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Memories of Harry Houdini, the Amazing Dissapearing Cat
Harry has been in my life for twenty-one years and I can't remember a time when he wasn't. He was a rescue cat, who came to us with the name "Marmaduke" - which didn't suit him at all. Initially, when he first lived with us, he would disappear and then reappear as quickly and he was therefore given the name Harry Houdini the amazing disappearing cat. He was such a powerful cat and watching him prowl along the fence at the bottom of our garden was fabulous - he looked just like a tiger. When we got our first dog, Zak, Harry wasn't initially impressed, but eventually, he grew used to him and when Zak had to be put down 6 years ago, Harry would lie by his collar. Unfortunately, he hated our next dog, Skippy and was quite mean to her. Skippy is a rescue dog, a big mutley who was ten times Harry's size but terrified of him. If Harry was feeling particularly mean, he would sit at the top of the stairs at night to stop Skippy coming up to her bed. I would have to pick him up and move him because he wouldn't budge at all and her cries were pathetic. Even though towards the end of his life, Harry was blind, he still knew exactly where Skippy was at any time and would torment her. He was so resilient too. He was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism 5 years ago and I was told he probably wouldn't last the year, however, he did and then two years ago he survived a stroke - I actually thought that his last trip to the vets would result in him being given some meds and he would bounce back as he did before. I was sadly wrong. He was a massive part of my life, I got him when my oldest son was a baby before I met my current partner and before giving birth to our youngest son, so to lose him is so massive. I loved him so much and will miss him every day.

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