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Memories of Hayden
He was born with hip dysplasia and dislocated knees-not typical of small breed dogs and newborns. After surgery and rehabilitation, he returned home to his owner. Shortly thereafter he returned to the veterinary hospital in shock. It took a while to determine that he had eaten some nonfood item that had lodged in his GI track. He was not expected to live, but he defied expectations. However, his owner surrendered him to be euthanized. He was eleven months old. The shelter decided he needed a chance and someone who would work with him, as he had only recently begun to walk-and so he came home with me. At first he was unable to keep up with the rest of my dogs and needed to be walked separately. It was a day to celebrate when he finally could join the rest of the pack for walks. I had been told that he would never run or jump. He ran like the wind and did manage to jump onto furniture several times. I was so thrilled that he'd gotten there that I couldn't reprimand him. He did continue his habit of eating inedibles-leaves, sticks,rocks-and so when outside he wore a plastic basket muzzle for the rest of his life. Ironically, toward the end he ate part of it...areas inside had to be carefully checked for errant items.

He was the happiest, most joyful dog. He had the demeanor and energy of a puppy for most of his life. He loved other dogs and people. He loved to play. He loved his daily walks. His favorite game was fetch, though it was quite a while-years-before he mastered the second part of the game: that is, "give me." Actually, there was almost nothing he didn't like! Unfortunately, his anaphylactic reaction to a rabies vaccine precluded him from becoming a therapy dog, which was too bad. He would have been a great one! In later years he bonded with Sabrina and his absence has been difficult for both of us.

While we knew his heart was weakening, no one knew that he had cancer that had metastized through his body. And, so, on the day the cancer was discovered, we said good-bye. We had been together for fifteen and a half years.

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