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Memories of Harvey Hound
Farewell, Harvey Hound..

Harvey Hound was Loved. That is why the totally agonizing grief which now drowns me is understood. I am not alone, others are near, and just about All who knew Him share my suffering. Do I have any regrets, No. Never. Never one. Never -- one -- single - moment.

On the day in 1999 when I collected tiny Harvey from Chris & Brian at Bedlam cottage I snuggled him inside my jacket as a friend drove us home. He was simply, Harvey.
He constantly whimpered and howled,distressed and panicky. Beside me were the kindest instructions for best Basset care and best puppy foods. Almost an hour later we pulled by to make a drive-thru, Harvey still simpered and trembled. Then the car went over two humps and a girl shoved a burger through the window. Snout.. !
And Harvey Hound was born. Thought it was wonderful. 'Can we go round again ?' He never ate dog-food for the rest of his life and driving over any two humps always brought his chops to the glass.
As Royalty, Harvey Hound lived better than any of us mere Subjects. He had the best, He had the biggest and, He had it first. For him I changed two houses, two cars, sawed the legs off a bed and totally surrendered any dignity I might ever once have owned. His favourite places were on top of me or beside me, so that once when I drove to collect a Lady to take her out, she had to sit in the back. I never met anyone who did not like Him. And he charmed so many who truly loved Him. He quite literally had admirers from around the World.

In early December Harvey's back-legs failed and was diagnosed a type of multiple-sclerosis which was progressive and irreversible. In himself Harvey was bright eyed and always ready for his favourite -- sausages! By my holding up his back legs Harvey was effectively wheel-barrowed and enjoyed our trots around the garden. Two days later however he was deteriorating fast and Harvey was becoming distressed. A friend and I nursed him constantly, taking it in shifts throughout the night but by the next day it was clear, although he was in no pain, he was looking at me with those eyes. I think he was asking me. I felt the tsunami of anguish to come and elected Harvey must have none of it. I will never know where I found the strength. For many years he had one trusted Vet, Lucy, (which was also his Mother's name) who visited us at home. In our last 'snuggle' I told Harvey once again how so very much he was loved and how he would now be going to meet his old friend Jake-Hound at Rainbow Bridge. I told Harvey to wait for me, there.
Harvey 'fell asleep' cradled in my arms with all the Love that is left in this World.

Farewell Harvey Hound -- from everyone else.

As for me, I will never be able to say those words.

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