bridge by now. All of you guys better greet me and jump all over me. I love you.
July 3, 2018- I miss you, my little Bean. You were in my dreams last night. I will always miss you and your sister, but I'm glad you have each other. When I die, I will hold you in my arms again. Jodee died in January. Did you see him arrive? I hope you and the others are making him feel welcome. I love you. Did you know that I bought this house for you, Cherie, Misty, and Toby? I still have your welcome sign by the front door.
July 9, 2019- My little Hectorine. You were a once in a lifetime pet. I miss you all of the time. There have been many cats that have lived here and that I have loved, but you and Cherie were so close to my heart. I never forget you and pray that you are eating at God's table. My daddy is sick and may be coming to heaven soon. Please give him comfort until I get there. I love you so dearly. Jamie died almost a year ago. Please look for him and make him feel welcome with all of you. When I get there, I expect to see you and Cherie, Toby, Misty, Jett, Dennis, Jason, Heath, Jodee and Jamie. I miss all of you terribly.
June 29, 2020- My little Bean. How have I lived this long without you? Just last week, I put the painted picture of you and Cherie in the dining room so that I could see you better from the couch. Another one of your brothers left for the Rainbow Bridge this year. Please look for Sugar Pie and give him a snuggle. My daddy died, too. He needs your love. Please find him in Heaven. You are one of a kind, my Hectorine. I love you. Love, Your Susie
July 2, 2021- I miss you. I love you. Now there are more of you waiting for me on the Rainbow Bridge than there are here. Snookums died last fall. I don't have to ask you to look out for her because she is in Heaven by my daddy's side. Sometimes I wish I was there, too with all the people and pets that I love.I think Tennille might have cancer, so you might want keep your eyes open to welcome her. I will always be your Susie.
June 30, 2023- My sweet little Hectoriney. I miss you. I love you. You and Cherie have been there waiting for me for so long. Four more souls have come to join you. Actually, Blue has gone on to be by her mother Marg. But Tennille, Katie and Hector are there at the bridge. Please watch over Hector. He was named for you. He just died 3 days ago. He won't know any other cats there. I love you and I hope it's true that a year is like a minute in heaven. 💖

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